Admission to Harvest International School for 2014-15

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sunshine79 2013-09-10 17:04:16



I am considering Harvest Intl for my son for 1st grade for the year 2014. I have visited the campus,submitted the admission form and my son also wrote the test.I haven't met the director, but got positive vibes from interaction with staff and others.  They even have an active facebook through which the parents can always be up to date with school activities. Felt that they genuinely take interest in the child's development, but still unable to make up my mind. I live in the bellandur area, and would appreciate any feedback from parents sending their kids to HIS. 



nnnsss 2013-09-21 00:34:48


 Hi SSri,

I am also in same boat as you are. I am considering Harvest for my child admission for grade 1. Have you taken admission ? Have you got any personal review from any parent? I got all good review from internet but donot know anybody personally. 

Plese try to give some information about school if you have ....




gnmurthy 2014-04-17 00:43:56


Hi nnnss & sunshine79..

Did you visit the school and made a decision..please share

RichRem 2016-10-20 21:51:48



Did you all take admission in HIS for your kids?

Please give feedback on HIS.

1) How is the teaching methodology at Harvest (HIS) ? Are the teachers well qualified and learned/experienced enough to teach?

2) I heard they follow NCERT books/syllabus only from 8th standard. Then how about Primary and Middle school sections. How good are the text Books that the School chooses to educate kids in section I-VII

3) I read somewhere that in until 8th standard, there is 60% co-curricular and 40% academic. I feel that is bit lopsided and ideally it must be 75-80% academic and 20-25% co-curricular.

4) How good is the school in building the personality and moral education and attitude. Kids these days in International School think they have reached the moon. We need holistic education approach that will keep them humble, grounded but yet flexible stress free that will help them to develop all round skills and confidence in life.

5) Is there good discipline being embibed in school? I mean if kid does something wrong, I expect teachers to correct them and tell them why they were wrong and why they should not do it. Some harmless punishments or scolding are sometimes good. We don't want a school culture where indiscipline exists and excess freedom is given to kids - no matter what.  Respect to every individual and following the Rules is key to build a responsible Citizen.

6) How is the curriculum before NCERT actually sets in at 8th Std? Hope it is good from a academic perspective in terms of spoken , written English, grammar, composition skills, mathematical and analytical capabilities along with logical reasoning skills. Please clarify

7) How was the fees structure for Primary section in 2016-2017 academic year?

8) Hope we can take French as 3rd language from Class V (provided Hindi is 2nd language) ?

9) How good is the Science Lab facilities? Does the school try to foster or educate Scientific values also in the child along with Maths/English/Sports/Arts?

10) I did read somewhere that the Teacher: Student ratio is 1:20. Please confirm. or is it atleast not more than 1:25 . if so, can that guarantee good individual attention to the kid?

11) In primary and Middle section, is there too much of Montesorri style OR they try to mix/blend traditional Indian teaching along with Montesorri in a way that
will benefit the Child and not make them competible with CBSE/ICSE mainstream kids ?



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