Delhi Public School Bangalore North - Money Making Institution ???

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shanksalis 2013-06-18 13:51:12



I have certain concerns as parent of my children studying at Delhi Public School Bangalore North to share:

1. Recent academic year fees was hiked without even bringing to the notice of parents, in advance.

2. No fee structure and fee paying schedule has been circulated, till date.  

3. Since from the Day 1 of school commencement, teachers have started talking about paid hobby classes. Paid hobby classes are charged between INR 3000 - 4000.

4. Paid hobbies introduced are all useless ones without having relevance to the kids in their future lives. No mention of any unpaid hobbies at all!!! why dont they teach some thing which can be useful to the kids in their future and routine lives?

5. Now they have started talking about tablet ( e-education) and children have been asked to bring INR 4000 for usage of tablets in classes ( for four times only!!)

6. If children at the higher level classes have any doubts in the lesson taught in the classrooms, if they reach the teacher during the leisure period or recess time at the staff rooms for clarifications, they have been asked to join for the remedial classes ( to be conducted after school hours for extra one hour )

7. Remedial classes are charged with INR 150 / subject / teaching session.

8. If teachers are to teach the children during remedial classes, What are they teaching in the regular class hours???

9. Yesterday, my daughter came to me asking that we need to pay for a trip to her to for France ( On Student Cultural Exchange Program ) and we need to pay INR 1lac!!!

10. Teachers adopt to send ONLY oral means of communication on all the above said fees. Incase of primary class children, they ask the children to themselves write down the communication to the parents. Strange!!!

Can anyone explain how parents can afford to pay for all these one of the other within a span of schools re-opening?

Is DPS like schools not fit for Middle Class families?

More than teaching or knowledge, children daily return back home with one or the other demands and fees to be paid on IMMEDIATE basis!!

Can parents explain is this only at DPS school or all the schools have become money making institutions?



gautham2013 2013-06-18 19:59:37


Intersting.  I had been to their campus for admission.  There was this 25k component during admision and that had to be paid in cash with no recipt. Found it strange. Also, I heard they have 12 sections ( A to L) in each class. I thought that way too much. Though I got a seat,  (which I think is very easy) I did not proceed. And to my surprise,  they never bothered to call me.  So looks like they have a huge demand and all seats get filled up.


psnd 2013-07-10 20:09:33


Hello Shankar:

Would you like to take this discussion at As a parent of two children studying at DPS, I can relate to most of the points you mention. Let us try to spread the word to a larger community and hopefully resolve the issues.

Thanks. Prem


sarisur 2013-07-11 11:33:46


 i want to take admission for kids next year , right now where they r iam not too happy thinking of changing them to dps by after reading reviews i am confused can u provide me ur id or tel no so i can speak to u abt this. thanks shenoy


sumam 2015-10-01 12:24:17


Hello Parents,
Please give me information of DPS North. Coaching is good? How about fee structure?


bujji4v 2015-10-09 19:53:47


My friend .. what a terrible experience we had having considered DPS north as on of the best schools !!
Beware - the best money making institution we have in Bangalore north. Just need money.
We are one of several thousands of parents who are visiting DPS north for admission into LKG.. <thinking of child growing on a convent with great ethics and studies> .... we were fools !!
The school is NOT interested in giving any info to parents.. only interested in giving application forms Rs 600.. rush on parents to submit and book an appointment for so called interactions !!
so far so good, interactions successful.. then you will meet head mistress Miss. Dimiri .. wow so nicely they decide on how much a parent has to pay based on what their profession is ???
She says .. just go downstairs and find out details on fees. So you go down and the person bluntly says this ..
35,000 - pay cash - building fund .. haha NO RECEIPT GIVEN   !!!!
{each parent will pay a different amount .. haha .. what a business}
and about 60,000 - pay via cheque for admission
so around 1 lac is one time payment just for admission.
WOW ...  brilliant way to suckout money out of parents. All the above money is just for admission fee.. one time payment .. once april /may comes they will tell parents on what the actual annual fees is .. approx another 1 lac.
Is this is a transaction ? are you buying land or property by paying black money ? is this the standard of a school like DPS ?
what a shame , what a shame.

Dear parents - we are so disappointed that this is the standard of DPS.
please BEWARE. There are tens of better institutions. DO NOT fall into the trap of the brand called DPS. It is just insensitive n insesnsible and money grabbing machine.

All the best and good luck to those who are looking other than DPS.
Sorry and pity those who have kids studying at DPS. Really feel sorry for u guys.


gk9nm 2017-03-08 16:21:22



I have 2 of my kids going to this school... The worst ever education that I have found. There is no way we can meet parents or Principal.. Getting either Prime-Minister or Chief-Minister appointment is easier than Principal appointment... I had raised requests for meeting in their daily Almanac but never got one... There are 40 students in each section and teachers are not at all helpful. My elder one is having fun time in classes without much academics happening and younger one is just enjoying spending time in school (which any day care is better). I was wrongly guided to take admission into this school. PLS DONT TAKE ADMISSION...  



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