Creating a discussion forum for all parents who have their kids enrolled in schools in and around J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.

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SowmyaNag 2013-06-03 23:40:03


Creating this group to enable parents from south Bangalore (J.P.Nagar) to come together to discuss their respective schools, pros and cons and form sub-groups. Schools under focus are primarily in J.P.Nagar:

1. Innisfree House school

2. Clarence Public school

3. Brigade School

Please feel free to introduce and tag yourself to one of the above schools and start sharing your experience.

tomchi2 2013-06-08 17:19:08


 I've not explored Clarence and Brigade.  

Innisfree is quite near to our home and have been hearing mixed reviews, can anyone help point +ves and -ves of this school. 


Smikal 2013-06-10 16:19:08


Nice initiative.. and would be helpful to all the parents of South Bangalore( specially jp Nagar )...

Im also looking school for my daughter for 1st std for the yr 2014-2015.. Visited few schools and yet to vist few. Liked some and dropped ..

Clarence , St. pauls ,Innisfree , Mirambica and Oxford are close to home but still they are on the backseat.

1. Clarence : Nothing extra ordinary .. but still admission fee+ tution fee no less than other big schools. N felt getting seat there is bit easy. princi was ready to offer seat if i pay fee in 3 days. No interaction, no interview , no application..... I may nt consider this

2. St . Pauls : Have been hearing all positive reviews only . But not happy with the infrastructure. So still thinking on this..

3. Innisfree : Academically good.. Old methods.. extra activities ok ok. Have heard its strict. Again fees too high in comparison the facilities. So dropped

4. Mirambica n oxford : Ok ok . So dropped.

Hw abt BGS NPS , Sherwood n all ? i knw its quiet far ...

pls parents .. join n pour ur reviews..



SowmyaNag 2013-06-22 23:21:54


 Hey tomchi,

I just replied to another post of yours regarding innisfree. Do have a look. 

My update is that I have put my son as of now in innisfree - pre nursery after some contemplation and if I dare say some eliminations process :-)

Hey Smikal,

Most of your observations are right. Even we got a seat in Clarence pretty easily with no much interaction. I did like the campus compared to the other schools listed but I was somehow not 100% convinced on the school itself.

St Pauls again great reviews but when I walked into the nursery classrooms I just did not feel it was upto the mark and had some kinda stench which put me off . We got a seat there too and were asked to pay up by evening. So we dropped that as well.

Innisfree (like my other post quotes) is a stone's throwaway from my house and hence it was natural for me to be drawn to it. Admission fees is definitely on the higher side. although the annual fee is pretty decent, so over the years I guess your annual fee may help you breakeven. It is traditional schooling concept and have heard it is low on xtra curricular activities (Although) my pre-schooler now has a PT class everyday with lots of sports and running around!

I have lived in JPNagar most of my life and hence I am pretty aware of these old schools. Innsifree has had a few of my own friends passing out and they are doing very well ;-) . Oxford is not a great school from even those early days. Another old time school which is defintely worth a try is Kumarans. It has good reviews and I know of some kids now who go there and they are all doing good and parents are very happy.

Coming to the more recent schools, have some of my neighbours who have opted for PSBB, have heard that it is good. Sherwood (east) has some good reviews but do not know anyone personally who is going there. 

I have penned down my thoughts on the schools.Time for others to let it flow ! Good luck!


RajKumar29 2013-09-30 12:53:43


Proud of enrolling my kids at Inventure Academy, top ten schools in India.  Inventure Academy ensures the overall development of child in Academics and Sports. 

Visit School website for more details. 

Pankuj 2013-10-02 00:30:37


I am looking for CBSE schools only,enrolled for Kumaran and DPS, did not get interview call from kumaran. Lets see for DPS. I explored Brigrade but annual fees is on higher side, not able to decide other schools, dont want to be dependent on DPS alone. Can any one suggest other schools?

Pankuj 2013-10-02 00:33:53


Hi Sowmya,
can you tell me admission fees and tution fees for Innisfree


Pankuj 2013-10-03 22:29:19


Hi Pragyaj
Any idia how much is admission fees and annual fees for Orchid


DiptiPorwal 2013-10-04 14:44:11


My twin daughters go to Sherwood High and its an excellent school. We are totally in love with their principal and teachers. They give personal attention to every kid and every small concern is promptly addressed. They have excellent teaching methods and extra curricular activities. Had not expected so much from a school.

laugh 2013-10-04 17:35:42



what is the fees in sherwood?

Pankuj 2013-10-05 00:24:01


Guys, I visited Orchid International School, BTM second stage/off bannerghatta road, they are starting school till 5th Std this year, will enhance till 8th next year and till 10th std following year. Building yet to be ready, they are renovating some old building of cloth mill. Their plans are impressive , not sure whether these are just plan or they have good history, any opinion. Admission fees is nominal,annual fees including all is apx 90 K for nursery, any opinions??

DiptiPorwal 2013-10-18 10:23:24


Its around 60 k per annum and 60 K admission fee.

sneash 2013-10-18 14:04:50


hi guys, some update:
Oxford - i studied there for 3 yrs and its a really sad school - i came from a different convent and when i heard teachers talk english, i almost fainted.  its a strict no no
Clarence - you have to fill an application form, they give u a date and time for interview.  positives - its easy to get, you can wait till feb and if u don get anywhere else, ul get here.  if u stay close by, that is also an advantage.  timings are chill for lower classes - start by 10 i guess, so all rushing moms may get a breather.  heard academicaly its good.  negatives - icse only; nothing on sports - they have a sad ground, no place for kids to play, and i did not see any avenues for sports, so if you are keen on academics, this is good.  i ve parents in my apt who send kids there and they all r happy
Innisfree - its icse, and its standards of education are very very high than other icse schools.  i believe they are introducing igcse as well.  same comment as of clarence when it comes to sports
st pauls, mirambika - very low profile schools - but may be academically good!  relatively easy to get admissions in these schools

Other options - Ekya (heard its good); Presidency School (very close to JPN), Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya (Excellent acaemics), Vibgyor (BTM) - heard its very good

srav123 2013-10-19 10:03:13


Hello all...I am looking for motessori kind of schools in JP Nagar..We recently moved here and my daughter is 4 yrs now..we might be moving again..So looking for a school with no or less admission fee..

somnaga 2013-10-20 22:58:08


Hi Pankuj,

 Read your message only now! Innisfree charges around 1.5 L as a part of onetime fee and admission fee (Of which around 35 thousand is caution deposit which is refundable). Annual fees is around 43K.

If interested, we just go a circular that the admissions open up on Nov5th-6th 2013 for the next academic year. From my personal experience - Brace yourself for some long queues - Parents come there early in morning (with their own chairs and seating arrangements) to get the application forms!


Pankuj 2013-11-05 02:39:14


Thanks Sowmya...only issue I see is that Innisfree is not cbse. my first preference is cbse. I will apply. lets see..I applied for Freedom International at HSR & Presidency.  Got admission in presidency but did not opt as it looked costly considering the infra..I will see AECS Mangolia and Bangalore International Academy.. not sure about their reviews..


ranj1 2013-11-06 14:38:08


Hi all..I have been following the discussions in this forum and very happy to know the inputs given here ...i need feedback regarding brigade school, Chaitanya Techno school and bgs national school for my son who will be eligible for nursery for next academic year. My concern is to put my son in a good school where academics sports and extra curricular activities are well balanced. Kindly let me know at the earliest. Warm regards, Ranjini

vedarun 2013-12-07 19:59:15


Hi anybody have any idea about admission at JYOTHI KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA

sudhasankaran 2013-12-07 23:43:43


Thanks for all your inputs..can any one give me inputs on podar jumbo kids and Bangalore international academy, my daughter is 3 now. I am looking for her L.K.G admission. I prefer an ICSE stream.... 


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