Best Christian/catholic school in Bangalore EAST-HRBR surroundings for LKG?

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Pav 2010-01-14 21:42:14



Can any suggest which are good schools in HRBR locality and when admissions will start.Heard Bangalore St. Vincent Pallotti is good school.Does any one know  when admissions will be open for LKG,i am looking for good Christian/catholic school to my daughter (4+ yrs).

Thanks in advance,





Marangattu 2010-01-19 18:27:13


St. Charles school is quite good. Both in Kammanahalli and also in Lingarajapuram


vidya007 2010-02-09 11:13:40


Hi Pavi,

did you finally apply to Vincent Palotti ? Heard they are very strict about age cut off : 3 years for pre-KG : is it true ? Let me know the selection process if you have applied : Im considering this for my son next year : want to know whether this will be another "lucky dip " like many other schools . Also i dont find the school's name in many ICSE school lists



Pav 2010-02-09 21:04:07



Yet to apply for Vincent Pallotti as i am looking for LKG admission not for Nursery.Usually they issue applications only for Nursary not for LKG or above.If any TC's are there,we may get seat for LKG(or above).They asked me to meet in march,yet to check my luck.

Yes it is ICSE and Co Ed.WIll let you know when i get to talk to them again.Yes it is good school in Banaswadi locality.






vidya007 2010-02-10 12:14:52


Thanx. Pls let me know details when u approach them later. Any other gud schools in the area - heard anything about Cambridge KR Puram ?


Pav 2010-02-10 21:50:55


You are welcome,sure will let you know after talking to them,hope you will keep watching this thread.I have no idea about the Cambridge school,infact i have not tried as it is bit far.Heard CMR and Royal Concord is good as well in HRBR vicinity.




vidya007 2010-04-08 15:35:59


Did u manage to get admission for your daughter in Vincent Palotti ? Pls let me know details


Pav 2010-04-09 06:34:09


Vidya,no..i didnt try hard as i got admission in Bishop Cotton school.


sumaviju 2010-10-22 10:55:18


Pav, We called up to bishop cotton for my daughter admission for 1st std, but they told that they dont distibute the prospectus for 1st std, if any vacancies there, then we iform us, how you got the admission for your kid?

Pls give some suggestion


nirmalmani 2011-01-25 12:41:06


Hi Pavi/Vidya,

Hw r ur kids doing??

I am planning to put my daughter in school this year. She will complete 2yrs 8 mnths ths MAY2011.. I collected adm forms frm cambridge, presidency.... Vincent pallotti issues forms on 1st of Feb... But the age criteria is 3yrs.. are they strict abt age criteria or +/- would do?? Also letme know if cambridge is good... I need your help as you would have tried these schools as u stay in this area...


Hw is bishop school..??Isn't too far from here???


vidya007 2011-01-25 17:10:46



my kid is not eligible for lkg this year - hence trying next year. not so sure of pallotti - got diff reviews. . suggest you go there one day and speak to parents who come to drop their kids.pallotti is strict about age criteria i think. not interested in presidency (cbse)


rakulkar 2011-01-25 17:29:55


@Pav, I will be looking for applying for Bishop cottons for my daughter in Lkg this year. Wat is the admission process, what documents did you attach. What s the fee structure? From HRBR how does your daughter travel to & fro to school? Even I stay in HRBR.



nirmalmani 2011-01-25 23:02:04



heard bt cambridge?? whta ur opinion??? hw abt SEA???


vidya007 2011-01-27 13:39:44


dint get much feedback on Cambridge. more or less resigned to the fact that one needs to apply to far off schools to be sure of good standard of education


Pav 2011-01-27 21:57:20


private vans are available from HRBR to most of schools like BCG,Baldwin..etc.


AvikTan 2011-02-01 18:57:27


St Vincent Palloti gave out their forms today on 1st Feb 2011. I guess they issued some 400 - 500 forms for Nursery. They will be taking 215 kids.

Criteria are age, geographic location.

The school has good reputation in that area, with good mix of education and extra activities.


jes 2011-02-01 22:10:23


HI aviktan,

do you have any idea wether they will issue forms for lkg?and what is the age criteria for nursery?


atom 2011-02-04 19:08:27



If you are refering to the principal of St Vincent Pallotti School, Father Paul, then I think you have been given a wrong impression.

Someone who was refused admission will always view things negatively. Also, sometimes a straight talk is misinterpreted as arrogance. If there are no admissions, then there are no admissions, the school does not make special admissions, even for Catholics from their parish, if they come after they have done the admissions. Maybe sweet talking and saying no admission may have made the lady feel better, however, it may have been that he was busy at the moment. He is running a school afterall.

I do know him personally and have interacted with him in school and in the church. He does not brush anyone off and is always pleasant to talk to.

The only reason i didnt consider putting my daughter there was for the fact that we have had reviews that the school does overload the kids with a lot of homework from early age.


prisna 2014-01-28 18:51:16


Uploaded imageHi
I have attached the instruction about getting the application form for Nursery for the school.
Please let me know the review if any one had applied to this school earlier or anyone who is sending the kids to this school. 


Phils 2015-01-08 22:29:52


Hi Prisna,

Thanks for attaching this form. Really gives a good clarity of their requirements.

God Bless,


Phils 2015-01-08 22:37:49


Hi Pav,

I am looking for good Christian schools in and around Banaswadi, and heard about St. Vincent. My child will complete 3 years by Jan'16. 
Would like to have your suggestions on good schools and any reviews about St. Vincent.
Please awaiting your suggestions as i am new to Bangalore.




all4him 2015-02-04 11:41:10


Hi Phils Vincent palloti is surely good but they have limited seats and stringent admission process. In the vicinity you could also try with St. Michael's and United International school. These were the 3 schools I looked at while seeking admissions for my kids... As even I was very particular about my children studying at a good Christian school. Regards... all4HIM

Priyanic7 2016-03-15 19:25:47


Hi All, Can someone let me know the fee structure for St Vincent palloti school Bangalore. Also I m looking fr good Christian school for my son ..please let me know.. I stay in CV Raman nagar

jeffrey 2016-05-14 13:06:09


hello parents
vincent pallotti school is the best
being a school pass out from there till tenth
i would rate it the best
teachers are fantastic
corrections are strict
otherwise no problems



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