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sumsu 2013-04-15 11:09:56


I have put my daughter in YPR for 7th Std, we have already paid the DD.

Though I felt the amt is high, thinking about education and I hope that YPR would follow the same pattern as in NPS RNR.

As many had the confusion that whether it is a Franchisee, Yes it is a Franchisee itself.

We somehow compromised in the Fee, but it is shocking that Transportation fee is Rs 26,000/- pa for a child.

I am not able to digest this when I heard of Transportation fee, it is very high fare.

Dear Parents I am thinking to look for a pvt van where we all can discuss and make our kids to travel which will also be cost effective.

I am staying in Basaveshwarnagar. We can plan for the kids who are in between Basaveshwarnagar and YPR.

Pl, inform me if anyone is interested and join hands with us.

Vinagar 2013-04-15 16:16:36



I agreed with u. I m also interested to join private van service. We r 4 member of NPS,YPR. We all residing at Vijayanagar.

Do u have any good car provider servicer. Kindlly reply.



sumsu 2013-04-15 18:24:10



U have mentioned that 4 members are there.

Can I know all 4  have recently joined in NPS YPR from this yr and are residing in Vijaynagar nearby places only.

Even I have one more friend whose daughter is been joined this yr for 8th std and even she stays in Basaveshwarnagar.

Hope all can plan and arrange a single van.

Even I am enquiring for the van.

Kindly provide your contact number so that let's discuss and plan before school commencement.


Vinagar 2013-04-19 11:51:00



We all 4 from Vijayanagar and nearby and one more can join us.

If any querry call at 9880211337.




Vinagar 2013-04-26 16:53:07



Kindly provide your contact nos. so that the planing can continue..

Schools opens from 13th June'13.



aree 2013-05-25 19:50:19



I too agree with you van, the fee is exorbitantly high, I am staying in Basaveshwarnagar. My son is in 5th standard lets plan for van pooling




 Former member 2013-09-20 21:48:42


 Hello Sumsu / Vinagar / Aree,

Its now almost 6months your kids are in NPS YPR now, i would request you all to please share your experience with this school?

I am now in the same boat as you all were last year. I do have shortlisted the below schools for my son who will be joining mont in 2014/15 :

NPS ypr

Sri Vani

Brigade school

All of yours valuable feedback will definetly help parents like us to decide. I am getting many information on NPS YPR, but unable to decide and finalize depending on that. After I saw the discussion here, I concluded, this is the right group which can give the right information. 



sumsu 2013-09-21 18:27:00



As you said it is almost 6 months my children studying in this school. As per my observation they are very strict, lots of pressure , ample of homeworks.

Of course strictness should be there but to some extent they are not allowed even to go for rest room in between classes and should go out only during short break which is ofr 10 mins or big break for that long queue would be there and students who are in the 2nd floor also should come all the way to the Ground Floor to use it.

With one rest room all the floors have to share it.

Some subject teachers who are having class before short break sometimes extend their classes and children are forced to be ready for the next class even short break is been skipped that time.

They collect 1lac as fee for the year, but don't allow to ON the Fan, they would have suggest to open the windows and not On the Fan, even Drinking water facility is not available.

Parents Teachers Meeting is not there. If we want to discuss something we have to write in the Dairy and send them, once they check they will return give us the Appointment Date with Time and we have to be there exactly that time for the discussion.

Really this is not the right manner to addresses these things but I am very much annoyed of this matter and I was also ready to take this issue till the Management level but children are very scared and they are telling that definitely reflect in their Mid term Exam results.

I am happy with Discipline and few rules like compulsory signing of Almanac , co curricular activities  they follow but not happy with the things which I have shared as above.

Before Joining NPS my children were studying in Vani, I was not happy with the Parents Teachers Meeting conducted there.

Before the Meeting is conducted the class teacher would inform the class stating that the children should educate their parents they should not come and complain in the Meeting about their child , they should come see the progress card sign and leave the place.

If at all someone talks few issues which they are facing with a particular teacher or anything related to their child if they discuss in the meeting next day itself the Principal who come to the class, cal that particular child and starts scolding them for the issues raised in the Parents Teachers Meeting.

This incident is happened in my children class itself during partents teachers meeting one parents addressed few issues and next day the prinicipal came to the class and scolded that child .

Even home work is overloaded but  few things are good in Vani like they teach Bhagvat Geetha every SATURDAY all should chant Bhagvat Geeta, teaching shlokas in kannada and sanskrit. Creativity projects etc are good.

I have shared my experience which might help you decide which school would be better for your son.


 Former member 2013-09-22 22:13:14


Thanks Sumsu for your valuable feedback.

I really appreciate your effort to answer my query. All the points that you have mentioned are true, as i have heard the same things from parents of all other NPS school kids.

All the schools have one or the other pros/cons. We have to decide upon the school that matches our basic requirements.


 Former member 2014-01-08 15:20:28


Hi Sumsu,

Have received interview call for my kid .Wanted to know if its good to shift from Vani (where my kid is presently studying) to NPS Ypr?
Does it make sense?

vls1210 2014-01-28 18:41:12



Is anybody aware of the admission procedure for NPS YPR for Grade 1. As they have already conducted write test for grade 3 to 9. But clarity on the entrance for Grade 1.


sumsu 2014-01-29 09:55:39


Hi Former member,

In Vani few things are good like they give importance in teaching them Bhagvat Gita , which is a must that they have to recite on all Saturdays, NPS does not give importance to Hindu cultures whereas Vani is for it.

Education wise NPS pressures the child to cope up with the today's pace.

Ultimately it all depends on the teacher how they teach.

Rest you can decide.



aarathi123 2014-03-07 11:49:15


Hi sumsu,

My kid is shortlisted for NPS YPR interview. Your candid review has really helped to get the school insight.I have few more questions in mind about the school.Please clarify.

- How is the unit test/exam pattern?
- Though the school has a big ground, are the kids exposed to varied sports? It is evident that the school is academic oriented, I want to know the level of significance given for sports.
- Do students need external coaching/tuitions in higher classes (6th onwards) OR every thing comes from school?

Please share more info if you have.

Thank you very much!


sumsu 2014-03-08 19:49:38


Hi Aarathi123,

Unit Test patterns differs where parents are not much aware of the system.

As you said NPS YPR has a spacious ground, where children would have PE period once in a week, and they can play during breaks.

Mrs Alka(Principal)  initially promised all the parents that they would give equal priorities to sports and education which we also should see whether this would happen next year as the first year went on in school interior works where the school working system was new to everyone (for students as well as for teachers) for all small issues principal would intervene and sort out the issues, teachers were not able to take individual decisions.

Transportation was very hectic during the initial stages, the driver used to pick up at 7:00 am for 8:15 school and drop at only 4:30 pm though would school would let out the students at 3:00pm. This problems are all sorted out to some extent.

As per your query external coaching is not necessary and everything is trained by them but ultimately it depends on the individual teacher as how she trains the students, it all depends on the teachers way of teaching and how the student reciprocate it.

Overall view as per my experience in the first yr was everything went good except we were not happy with Maths teacher and the working pattern differs a lot compared to NPS Rajajinagar.


sumsu 2014-06-17 11:43:11


I am one of the parent who has put my children in NPS YPR,  I wanted to discuss 2 points in the open forum.

1. All children studying NPS YPR are made to sit in the open muddy ground to have their short & long breaks.
They cannot sit on the mud and have their food due to scorching heat in summer and blowing wind which is persisting now due to the present climate.
This is really a serious issue which we all parents as to discuss and approach the school.

2. There is no proper drinking water facility in the school, Aqua guard is kept in the First Floor and there is totally Three Floors , all the students have to come to the First Floor to drink water.
I request to provide suggestions from all the parent and so that we all can sort this issue.


sumsu 2014-06-19 14:09:49


Waiting for the feedback so that all can approach the management and solve this problem.

Manjusha11 2014-08-27 11:20:55


I am planning to join my son to nps ypr this year for montessori
. Please provide your feedback on coaching and extra carricular activites,



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