Normal School for my Son who has symptoms of ADHD

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Palv 2016-04-12 14:27:30


Hi Aanchal,
My Son is 3.7 years and is very hyperactive. It doesnt mean he doesnt sit at one place. He does when given his favorite toy. He loves cooking and enjoys it for more than 1 hour. He also loves painting. My only worry is he speaks less rather speaks only when he is in good mood. I had visited some counselors who said he might have very minimal effect of ADHD. However, I am in a dilemma to agree to them. As you mentioned, all kids who are hyperactive are not having ADHD. This sentence gave me a little hope that my son might be just hyperactive and not ADHD kid.
I did an rough assessment on how his vocabulary. He is receptive to around 70 words and expressive to around 120 words. He sings rhymes but words are not clear. He knows around 25 rhymes and sings them. But only I can understand. He knows that I am Mom but calls me Mom only when he is in good mood. He mostly uses sign language to communicate. For e.g: to Open a Door, he pulls me near the door and then pulls my hand towards the latch. This means I should open the door.
This made me to think that he is lagging somewhere. Being a working women and nuclear family, I feel this might have effected him.
I would like to hear your opinion. I read most of your comments on ADHD kids and feel that you can give me some kind of suggestion.
Eagerly Waiting for your Reply.


buli 2016-04-15 20:01:25


Hi can u please help me to find out where can I get my child diagnosed for ADHD. We are put up in bannerghatta and comdeall is too far off. Pls. Help me to locate a good diagnostic entre and also name of doctor.. Thanx

v2006 2016-04-30 15:38:20


please help me find child counsellor and does hypnotism help children for education and tell me about stem cell theorpy works for adhd

vju8884 2016-05-06 18:01:05


Can you please send me ur email_id or number if you are ok to discuss on the Insight Academy school?
my email



 Former member 2016-05-09 11:30:18



   my son is 5.10 yr old with development delayed .hes having fine motor issues and hence have issues in writing .hes going to normal school.Am looking for good integrated school for him in Bangalore .can anyone suggest any will be really helpful .Also in his current school they have asked to put shadow teacher for him.If any psychologist or special educator interested in doing shadow teacher ,please contact me at my no 9900400886

jaleela 2017-02-27 19:40:57


Hai all I just joined thisthe group after browsing a lot in the net. First of all felt happy to see many sailing in the same boat as I do. Secondly painful to see our kids suffering a lot under the term ADHD. God knows all as he created them with such apcl needs. I have a son of 12 yrs he was diagnised ADHD when he was in his class 1. I started giving him Ritalin after consulting peadtric psychologist. Gave him few occupational theraphy too. We were in Dubai for 8 years and I continuef the, medicine and he was in normal school with lots f complaints of behavioural issues and academics learning disabilities. Now for the past two uears we have shifted to Kuwait an useless country where I dont find any betr medical help for my son xcpet the concerta medicine. He s in class 6 now in athe regular CBSE school. I feel t s a torture for the child with lots f pressure to cope up with the curriculum. The spcl schools here r very costly that an indian patent couldn't afford. I am a teacher in the same school where my son studies and thus gets certain things done for him. I have a minimum of 5 ADHD and Autism children mixed in each of our calsses in our school. My query s I dont want to continue any more with the CBSE torture for my son. I would like to settle in India only for the sake f my son. Now I am pregnant 9months and every day it s a tension dealing with my son's behaviour issue right from morning till night I need the advise of where should I shift in India to put my son in a gud school which cd give him simple curriculum with treatment inclusive. Pls help me to decide.

truemommy 2017-03-03 21:52:56


Try Aurinko Academy in Bangalore. Go to their Facebook page or website and send a message to the found Ms. Chetana Keni. All the best!

paulg 2017-03-04 01:31:04


Middle east is wrost place for kids with special needs. As you mentioned you are willing to shift in India then you can try Deens Academy in Bangalore. They have a special unit for child with special needs and run by Endeavor Learning Services. You may not find any therapists like speech or ABA there. It is more like school and kids can choose their subjects and have an option to give exam (Class X or XII) CBSE or NIOS. Endeavour is also associated with DPS, Bangalore. I hope, this information will help you. All the best.

Tanya14 2017-03-21 03:14:08


Hi Jaleela,
Have seen your post, just curious if you managed in finding any school for your 12 yr old son?, we are in a similar situation and yet looking for a good school with boarding facility, have heard of one in Coimbatore.  please let me know what options you have.
thank you.


jaleela 2017-03-21 15:17:44


Hai Tanya Thanx for ur response. We didnt shift yet one more year to go so that we can get some tym to find the right school. Heard that there are some in chennai too. The problem is CBSE sullabus doesnt fit auch kind f children. My son is detained this year in the same class and next year we wil shift toin india.

truemommy 2017-03-28 20:48:31


Jaleela, interested to know if you pursued the options suggested by some who have replied to your query? 

nidhi139 2017-04-03 12:14:34


Hi All,

Please help me out, after seeing all the post looks like my 3 year boy is also sailing on the same boat. However I have never diagnosed for this as he was not speaking sentences so we went to speech therapy but never gone for ADHD problem. But  looks like problem is something else; really not sure about it.

some findings for my son:

1.sudenly hyperactive

2.speech disorder


4.Does round and round being aloof from the world.

5.Rarely responds to his name.

6.Need based connection

Please suggest if these all falls under ADHD.


12Sudarahan 2017-04-14 08:52:36


Hi everyone, my daughter has mild autism/ADHD at present she can independently write and can sit in one place, but could not speak up to the age group , she is having very good memory and able to reproduce anything by seeing at one glance. Her maths skills are outstanding. Just we would to seek following information 1) so far she did her schooling at home, We want to put in mainstream school for the 3 rd class (age 8 yrs). In hyderabad which school we can try for? 2) if the school have speech therapy would be added advantage. Any suggestions or information is highly appreciated.

keerti9 2017-07-16 09:37:29


Dear Parents , I am a homoepath and have successfully treated many cases of ADHD and Autism . I will be happy, if I could help Kids who are struggling because of the disease above. It is important for kids to get timely medical help or else they develop a sense of inferiority when they compete with other kids. It is long term detrimental as they not able to form a strong self image about themselves. From all my experience I have seen these kids are brilliant , all they need is to manage their tremendous energy and little bit of assistance. Dear Mom's n dad I can understand ur concerns but believe me all ur kids have potential to outshine the rest of lot . They will make u proud . All the best.

amitjtjt 2017-07-22 21:05:28


Please Share Your Number Need Feedback for My son He is 3 Years Old My Name Amit Thakkar 9821758587

101sanadi 2017-08-12 11:47:45


Mam can you please share your mobile number I need to talk about my son he is 7 yrs old and has speech difficulty and studying in ukg my no 7760767985

Pkmonu715 2017-08-15 08:52:07


Mam kindly do help me also.. Share ur contact number pls.. I'm much worried Mother with no help

Qurrat999 2017-08-16 23:03:46



Most children are misdiagnosed and labelled as ADHD in preschool age. I was in the same situation with my son. School people made it worse for me as if there is something really wrong with my kid. but thanks to an acquaintance I got to know about a psychiatrist in Sahakara Nagar. 

Dr. Safiya of Mind and Brain clinic is a excellent doctor. She doesnt label or scare you at all. You can check the reviews on practo to see how many people and children have benefited.
She now has a school too
Please do take an appointment and see what best can work for you and your child

all the best!
Stay strong!


Rocky1 2017-09-04 19:23:30


I tried dean school in bangalore..the Endevaour service asks around 2 Lakh per annum.
Not able to get any school who can be supportive to these childs.

Rocky1 2017-09-04 19:56:19


Hi Pallavi,
Did you find any good school in Bangalore?
My daughter is around 5 yrs old and she is good academic wise. she understand shapes, colors,can write , follow our instructions.
The issues she has bit of concentration issue, not sit in class continuously like other childs, and become irritate in class room if there are lot of noise,some time become hyper.
I was looking that if there is any normal regular school in Bangalore who can help us and can support my child. I am really frustrated now and dont find the schools who can ready keep her in school.
If any one have suggestion please reach out to me @ 9985309943

venkypeace 2017-10-25 19:04:55



Can you please share your number, I would like to get a consultation done for my son whos 5 years old.

my number is 98419 69353


roshini3 2017-11-03 21:01:19


Hi Keerthi ma'am Please provide your number ..please inbox me

Silvi24 2018-01-31 00:08:02


Hi All, My daughter who is aged 5 has all symptoms of ADHD... she is bright and creative too. Hates dancing. She has been admitted to a very prestigious school who did complain me about her behaviour on many occasion. She is extremely aggressive talkitive and impulse. She used to run out of the class during teaching hours and the complete staff had to run behind her getting her to sit in one place. She loves to play with kids but kids get very bored playing along with her as she keeps talking and complaining all the time. She keeps juming from one game to anothet ... she has difficulty obeying instructions or even order. She is extremely stubborn and back answers. She has hurt kids in class too. I did take her through few therapies but was not of great help. May be I need to switch to OT sessions. Her school teachers have been very Co operative and they have also asked me to send an hour early to school so that the school child councilor can help her with her behaviour session. Was very happy when the teachers told me that we, as in teachers and I need to work as a family to help my little daughter. However I still wish to find out any good place around vijayanagar or even malleshwaram to help her with required skills. I am a single parent and working too. It's very hard to make time but need to sacrifice for my beautiful child. I lose my temper on her but these kids are actually blessed to be very affectionate. My daughter keeps asking me as to why kids don't play with her and leave her in between. It gets very hard to explain her nor other kids. I need my child to feel secure and happy. Please help. I only keep crying. When i share things with my parents they say every kid is different and therr is no such thing called ADHD. They are 70 years old and they will not understand even after trying to help them multiple times. @ keerti could you please inbox me your number.

somnath1 2018-01-31 13:52:05


Hi All, I have 4 and half year son who is good academically, can read write numbers, write alphabets but has attention deficit problem. He is hyper active and takes much time of teacher in school. Though with age he has improved but still we have frequent PTM and  have to hear complaints from techer now and again. We have consulted psychiatrist and the doctor have given few ways to improve their attention span. We are following those. Now the school is not ready to take him for next academic year, Is there any school near marathalli area where I can put him in. Or is home schooling a better option for my kid.

Thanks in advance for your advice.



truemommy 2018-02-03 12:25:17


Try Insight Academy, Aurinko and Jigyasa.

Sreesaan 2018-05-25 17:08:59


Hi Parents,

Can anyone help me with the best diagnostic/Psychotherapist/Psychologist center for ADHD/ODD related problems in the children aged 5 years onwards  near  Banshankari area in Bangalore? We observe child bored easily,restless and needs always attention and uncontrolled impulse and tantrums happening. arAlthough we are not sure yet these symptoms related to ADHD and seeking for help if anybody in same boat..Thanks in advance.

aanchal 2018-05-26 06:44:13


Hyperactivity along with tantrums could look like ADHD but may not be so. Do not approach a centre with a diagnosis in mind. 
If the child is hyperactive and irritable due to high screen exposure, brain malnutrition, high-carb diet, intestinal worms, some emotional turmoil then perhaps OT won€™t help the child. So finding root causes is the first step always. 
You may go to Turning Point. It may be closer to your place. Please make sure that you do not discuss issues in front of the child. 


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