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Nikhar 2010-01-12 16:59:19



I am new to this group. I stay in indiranagar and my 3 year son has been diagonised as having symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)!   :( Are there any parents in here who also have children with same problem.He is very restless and completely hyperactive. Throws tantrums at the slightest pretext. I will be starting his behaviour theraphy soon. 

I would like to  know which schools around indiranagar are kind enough to admit children with these symptoms along with mainstream normal children? Also if any other parents come forward and add me as a friend ,  i would like to discuss some things about this behaviour.

Thanks in advance,


swaths 2010-03-01 18:33:50


Hi Nikhar, Did you have any luck as yet ? I am also trying to find some schools for my 5+ son. I joined in recently so not sure how I an add you as a friend but we can definitely share notes !




radtan 2010-03-02 19:21:14



am mother of 5 year girl sufferung with ADHD. past 2 years we r giving behaviour and occupational therapy for my daugher. we r seeing the improvement. if possible once go to nimhans for speech and behaviour therapy. and there u need to meet dr shekar sheshadri. he is very good person he can tell u waht u neeed to do. other wise in school they face lot of problems


radtan 2010-03-02 19:25:39


i am new to this site. my daughter is 5 year old. she is suffering with ADHD. we r going to occupational, behaviour, speech. Plz any body have much details, like anybody can give more info about ADHD,some suggetions to the parents who have ADHD kids........ thx  


swaths 2010-03-02 20:32:19


@radtan..which school is your child studying ? is she under any form of medications ? Any ideas on how you are coping with things ! thanks


vjm 2010-03-16 16:57:08


Hi parents,


My daughter is also 5, she is hyperactive & hence doesnt concentrate. I see discsussion but any good schools for the same?


 Former member 2010-03-17 11:13:42


Dear Parents,

I am the parent of a child with ADHD and have gone through the trauma of incorrect diagnosis, counselling, medication and more.

There are a few schools in Bangalore offering expertise in this speciality and I will be happy to share my experiences of the same to help you make the best choice for you and your young child.

Please feel free to contact me on 9880 414141.





chaitrakarpur 2010-03-17 16:24:49


 Hi Nikar,

iam also mother of 4yr old adhd boy , he was diagniosed when he was around 1.5yrs old, he first attended play school under well known banner which actually never helped in turn worsened the situation.............later we tried him in a montessori when gave a great results.....but its the time we have got admission in main stream school ( good one) we r in cross roads! but he has improved a lot from time to time ever since he was know as ADHD child..........he was in milder side! next month Iam planning to visit spastic society of india research wing to find how to handle the transformation to main stream school! lets c if i get some inputs surely shall share!



achupori 2010-03-19 16:48:05


Hi All

I too stay in bangalore and have a 3 yrs old boy who has been diagonised as having ADHD. Even i made the mistake of putting him to a normal playschool where they have been ignoring him since he is very hyper and they do not know how to handle him.

In order for the benifit for everyone i request you to please subscribe to a group that i have created

 To join/subscribe this group pls send an email from your id to

I would like all of us to get togeather in enriching our knowledge on how to handle our respective children better.

A special thanks to katherine who is willing to take calls on this issue. I would definetly call you.





achupori 2010-03-19 16:49:14


To post to the group after subscribing u just need to send email to



achupori 2010-03-19 16:57:52



swaths 2010-03-22 21:44:32


Thanks Archie. You will now find me as a member of the yahoogroups.

Katherine, Appreciate you coming forward with a number. Will try and reach you sometime this week.

I am still at crossroads and cannot figure out what I should be doing with respect to school. I have been giving speech therapy to my son for the past 1 year and started off behavior therapy very recently.  The whole school aspect is what has me confused at this point of time !





 Former member 2010-03-23 15:12:32



radtan 2010-03-28 00:37:44



Anybody have details about NAET ( eliminating alergies from the body) i went through the net i got some info but any body is using for reducing ADHD. it is very famous method in other contries. anybody aware of this plz send me more info about treatment  




Bakugan 2010-03-28 03:07:50


first of all get the syndrome diagnoised properly from an experienced pschiarist or from an psychologist. They should be giving you option of treatment.



aanchal 2010-03-28 10:25:12


hi everyone,

i agree with Bakugan..i am actually very surprised at the rising number of ADHD cases. sometimes i wonder if its being overdiagnosed. few things of our lifestyle has increased restlessness in kids (colas, chocolates, TV watching, computer games, poor diet, fast food etc). the ever increasing pressure on all of us has affected our kids too very badly. while its not possible to jot down all the problems kids are facing today, one thing is for sure..that many of these lifestyle changes have led to increased hyperactivity and aggression in kids. being nuclear families, our full attention on kids, our expectations from them to sit and study and our own less tolerance have also contributed to their 'apparent ADHD'

when a mother tells a doc that the kid just doesnt sit, cannot concentrate, jumps around, it does look like ADHD to any doc. when drugs are given to tone him down, he does stop jumping around so much. and it looks like ADHD is getting cured. but i dont believe that it can be good form of treatment for ADHD-like cases.

being a psychologist i would very be cautious before labeling a child with ADHD.. ADHD is a very serious problem and cannot be treated casually. its more important to find out other factors like aggression, accumulated physical energies, emotional disturbances. then giving proper outlet to aggressive energies help a lot. there are many activities to increase attention span and concentration abilities. dietary changes are also required to deal with the problem (the child cannot have lots of chocolates and soft drinks and then sit down calmly)

when we have a stomach pain, we think of many possibilities like over eating, gastric trouble, before thinking of ulcers. even if we are doubtful, we get proper scans done to get proper diagnosis and then start treatment. same with ADHD and similar behavioral problems in kids.



radtan 2010-03-29 00:31:15


thank you aanchal

for lot of info. i need infomarmation about NAET THERAPY IN KORAMANGLA.  any idea how it works for kids. we r palning to go and meet the people. we met one family they succeed in this. if anybody have more details on NAET PLZ SEND ME THIS BLOG  



 Former member 2010-03-29 10:29:07


Managed to find this contact on the internet - Good Luck!   Jeeja George, RNRM Contact Information ALPHONSA
32/1, Anjaneyaswamy Temple St., Austin Town
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 047
India Phone: 080 255 768 67 / 9886652735
Webpage: NAET® Coursework Basic: Licensed medical practitioner has learned to evaluate, locate and eliminate food and environmental allergies. - 1/09

Advanced I: NAET Basic trained practitioner has learned to eliminate combination treatments, complicated NAET cases, commonly seen emotional blockages, exercise induced allergies, and person to person allergies. - 1/09




 Former member 2010-03-29 13:42:42


Dear Aanchal,

As you state, it is possible that some children are being mis-diagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), and ADD (Attention Deficit Distorder), based on the initial behaviour patterns being presented by parents and teachers.

It is true that young children today face a range of challenges and stresses that were perhaps unknown to earlier generations including insufficient exercise, over-stimulation (exposure to TV and computer games), poor diet and unrealistic academic success criterion.

Extensive research in the US has shown a strong link between TV/Computer useage and the detrimental affect these media have on a young child's brain. To protect your child's development, the ideal is to eliminate both of these formats until the completion of 5 years.  NOTE: it is NOT the content that is the problem, it is the method of delivery.  Better to play with your child, read stories, go for a walk . . .

With regard to diet, all processed foods and those high in sugars are to be avoided.  You only have to observe children after a birthday party to see the effect refined sugar and fast foods have on their behaviour!

Poor sitting tolerance in class is a complaint I hear from both parents and teachers on a regular basis; how to get the kids to sit still for 45 minutes?  The fact is it is not appropriate for young children to sit still for this length of time.  In reality it is torture for them, especially if the teaching style does not suit the child's individual style of learning.   This is a failure on the part of  the system NOT the child, although it is the child that is labelled as the 'problem'.  To counter this, teachers need to reflect on their teaching methodology and work towards meeting the needs of every child in their class.  Sadly few schools give teachers the training and support they need to achieve this objective.

As Aanchal says, before any action can be taken, a correct diagnosis must be given, and this is not always easy.  It took us nearly 10 years to discover the true cause of out son's learning difficulties and we went through the stress of many 'mis-diagnosis' during this period.  The fact is GP's or paediatricians are not qualified to give an accurate assessment.  If you are concerned about your child, you need to talk to a Special Educator or a Paediatric Psychologist. 

There are several good centres of expertise in Bangalore including St. John's Hospital (where my son was eventually 'correctly' diagnosed), Kara4Kids (strong experience vis a vis young children; below 6 years), the Spastic's Society (excellent centre for assessment and design of IEPs (Individual Education Plan) and NIMHANS.   There are also some good online programmes including those available from the National Association for Child Development (NACD), US, that support home-schooling.

I hope this information is helpful to those parents going through the stress of how to help their child . . .

Warm regards.





Bakugan 2010-03-29 20:01:39


Anchal and Kathy


You both have given excellent direction to those parents who are wanting for such help. I am also a parent with the ADD child who is about 6 years old. His initial learning method for 3 and 4 years were montesorr. The teacher in the school recommended that he could be a potential ADD.

When we started observing we also agreed to the teacher's comment and saw a pschylogist who is associated with kids' ADD and ADHD. He did give lots of test in the form of questionaire and interview for both parents and the kid seperatly and individually. He gave us a long written report about his observations. and it was our choice to get medication or any sort of behavioural therapy.


Aanchal, kathy, the question is to you both as you both seem to know lot about this. I am writing here my  understanding of ADD in MY KID. Let me know if I am doing right.

I understand that ADD or ADHD is caused by some immaturity development in some part of the brain while the kid is born. It is mostly an inherited one. This is not a 100% cause for the syndrome as the research is still going on in this area. Hence I strongly feel the parents should analyze how were they when they were kid, and what are the difficulties they faced and should learn from their lives before getting into any conclusion.

Also as Aanchal, kathy and others said in this forum just because a child is not concentrating on curriculum and the kid is hyperactive doesnt mean that they are ADHD. ADHD is a serious thing to do with the brain. It has to be properly diagnised. If the child is not concentrating while in a class see if he is fully focussing while playing with the friends or watching his favorite movie or similar. If he is focusing on those things it means the teacher or parent are find a way a to mean to an end.

So not be alarmed when teachers say he is ADHD/ADD. Go the internet...there are plenty of information available, do an initial diagnosis at home and see if you agree with the teacher, see if it runs in the family, talk to them see how did they cope up....

I personlly feel medication should be the last resort, the psychologist or psychiatrist may disagree. Because i think the medication is triggering the chemicals in your brain in order to work which i am uncomfortable, so i would rather go with the un chemical therapy.

Aanchal.....can you tell me if majority of the kids with ADHD/ADD have frequent cold, stuffi nose, adenoids, sinus, asthma etc..... because if that is the case, these kids will not be able to have good night rest and the breathing becomes not smooth in the night. so the brain works if they are not in deep sleep. They end up waking up late or feel lethargic the whole day thus making them not focus wanted stuff like learning at school.

I will write in my next post as what are the home remedies that I am working on.....until go to go.

I really like this topic:-)



iamchetana 2010-04-11 21:13:03


Hi all

I am a special educator and a counselor working with children with dyslexia/add/adhd. In my experience I have seen these traits as a characteristic of a gift.. the gift of being different than the 'normal' others around you. These children are far more developed than normal children, percieve the environment differently and learn in various ways that our education system isnt geared to as yet. I have had great success with these children. For me they seem like a new breed or perhaps a new strain of the human species which is far more developed and adapted for todays world. If you look at it from my point of view.. they seem disabled or different simply because we and the world around simply  arent ready for them yet.

Anyway for those who need to know about NAET.. yes it really works. I have tried it with my son and several of the children who i have worked it. Sister Naina who gives the tratment has also trated hundreds of children in Sophias Opportunity school ( actaully initially she learnt this only to help the children in her school, she is the principal there) I am totally in favour of this not only for MR/ADD/ADHD/Epilepsy but for several other tratments .. between my entire family and friends and students we all have gone for about 10 different chronic health issues , all of us are feeeling great and my students are doing extremely well!

I will not say the treatment will cure you of ADHD. But I combine remedial teaching, family counselling, behaviour therapy and perception enrichment along with the treatment and it has worked wonders...

those of you who can afford and try it please do. Though the 200 rupees per session might seem more.. i checked with a practitioner in Mumbai who charges 1500 per session! so this is far lesser.. and also the money we are paying goes to charity as this is run by Nuns. They are travelling into the slums and treating children for different sicknesses.



chetana keni


achupori 2010-04-12 09:45:04


Hi All,

It is really touching to see many special educators coming out of their way to give a very helpful discussion on the lesser known subject in india i.e Autism spectrum disorders which is often dismissed as growing up problems.

I have a few queries here. My son is 3 yrs 4 months old and was diagonised as having ADHD and has been advised with speech therapy and behaviour theraphy which i will be starting soon. Since i am working woman, is it practical and better to have a special educator or caretaker trained in ADHD to come to my house and spend a couple of hours with him every day apart from taking him to therapy sessions? I researched in the internet about trying out removal of milk/mik products from his menu as well as yeast products may make him less hyper. Are all these true?

Any comments/suggestions are welcome....




seenuraj 2010-04-13 10:12:00


Hi All,

I looking for a behavioural therapist in Bangalore. My son is developmently delayed and is very hyperactive plus non verbal. He is 5 years only.

Can any one please please help me to find a Behavioural therapist.






swaths 2010-04-13 11:14:09



You might want to check Spastics society of Karnataka, Indiranagar for Behavior therapy.

Swaths !


 Former member 2010-04-14 16:50:51


Dear All,

In addition to contacting Dr M. V. Ashok, at St John's Hospital for help regarding behavioural problems, diagnosis and special education needs, you can also contact Savita on 9844221212.

Warm regards.




 Former member 2010-04-14 16:57:57


Dear Archie,

If both speech and behavioural therapy have been advised by a qualified practitioner then perhaps your child's difficulties are more than just ADHD.

Where and when was the diagnosis given and by whom?

If you'd like to talk further and in confidence, please fee free to call. 

Warm regards.


9880 414141



Sudhi11 2010-06-17 14:20:03


Can anyone suggest me school in bangalore who can take border line ADHD kids?






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