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NixBij 2013-03-25 21:42:40



Am looking for a school on Sarjapur road for my daughter who is Aug 2006 born ( 6.5 yrs for 2013 June ).

I do not have any preferences on CBSE or ICSE since I do not know the pros and cons ..

Seems like am too late for DPS East .. How about Greenwood High/Primus/India intl ..?

Please share your thoughts here.

Your advice is really valuable.

Warm regards,






PiaKaushik 2013-03-30 14:08:33



Thr r so msny schools n dat area..

Greenwood is well settled....till 12th follow ICSE. Fees around 1.5 lacs/pa. I had a visit in this school.. looks gud. Administration coordinator gav a walk through. I knw many parents whose kids go here n satisfied. 

U hav Inventure academy..just opp to TISB..follw IB n CBSE..fees 3 lacs/pa.. nt much idea on this.

Oakridge ... b4 TISB ..into IB n CBSE..thy r well settled n Hyd n new n bnglore..present frm last yr. Fees around  1 lac/pa fr nursery..princi n headmistress spoke to us n found thr teaching methods impressive. Wat I liked is d campus n combo of IB n CBSE. IB is till 5th std ..thn u can move to cbse if u want to. Hav finalized thm fr my kiddo.

Would request u to personally visit each schools n make a decision. 


NixBij 2013-03-30 23:22:13


Hi Pia

Thanks a lot . Not yet in Bangalore. Definitely need to go and visit them in person.

Btw, would you be able to tell me the pros and cons of CBSE/ICSE w/ the current system? And what about IB? IB is if you're intersted in foreign education , is it?

Would be great if you could shed some light on these..

How about the age group? I see different schools following different age groups for 1st std.








vhappymom 2013-03-31 08:37:07


 Hi Nix,

You can look at Inventure Academy. My daughter has completed 1 year in the school. I am very happy with the school. Its fees for Grade 1 is around 2.6 lakhs (including food & transport). It was ranked 17th among the Day Schools in India by EducationWorld. 

Please go through the following link for the rankings of the various schools in Bangalore http://www.educationworldonline.net/userfiles/India's%20Best%20Day%20Schools%20league%20table-pgs(3).pdf




PiaKaushik 2013-03-31 15:13:46



Regarding the age grp..its generally 2.8 -2.10 yrs n above for nursery. A kid has to go thru nursery, lkg, ukg n thn to Std 1. So its approx..6 yrs fr 1 std. Since u r not in banglore..u can contact d schools over phone /e-mail n collect info. 

CBSE n ICSE both r Indian boards n widely known. Ppl say that ICSE is vast syllabus compared to CBSE. Also in depth studies r better n CBSE. 

Regarding IB ..yes its U.K. curriculum...the main advantage of ths curriculum is do it urself methodology. . Helps n allobver growth of children.  U can google n collect more info on them.



PiaKaushik 2013-03-31 15:14:40


 Hi happymom,

If u can giv lil more details on Inventure. .wud lov to hear.


NixBij 2013-03-31 19:23:50


Thanks Pia and Happymom..

I do know about CBSE and ICSE , but just wondering whats making people choose one over the other these days ..

Infact I have myself done ICSE and ISC and I have enjoyed the syllabus ..  be it Math, Science or English. Hindi was quite tough for me( more because Hindi is not our mother tongue).

But I hear that in Kerala , these days CBSE is preferred because the Med/Engg entrance exams in Kerala is more based on CBSE. Is that how its in Karnataka too?

Need to start calling up schools and getting the details from tomorrow.

Thanks again for sharing info here :)


NixBij 2013-03-31 19:26:43


Hi Mitch


I know GIIS . My daughter here goes to GIIS Singapore. Have been quite happy w/ the school here till now; though sometimes I feel the syllabus is vast and not enough studying happens in school. But the children come back home very happy .

I can consider GIIS bangalore ; was just worried about the fact that its their first year .

SHould defnitely call them up and get the details ..





NixBij 2013-04-22 14:52:22


Hi Pia,

We have also decided on Oakridge. My son would be going to Nursery and my daughter to Grade1.

Just thought I'll let you know.






AjaySay 2013-05-18 19:27:53


Hi Nix,
Have you thought of Inventure Academy?  I would suggest that you should go & take a look at the school as one of the options for your child... The school is also located in Whitefield/Sarjapur area & is affiliated to both ICSE & IGSCE. I know, it's a tedious process of going around and looking at various schools & then choosing the right one for your child.. Both my kids goes to Inventure academy & they simply love it... In terms of academics & co-curricular activities, it's a good one along with good infrastructure.


KReshma 2013-05-18 19:57:52


Hi Pia,

My kids study at Inventure & I understand the dilemma a mother goes through while deciding on a school... after all who wants their children to crib about going to school every morning... this is the second school for my children in 4 years & i would say from my personal experience that it's a great school for anybody who looks for international standards of education. They give equal emphasis on academics & extra curricular activities... The food served at the school is also nice & healthy..


Surekha111 2013-05-20 10:52:13


 Hi Parents

There are many international schools has poped up on Srjapura area.I would suggest you to go and personally visit them but before that be sure about the curriculum you are looking for.Below  are the few of the best schools in that area...

Oakridge - CBSE (starting this year in Bangalore) Not sure about academics

Indus International -  IB School ( Good School, but expensive)

Greenwood High Interational School - IB , IGCSE ,ICSE (Awarded Best School in 2012) but very strict on admission

Inventure Academy - IGCSE,ICSE ( Mixed Reviews)

DPS Whitefield - Typical CBSE School ...mixed reviews

Primus Public School - One of the good Indian school..strict on admission

Remember - 

1. Ask for class size

2. Experience of teachers

3. No.  of Extracurricular activities

4. Co -curricular activities

5. Labs

6. Counselor

7.Insist for tour and look at the facility,class and infrastructure etc.

All the Best Parents

Surekha Latha

A R2I Parent


Batra 2014-06-01 19:55:15


Does anyone on this thread know an Oakridge parent ? I understand they are pretty good with co-curricular. I would like to confirm the academics. As I want a good blend of both. I truied but couldn't get sample of their books / syllabus on internet.


madvik 2014-08-13 16:36:05


Can anyone let me know about Primus Public School please?

PiaKaushik 2014-08-30 21:52:41


Hi Parents, 
i am again back to school hunt.. last year could not put my kid in main stream due to some issues. 
Batra... i just came to know that Oakridge no more provides IB PYP programmes!! This was a shocker for me as i was looking for the said programme for initial years. There website too says they are into IGCSE and CBSE now.. do you have any update on this? I made a last school visit few months back and then they were into IB. I am just wondering what made them to move out of IB.. as they are quite famous in HYD for the particular programme.


ParentK 2014-11-30 12:33:12


Hi Mitch,
How do you find GIIS in terms of academics and extra- curricular activities? In which grade does your daughter currently study? Is she happy with the school?
please reply.

ParentK 2014-12-01 12:02:54


Thanks Mitch for such an elaborate and well thought out response. It sure has helped in our decision making. 

1ash 2015-02-26 15:21:10


Hi Mitch, 
How has your experience been so far with GIIS?
I understand that your kids would have completed a year now with the school.
Please share your feedback.

parikshit09 2015-03-01 19:39:40


Hi Mitch,
I have confusion between choosing Chrysalis High & GIIS for my son. I know that both of them different in their syllabus (ICSE vs CBSE). I truly don't have knowledge regarding which syllabus is better. Please share any information that can help me decide a school and information regarding the school itself.
Thanks in advance.


1ash 2015-03-03 14:19:45


Thanks Mitch.
I have finalized GIIS and have taken admission for both my kids out there!!


jensy 2015-03-04 22:26:34


Hi Mitch, there is a GIIS pune branch, may be another franchise but the review in parentree is not great . Is it the same administration or different. Can you find out and post details for us. Thanks

1ash 2015-03-09 15:02:41


Hi Mitch, 
Yup, certainly.

Hi Jensy,
As far as my information goes, GIIS Pune and Hyderabad branches are run by franchises.
Rest all the branches in India so far are not franchises.
A couple of people whom I know personally, have their wards studying in GIIS and are happy with the schooling therein.
Secondly, discussions in parentree are also mentioning good things about the school.
So overall, got a good impression about the school. Hence, gone ahead with the decision.
I  suggest, do visit the campus to get first hand feel about the school.


meghana1 2015-03-16 17:12:13


Hello Mitch,

Good to know that you have so deep knowledge about GIIS Bangalore. I wanted to ask about GIIS how they treat special kids? I guess I should not use the word special. Sometimes people takes different meaning of special kids. I guess i Should use the word different kids. I have a kid who has SELECTIVE MUTISM". Selective mutism is not any kind of disorder and disease or health issue. He is 4 years old and will be going in KG1. He is very bright kid, but he does not talk to anyone in outside settings. He just talk to us (mom dad, and sister) at home freely and non stop, but when he is out of the home he shuts off completely, and will not talk to anyone. He has not spoken in his nursery class to his classmate and teachers whole year. If sometimes he talked then if was one letter word like yes, no, good, fine. He has extreme shyness. If someone scares him or scolds him or screams at him then he will be very afraid and never do anything thing like this. If we want him to get done something then we have to very gentle and calm towards him.

So how are GIIS teachers? How is GIIS's policy toward this kind or other a little bit different kids or totally different kids? I am so scared of putting him in new environment. Do they teat them equally and patient if they are not speaking and replying what is being asked?

Do you know any different kid who is in giis and how retreating them? I guess that will be theirs 3rd or 4 years. How are they progressing.


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