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Elyas 2013-03-10 12:00:02



I am looking for  school following IGCSE syllabus for my son in Bangalore . The issue I see with some of the schools are.

  • Very Expensive
  • Very Modern/Bit worried my kid getting spoiled  

Does anybody have any good suggestion of the school which follow IGCSE, but the same time value our traditional values and affordable.




vksmoorthy 2013-03-10 13:23:18


Hi Elyas,

What is the specific reason for which you are looking for IGCSE syllabus. Have you considered IB(international baccalaureate) .   I have moved from Chennai to Bangalore and looking for school for my son near Whitefield/Marthahalli/Sarjapur for LKG .... I dont want to put him in a regular CBSE and want to give next level futuristic education and at same time dont want to burn my pockets in the process. Including fees,travel,others -Around 1.5 Lakhs/Annum is what i am thinking of. can you let know why you narrowed down on IGCSE.



Elyas 2013-03-10 18:24:08


 Hi Moorthy,

I  was looking for a curriculam which makes the students to think/question rather than simply following what is there in the textbook. I find IGCSE framework is more aligned/structured towards this method of learning compared to other currculam. 



vksmoorthy 2013-03-12 10:36:28


Hi Elyas - have you considered any schools on IGCSE till now. If you are fine you can mail me at vksmoorthy@yahoo.com , and we can share numbers and maybe have a quick chat - because even i consider choice of curiiculum to be important and have narrowed down on IB curriculum,


PiaKaushik 2013-03-12 12:18:22


 Hi All, 

M too looking for school for my tot. Had visited couple of international schools who give IB or IGCSE syllabus but not able to zero in which to follow. 

Elyas i too want to know what are the reasons for zeroing on IGCSE. I think u can share the pros of the curriculum here so that many parents will get benefited out of it.

As per my knowledge, IGCSE/IB both are costly affair. LIsting the schools below who teach IGCSE.

Greenwood high international school - Student can opt for it from class 8 onwards. ....costs 1.5 lacs/pa initially.

The International School Bangalore (TISB) - Hav both IB/IGCSE ..costs around 6 lacs/pa initially

Inventure Academy - IGCSE ... costs 3-4 lacs/pa initially


vksmoorthy 2013-03-12 14:10:59



I enquired in silveroaks.co.in - they have IB curriculum upto 5th standard - PYP program, after that it is CBSE. The school in bangalore begins in 2013 only. The fees is listed in the website itself and in what i have enquired in bangalore - this is most affordable.

Oakridge is also IB , but it comes to 1.6 Lakhs/ annum just for fees, if you include transport and food it comes to 2.4 L which is beyond my budget.

I am looking for IB/IGCSE - which is less than 2 L / annum inclusive of all costs for the year like transport,food,uniform,trips,annual day etc etc ...

What i understand is IGCSE under CIE exams is fairly expensive but IGCSE under edexcel examination is not high cost--- BUT i have not come across edexcel schools in bangalore. you can search and let know if you come across any.

i feel time is running out and i intend to close a school in next couple of weeks - becos i am relocating from Chennai and have to find a house based on location of school too. I work in ITPL whitefield.


madhav44 2013-03-19 18:45:20


I totally understand your concern about which school to zero-in for your child as there are many schools in and around Whitefield/Sarjapur area and it can end up getting really confusing. Comparing the IB program and the IGCSE / A Level programs is like comparing oranges with apples.  Both have their good points.  Inventure is a school that is able to offer the world class IGCSE and A Level programs at a fraction of the cost of many other international schools.  They are able to do this while maintaining a high quality program.  Inventure offers  a choice of selecting the IGCSE or the ICSE  program in the 8th grade. Student teacher proportion at Inventure Academy is at 9:1 and the overall physical infrastructure is comparable to schools charging 200 to 300 percent more. I strongly recommend Inventure Academy as an option for your child. Also they have recently added an additional section to K2, grades 1-4 due to increase in demand. 



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