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pradeepk2005 2013-03-10 01:01:45




I would like to share my views on Jnana Sweekar Public school (JSPS). I know this school from last two years and found that this school has the best Play area, cricket courts, swimming pools, Basket ball courts, tennis courts with in the campus.

Also the Principal is very experienced and has a clear view on each of the students.

They  encourage the children in extra curricular activities, which we miss in most of the schools.

Teachers are well trained and follows a well diciplined way of teaching.

Each of the student get personal attention, during the education. They clearly track the strengths and weakness of  each students and work up on improving the weak areas of each students.

From my experince, I am very happy about this school.

Last not the least, the Bus facility is also very good.


sharadhi 2013-08-30 22:22:17




Verymuch pleased to hear about your reviews bout JSPS .We are really interested to join our kids tograde 4th n M3 next year ie 2014. Right now we re out of India and on vacation , but will be hifting to Blre in March APril. Hw is the teaching? Do kid have to carry lots of books every day , how is the evaluation sysytem , do thy have unit tests weekly , monthly tests ?Lots of Project ? could you pls shareyour views on these? Do your kids go to this school?

We would appreciate your help !

Thnks ,



pradeepk2005 2013-08-31 12:33:59



The points I mentioned are from my experiences and I still stick to it.  My son studying in First standard. He was  there from M3 onwards.

Higher management has a close watch on students and teachers. 

I think the admissions start by October-Nov, and you may contact their reception to get an appointment and you can directly experience the environment.

Students don't have to carry many books daily. maximum  3 to 4  books. Remaininig books are kept in School it self. 

Home works as you know, will be there in any schools (In India, we feel that, if there is no home work, that means they not teaching anything :-) )
But not very much. Me and my wife are working. As you know, lot of homeworks will be a problem for Parents too. 

They give minimum homework for smaller classes. Higher classes I am not very sure. 

Just have a visit to the campus or just ask one of your relatives to have a look at the school.

But you dont worry, its a good school.  :-) 







sharadhi 2013-08-31 15:01:28


 Thanks Sir !


So happy to recievesuch a fastresponse from yourside. I appreciate.

We are now on a short vacation , we are planning to visit school this monday itself ie 2nd  Sep . I am awareof Hw necessity , and a minimal is required .thats why , Wanted to make sure from some present parent .Also , I do not want to run in for many schools here n there, as each has its pros n cons ! Definetly our 1st pref is JSPS . My only worry is admissions ...Anyways, thankss so much , will get back to you afterviiting .




vedarun 2013-12-06 16:36:08


I desperately want a review of school on Kanakpura road,

We currently stay at Basavanagudi, we might get shifted to Kanankapura road after some 2-3 yearss,

1) Kumarans - we had applied (since Thyagrajnagar was quite nearby) but they dint even call for interview

2) RMS Internation school - would be OK as per connectivity from basavanagudi and kanakapura road as its in between takes 20 mins only both the ways. Their fee is also very reasonable. around 85K, 50K donations, 35k Annual,

3) Alpine Public school: Without any brand they are charging around 1lak (one time) + 45 K  (Annual), felt is it really worth it, and how is the school by the way, had lot of negative review on the ask lila.com

4) Jnana Sweekar had a very great review but then distance wise its faaar, but still thinking on zeroing on this school, since heard more positive abt this school, BUT HOW MUCH IS THE FEE INVOLVED, wanting to know this, without visiting the school, CAN ANY BODY PLEASE HELP.................

5) DPS time over



804952 2015-08-27 16:23:48


can u pls share the fee details of jspsI heard its 50k(admission fee)+75k..wat abt the transportation fee?whether its included in this 75k??pls reply 

pradeepk2005 2015-08-30 11:54:55


The fees vary from Class to class and year to year. This year's I dont have updated details.
 Its better to call up and ask the reception. They will clear your doubts. 08028427472.
Transportation fees will be collected separate and its depending up on the distance. 
They collect only DDs and no cash or checks.
They have appointed very good drivers and supporting staff in the Bus. They have started GPRS facility sometime back, which sends you the message, where the bus is located. But last few months I am not getting messages, so not sure if they have stopped it. I need to ask.



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