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palshan 2013-03-06 16:48:37


 Hi All,

Can anyone tell me about the admission process in NPS BSK for UKG?

My son attended an interview on 28th Feb 2013, we met the principal the same day & were informed that we would get an intimation through SMS for fee apyment & all other stuffs, but when I called them today they said the students had not been short listed yet & they would call us in 2-3 days' time. As far as I know the admission was confirmed by the principal herself.

Now I am confused!!


psri 2013-03-07 12:39:19


actually as far as i know they have released first list may be ur kid is in waiting list ......they may decide depends on applications..


palshan 2013-03-07 13:08:56


 When they say that the admission is confirmed, what is the waiting list about? are they fooling us ???? Principal herself has confirmed the admission 


Lavijay 2013-03-08 09:36:50



Anyone applied for NPS-BSK for class-I



psri 2013-03-08 12:37:57


for my frnd kid they confirmed and told them to apply TC


palshan 2013-03-08 13:37:13


Finally got a call from NPS BSK to pay the fees by 11th March, asked to take a DD in favor of NPS, 



arifali 2013-03-08 15:46:49


 I also got a call from NPS BSK and they asked to pay 98K+ by Monday.

I told them its very short notice, on driday 3:30 PM you are asking us to pay fee of 98K by monday, that's very short notice,  the lady on the phone could not not defend so she handed over the phone to principal. who took my kids form and said .. see Mr Ali you are computer scientist you should understand its a new facality and we are working on weekends also conducting interviews. so in first year you have to bear with us. 

I said mam that's very short notice . friday is already gone. and sunday is holiday some banks have holiday even on saturdays. its too tight deadline that you have given. then principal asked sir its about arranging money in two days or short deadline ?

I said both , then she tells arranging money should not  be a problem for you, if time is the problem we are open till monday eveing 5 PM.  most of the school in city gives only 2-3 days  time. 

I was wondering what would , they teach the LKG kid that's worth 1 lakh per annum. 

I also asked them if its NPS schol branch or frenchaisee, she said its frenchaisee but the management is orginal NPS management only.  

Dint like the way conversation went, are all schools like this demanding ... you have to to this you have to do that by this and this time.... you dont have any options... you cant assert.... 


i am still thinking whether i should put my kid there? any suggestions with reasonings are most welcome.


gautham2013 2013-03-08 19:07:08



if i were you, i would stay away from this. because its too short a notice and they are not ready to extend.. i think even the old NPS schools give atleast a week of time.. if you dont have any other good options, you can consider this.

btw does anybody know how difficult is to get a seat in the new NPS schools, BSK, yelahanka and yeshwantpura?



palshan 2013-03-09 12:21:32


 As I got a call at 9.30 AM on friday, I was relieved But if it was anywhere in the afternnoon I would've had a second thought about it.


palshan 2013-03-12 11:59:39


 Got my son admitted to NPS BSK  yesterday.


Capri1020 2013-03-22 23:15:19


Dear parents,

Would like  to share my research  wrt NPS Banashankari

It  is Quite  contradicting  when  it comes to taking admission  in NPS BSK..

1.Applications are issued in  huge  numbers where as available seats are only 60 per standard from nursery to 7th grade.strongly feel  school is making  huge money   in first place.. once u  submit  the application..Response is very bad  & phone calls  go un-answered

2.Its  a franchise owened by srinivasa trust & nobody talks  about it  unless you  probe the staff.

3.Infrastructure: work in progress with lots being incomplete. luks like built  in hurry  with blackboards in classroom.
Also note,  work will be in progress for next 1yr  in same campus..

4.scheduled interview never happens in-time.. interview will be done  for kids starting frm nursery..
first round  with the co-ordinator &  then with principal..
kids will be asked to indentify colours,shapes, fruits,animals,alphapets,rhymes etc & made to write(lkg)  alphabets & numbers.
prinicipal will question the  child to understand communication skills..
i strongly feel its wrong  & too pressuring for the child to answer two  diff people(strangers to kid) in a timespan less than tend  to be moody not to respond for  same  stuff again & again.

6.If selected, complete fees  of Rs98050/- to be paid within 1 day & not to forget
there will be increase  in fees every year as mentioned in  their application form.
Amout seems steep for a start up school with limited  facilities.

7.Not-approachable staff. they seem to be slogging & blinking for most queries..
One cannot  get any structured program... related  to it  academics,sports/curricular activities..

8 Principle Soya nambiar seems un-interested speaking to any parents & there is NO casual chat with parents...
a lot luks unethical with no time sense... one can fail  to understand  if we are sitting in an educational institute  or  vidhana soudha.

9.Most of the stuff  mentioned in website doesnt sound promising when one visits the school..
one can analize money & pressure to perform  with "result" is major arena..

If a parent  gets this kind of taste  in beginning imagine its state in schooling.


seenuii1 2014-01-02 18:40:26


Dear Palshan,
Could you tell us how about education and sports activities in this school.?
I got a call to attend for child interview for LKG.


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