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balajilakshmi 2010-01-06 10:36:55


Dear Parents,

I am currently looking for a admission for my daughter for UKG in a good CBSE school. She is currently 4.2 years . As per CBSE rules the age should be 4.6 years as on June 2010. However, I find that many CBSE schools ignore this and specify  their own age criteria. They say the child should be 5 years as on June 2010. This leads to such imbalance. Do others also face the same issue? what is the work around? did they convinence the schools? Please share your thoughts. It will help many parents in this situation. The schools who are adding their own age criteria are -

DPS - North Bangalore
Kensri School - North Bangalore
NPS - Rajajinagar (though this is not a CBSE school)
Vidyasagar - Boopsandra North Bangalore (though this too is not a CBSE school)
Kumaran's CBSE School.



Selvak 2010-01-06 10:58:58


This is an issue faced by many parents and I am also one of them. You can read the complete discussion in another thread. Even though the discussion is for LKG, you can easily extrapolate that for UKG.


balajilakshmi 2010-01-06 12:02:27



Thanks Selvak, for your immediate response. I agree with you, most of the parents face this issue. I did go thro the discussion thread you sent along.

This is what is the age criteria set by CBSE.  

Nursery - 2.6 years as on June 20XX
LKG       - 3.6 years as on June 20XX
UKG      - 4.6 years as on June 20XX
1ST        - 5.6 years as on June 20XX
The CBSE schools which follow this are -
1. Sindhi High school, Bangalore
2. Jain Heritage school, Bangalore
3. Nitte International School, Bangalore.

Do you agree this is the right age?







march 2010-01-12 00:01:14


Hi balajilaxmi,

I totally agree with you regarding the age factor and this is a big problem faced by most parents...even my daughter will be 4yrs 10mths on June '10 and we were all the while thinking she will be ready for UKG and when we approached Bethany Koramangala school they said she has to be in way i understand if the kid is a little older they may perform beter when compared to others but it is a waste of a year. Not sure what is right...





Shysri 2010-01-13 12:24:49



Presidency School, Kasturinagar, are admitting children as per the CBSE rules ie., 3.6 years, they have branches at RT Nagar, Nandini Layout, Kasturinagar and dont remember another branch.  I just admitted my daughter who will be 3.9 by June 2010.




mdixit 2010-09-23 15:21:19


Could anyone guide me about the schools in North Bangalore. My son will be going to grade 8 next year and currently he is in NPS Koramangala. We are shifting to North Bangalore near Yelahanka. I am exploring the following schools-

1. Aditi mallaya

2. DPS

3 Vidya Shilp

4. Ryan


6. CMR

I would like a certain level of academics in the class 8 till 12th period to prepare for good college /univ in the years ahead



 Former member 2011-04-14 14:01:40


I too have the same issue, now...not sure what the correct age for the kids to join son will be 2.9 this June, and he is supposed to waste ony whole year, just bcos he is 20 days shorter to 2.10...please advise


yuiii 2011-04-14 14:58:49


my son date of birth is 28-03-2007, can anyone suggest me  as per cbse board in which class he is elligible in gurgaon school.



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