Anybody sending their kids to Treamis World School ?

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 Former member 2009-02-24 11:34:14




If anyone is sending their kids to Treamis World School, especially to Nursery or KG ? I wanted to know how you send your kids to school, by bus or you drop them. Kindly contact me. Thanks...

Vani 2009-03-09 20:14:57


I was sending my daughter last year.  I am now in UK for one year.  When I go back to Bangalore, my daughter will continue at Treamis.  The school van picks her up.  I bring her after school since I have put her in after-school program.


Neeti 2009-03-10 12:24:26


Hi Vani/Sumiamit,


Where exactly is this school located? And would you have the contact no?



Vani 2009-03-11 11:07:16


It is near Electronics City.  Their website lists two numbers  +91 (80) 2780 3006/ +91 99723 99046.  You can get more information from their website


 Former member 2009-03-13 07:49:00


Hi Vani,

Which grade is your daughter in ? My son will be starting with his Nursery class from July and although I have seen the bus and the seat belts in it and also told about the maid, I am a bit scared to send my kid by bus. I am actually planning to drop him and then again go back to pick him up for the first year. I stay 8 kms away from the school. Do you have any suggestions as you would be knowing better about all this...


reju 2009-03-20 10:17:35


We visited the Treamis school last week. it is 2 km from Wipro electronic city.


Hi vani

We went and enquired all details . How is the after school engagement ? dod they take care wll? till what time tahey take care?




 Former member 2009-03-24 22:51:13


Hi Pradee,

They had told me that they can take care of kids till 4 pm. and will drop them home as well but in case it is later, that is till 6pm., you have to pick up your kid from the school. From all the internet sites I had gathered the information about this school is excellent, but then again depends on individual experience. What grade are you looking for in the school for your kid ? We have visited them on Monday and Saturday(when there is no school) and found kids practising their instruments and singing very well. I too plan to put my child till 4 pm. after an year, so that he can get adjusted to the environment till that time.


Vani 2009-04-15 06:33:29



My daughter was in 2nd grade.  I lived very close to the school.  My daughter enjoyed the van ride. 


pmom 2009-11-08 08:52:13


any further feedback on this school? 

Also, what is the fee structure? I am looking to send my 4 yrs old to lkg in June 2010.


Muskan 2010-03-18 12:06:34


My niece has joined treamis for the next academic year....and we all are very excited and can't wait to see the little one begin her schooling in a play way method of learning, which treamis promises and delivers to the kids of this age...we are very much impressed with the curriculum and the method of teaching....the best part is they even have a day care facility!! so now my sister need not rush from her work to pick the child....


PreethiSwaroop 2010-03-24 12:07:24


Hi All,


Please do let me know the fee sturcture for Treamis? I am planning to get my from Pre-school.


rakulkar 2010-03-26 03:30:40


Hi All,

What is the current fee structure of Treamis? I read in some reviews that you need to bargain the fee amount with the school , Is this true ?


 Former member 2010-03-28 10:22:28 They do have different fee structure for some specified companies, around 60 companies.... so if you are working in one of them, you will get a reduced fee structure, as they have some ties with those companies.

there is no bargain system :) .... 

I am extremely happy with the school so far and my kid who goes to nursery, enjoys going to school every day. Even on weekends, he wants to go to school. Although started in july 2007, school is doing pretty well.


mom2gurls 2010-04-16 21:12:47


Anyone know how far the ride would be from whitefield?


pmom 2010-04-19 11:37:05


From the silk board junction, it is about 13 kms,..

I got my son admitted to LKG recently, we spoke to them about a month ago and like one of us said, the reviews were good (except for one that said there is high turn around of teachers for co curricular activities).

We will be living about 6 kms from there starting June and LKG is starting on July 15.

As for the enquires about the fee, (it is unavailable currently) but I have seen the details and it matched with what we were told. That is,

Rs 70500 - one time (some part of it is refundable if you leave.. but not a big %)

Rs 49000 - Yrly fee for LKG

The Yrly fee is to be paid in one go (I found that strange) by end of May we were told.

As for discount, i was told that they had held some fair at Wipro and they had given discount for spot bookings only and they dont have any other corporate discounts.

When i last asked, we were told there were about 7-8 seats left for LKG.

The reason we went for it -

From what i heard and saw, it is an international school in the true sense and not just a part of the school name like some others in Blore

Not too far from where we live although i would have preferred it to be nearer than that

Arts, music, swimming and other activities are part of the curriculum for the lower classes and we were told subsequently, they can choose to concentrate on one or two of them if they wish to.

we wanted a cbse syllabus - Until 9th grade, it is the same syllabus and then they can decide if they want to go for cbse or igcse

Lot of open space


Finally, the -ve

we did feel that the fee was a bit on the higher side

the road to the school is v bad (minor)

Really hope they will keep up to the promise of quality and wide range of activities


Good Luck!


mom2gurls 2010-04-19 19:37:08


Would there be any gated villa community that would be feasible to look at if one wants to send their kids to TREAMIS AND have somewhat of a decent commute to RMZ infinity on old madras road?


What places can I look inbetween RMZ infinity and TREAMIS.  Cost of accomodation is part of the assignment.  But looking for New villa, gated, expats and international posh standards.


pmom 2010-04-21 14:55:38


Maybe Sarjapur road area is a good in between place? not really sure where RMZ is, But there are quite some gated communities on that road - Rainbow drive, Fern valley..etc not sure how good they are or the pricing..


 Former member 2010-05-28 10:43:40


Yes, it is true that they don't have any corporate plans any more as it was only given to 2009 entries, I believe due to recession. Now they have the fee is same for all. Anyhow the fees is not that high either as compared to other International schools and the best part is that the kids enjoy going to the school. Teachers, Principal and Director are all very approachable and prompt.


madhavan 2010-07-12 14:54:42


Please contact me for on my mail to know more about the horrible experience having put my kids in the school. Please contact before making any decisons about the school.(only treamis world school)


pmom 2010-07-13 12:29:07


My kid started in LKG this year. My first impression -

They are not at all organized. They have a big problem with their administration. Unless they get this fixed, I am sure they are going to lose face big time. It is sad, more so because, I still believe, they have the right environment culture, beliefs and philoshophy for a real "world school".

Now some specific issues -

Parents orientation day :

No planning done for the volumes. People waiting at all counters.

One counter for - enquiries, admissions, paying fees, paying the amount for transportation manned by one person.

Another counter for paying the amount for books, uniforms with 2 people later upgraded to 3 - There was a huge crowd here with no space to sit in the room.

Not enough uniforms available for everyone

ID cards to students not given and it is still not given. It is pathetic with the small kids especially since the ones in nursery sometimes dont even know how to speak or tell their name. So, there is no way of identifying the kids!!!

July 1 - first day of school : 

On the orientation day, we were told that 2 days before school starts, we will be called to tell about the pickup point and the time. No call received, and when we called, we were told that we will be called back but no response. So, most parents came to drop their kids to school on the first day on their own vehicles at 8:30AM.

At the school, apart from the ayahs, there is no one. Many parents getting late for office, some pugged in their laptops and started work while the other parent looked after the kid. Parents busy entertaining the kids so that they dont get a feel of how bad the situation is. Some already crying, some hungry and eating their snacks, some refusing to come inside the classrooms and want to play in the ground....

At around 9:30, the director (admin) along with the teachers and the rest of the children arrive. Suddenly everyone bounces to action, ask parents to leave, but obviously, the parents are hesitant considering there was no one for an hour after the school start time. No one is sure they want to leave, no identification for kids, no way of finding out who needs to be dropped where if they are to return by the school bus.. and many more.

In spite of all this, Ms director(admin) assures all is well and when probed further, says she has about 500 odd new admissions!! So what! is this such a big number that it cannot be managed? When asked about ID cards, she says cameraman has not come whereas the photos for the kids were already given during admission for ID cards. Gives a picture of the competence of the person. Very sad state of affairs.

Many parents stayed on until the end of session and more chaos ruled when assigning the kids to a bus route number. No one has the faintest idea how this needs to be handled. The transportation guy says he has not been given a list by the school and even if they have been given, how do they identify the kids without ID cards. Keep in mind, there are kids as young as 2.5yrs, 3yrs, who may not really respond the way you want them to. And, maybe, they were expecting the kids to show the way to their houses to the drivers. Cos they do not have a list of whick kid is supposed to go by which route and the address to pickup/drop and the contact number of the parents.

I think I can go on and on, however, my only hope is they will not let us down on the academics. They have a different director for academics thankfully. I really hope they keep up the picture they painted while we spoke to them for getting our son admitted.

Finally, something I am happy about is, my son loves to go to his new school and loves the van ride where he gets to see lots of different types of trees and lot of nature and the bumpy ride :-D. So, the most important requirement for me, is still met.


fluffy 2010-10-23 21:58:52


HI Moms2gurls...Purva Parkridge is closer to RMZ. Its quite good gated community of Villas and Townhouses


abhinkoi 2010-11-28 23:01:03


How is this school doing now? I am looking for admission of my son into Std-1. pls share the admission process and fee structure for std-1.


pmom 2011-04-05 15:10:56


Hi Vani, Reju

I need information on the after school care facility at treamis. Can you pls provide some feedback? I urgently need some feedback so I can decide. I also created another thread for it but realised you were already using the facility at Treamis. Thanks


radhikaSandeep 2011-04-13 13:27:11


as fas as i know, tremis doesnot have day care facility......


mekalas 2011-07-01 00:44:36


Hey pmom,


They do have afterschool program in Treamis.

I have put my son in preKG this year at Treamis. There were few issues regarding transport. Its settling now. They weren't organized. Apart frm few negatives, the classes are really good. My son loves going to school! Am glad that I put him there!


IGCSEParent 2011-12-10 11:01:59


I am looking for academic strength of Treamis for IGCSE courses. Do the teachers stay in this school for long years ? How about academic strength of treamis ?


ganeshblr2000 2013-03-10 08:44:22


 Does anyone have any feedback on the work einviroenment at Treamis ? How do they manage teachers ? Have any teachers left Treamis recently, and if so, for what reason ?


vin2610 2014-01-24 14:44:31


hi all

anybody sending their children to Treamis:

After some -ve feedback 3 years ago, how are the things now? How are the academics, quality of education, organisation, transport and extra curricular activities

Pls share ur experiences + and -  feedback.



princess679 2016-04-25 21:59:48


On a positive side, this school has a good location. Infrastructure is also good.
Fees is a big concern. At the time of admission to pre-school,�your fee will be around 1 lakh, but be ready for a hike of around 40% first year and then 20% next year. At the time of admission they will assure you that yearly hike will not be more than 10%, but they will add stories like slab change and will make sure you pay around 1.6 lakhs from 1st std. This is not including transport.�
Treamis transport rate is one of the highest in e-city(And they claim it is still in loss!). Including transport, be ready to pay close to 2 lakhs for your kid!
Quality of teaching is not very good, especially considering the higher fees you pay. My kid's class teacher changed every year in the middle. No language teachers (for french) and swimming teacher also left in the middle last year without any replacement.
Any assurance the principal or management�gives you, please get it written from them. They will forget it the moment you are out of their office (that's part of their 'open door' policy :) )

Arunsuriya123 2016-08-07 15:05:28


Hi existing Parents of Treamis,
We have decided to put our kid in treamis for 2017-18 nursery. We visited the school and liked their approach very much..Since we didn't know much about the school, I want some feedback from you all.. Please help me.. Also tell me whether ebenezer is good compared to treamis?



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