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cnugtl 2013-02-28 10:08:16



The KPE Society Web page doesn't have any info about NPS (as far as I see).



Please make sure that whatever we discuss in not the final one.  This is only discussion forum and every one will have their own concerns.  Even I had a bitter experience with some people on this site who told me not to air my concerns with out any material and I feel that is not correct. We have to discuss as many will have concerns about new things.


And when I enquired about the staff some time back (in Jan), they said all the staff members are yet to be recruited.  I hope that includes the Principal too..though not sure.





skjha 2013-02-28 11:01:43


Dear all,

I believe, we all should respect each individuals opinion. We are free to put forward our opinion and experience without hurting any one's sentiments. We must not use hard words for each other. We all are educated parents and let us focus on positive trend.


mommy19 2013-02-28 12:45:44




Our son had also appeared for an entrance test for the 4th grade on the 16th Feb at NPS,Yelahanka, and he has passed the test.We also had a lot of doubts about the NPS being the authentic NPs or a franchisee but after gathering a lot of information it appears to be under the NPS management,and Mr Gopalakrishna is responsible for recruting Teachers,Principal staff etc. So,we are convinced about  the whole thing and are going ahead with the admission.

What about you ? Are you considering admitting your child there?

hoping to hear from you and alos would appreciate more responses on this topic,


thanks and rgds



mommy19 2013-02-28 12:47:44




Our son had also appeared for an entrance test for the 4th grade on the 16th Feb at NPS,Yelahanka, and he has passed the test.We also had a lot of doubts about the NPS being the authentic NPs or a franchisee but after gathering a lot of information it appears to be under the NPS management,and Mr Gopalakrishna is responsible for recruting Teachers,Principal staff etc. So,we are convinced about  the whole thing and are going ahead with the admission.

What about you ? Are you considering admitting your child there?

hoping to hear from you and alos would appreciate more responses on this topic,


thanks and rgds


ManuY 2013-02-28 15:09:08



As started earlier, my understanding of franchise is an authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place. 

NPS RNR told me (first hand information to me) NPS yelahanka is  a franchisee school. But the information you gathered tells  it is under NPS managment !!!

I am wondering what else would be a more authenic source of info in this context than NPS RNR iteself?

Wishing a bright future for your son,





Lavijay 2013-02-28 15:20:10


Hi psri,

Have u got any info abt NPS-Banshankari. have got application for Class-I. But havent get any clear info from school admin. If u know pls share.

Currently in chennai n planning to shift by next month. Pls let me know if anyone got any idea abt this  branch.




psri 2013-03-01 08:44:52


Hi lavijay,

NPS banshankari has started admission process...27th they took written for 1st standard,,,,,,regarding branch  status is similar to NPS, yashwantpur...ywlahanka branch.....


Lavijay 2013-03-01 18:10:14


Hi psri,

thanks for the info.Anyway am planning to submit the application for BSK tomorrow as backup. Not able to decide as this is a new branch. Have submitted application for Kumarans too...waiting for the reply.:-)


nidhivarma100 2013-03-02 14:32:41


 Hi all,

I went ahead & took admission at Chrysalis High, Yelahanka after visiting some 6 schools in the area. Here are my reasons (in case it helps any parents):

1. They already have an existing school in Varthur. Some of my office colleagues send their children to CH & they seem to be extremely satisfied with the school.

2. Good infrastructure: Apart from academics, I want my chld to enjoy the schooling. School having good infrastructure is very important. CH rated highly on this as they have a very structured program on sports & their idea on sports is not fun but "taking children to the next level."

3. Approchable management.

4. Individual attention: Though all schools talk about it (I think it has become a marketing fad), Chrysalis High had clear cut guidelines & parameters to follow it (from Individual Support Program to having two main teachers in the classroom & having a support period every day for children to take care of the gaps).

5. Most important point - when I asked all schools "what if my child wants to become a writer or international swimmer?" no school had a clearer answer than Chrysalis (in fact they have program for the same).

PS - I did not consider NPS & DPS in my research as I was clear from day 1 on not sending my child to these schools. Parents can do their own research on all schools.


nidhivarma100 2013-03-02 14:34:11


 Just a minor correction - I visited NPS & DPS but more from comparison point of view than considering these schools.


drmona 2013-03-04 05:29:57


i went to NPS BSK. They hav appointed a principal. she is from manipal group of institutions. we spoke with her. she confirmed that they were a franchisee. She however said they are selected by Gopalkrishna himself. She was very polite. The NPS BSK franchisee is Sri srinivasa education trust owned by G.Dayanand (GD GROUP) which also owns Sapthagiri medical college, hesarghatta & the sapthagiri engg college. If it can run medical & engg colleges i think it can run school.Also note that the DPS chain is also a franchisee. If NPS has lent its name for the franchisee then it will also  monitor & make sure its brand name doesnt get hurt. else it cannot sell its brand again!


drmona 2013-03-04 05:42:08


Even if the 4 'original' NPS are original do u think Gopalkrishna cannot sit at all branches for their day 2 day work. the franchisee model will therefore a more workable formula. The BSK NPS is 12 acres.big for a school. Also Natnl hill view public school claims affiliation to Gopalkrishna but is not part of the NPS group. The NHVPS is a GOOD school & it stands out becoz of its principal & staff's effort & hard work. Not bcoz of Gopalkrishna name. NHVPS is owned by DK Shivakumar. All the success depends on staff at each school & a lot of effort from us-Parents!!. Ofcourse as long as funds are sufficcient the branches or franchisee should not matter. In case of NPS yelahanka, Mallikarjuna kharge/BLE has funds too. that is what matters.NPS is opening at Chennai & Mysore also. Hope NPS keeps up its reputation & sale value by guiding these schools & not letting US down- those of us who are risking to join our children to these branches/franchisees.



drmona 2013-03-04 05:45:56


All the websites are similar in looks & content & also FAQs. pl go thro. All schools grow up & cannot be OLD when they start. So as long as they keep up to our expectations & deliver its worth the effort. 


drmona 2013-03-04 05:55:13


It may be easy to get thro these new branches this year. The same may not happen next years. The curriculum, dates/callender, uniform etc are all same in all NPS. whether branch or franchisee. I hope i was able to build confidence in some who are undecided. I know some NPS students who go for tutions! so ultimately a lot of effort goes into schooling. We all studied in small schools & we still earn a lot more than those from NPS/DPS. Our children should be educated & we should make them street smart. The degrees does  earn livelihood but streetsmartness & obidience, hard work alone will make us stand apart. Atleast i have stood apart than my classmates even from those who are abroad. I just hope i will not regret my children joining NPS BSK.


drmona 2013-03-04 05:57:41 

please go thro the website above for the details of NPS BSK franchisee.


drmona 2013-03-04 06:00:04


The groups of this caliber which can run medical & engg colleges do not require NPS brand but  will do good to acquire the rich experience of NPS mentor & NPS group to offer a quality


mommy19 2013-03-04 13:05:56



thank you fory our review about the New NPS,as you have rightly said that it's humanly Impossible for Mr Gopalakrishna to sit at all NPS at the same time,so,I guess he will be guiding the new NPs and giving them inputs on how to go about the functioning of the School. Also all the schools have been new sometime or the other,no school is old and reputed the day it starts.

And as Bangalore is growing it's not possible for all the kids to go to the old schools like Bishop's,or Baldwin's or the NPS Rajajinagar and Indiranagar etc.Every parent wants their child to go to a school close to their homes and would'nt want the tiny tots or even the older children to travel for hours to raech their schools even if the shools are reputed.





drmona 2013-03-11 03:13:05


 Admitted my elder one to class4 & younger to mont 1. For both, fees is 98050Rs each.Office staff & principal have been very polite although they r really slogging due to yet to be ready infrastructure & less staff. Mont admission seems to be in large demand. School to start June 2013.

Mont admission was a basic assessment of child by nursery teachers (i think new appoint) like show & tell colors, cars, apple,Rhymes etc. They r looking for communication skills. Then principal will talk to child & see his response. Not much to choose since kids are moody & at times may not open mouth.Still they r picking 60 out of 160 short listed. 

With this admission my tensed 2 month comes to an end. I didnt struggle so much for my UG/PG admissions (Both costed less than 10% of This!). Also we got stipend during PG!. I think there is lot of demand to good schools. Money seems to be the last limitations.


 Former member 2013-03-12 22:30:07


I applied here for LKG & my kid was called for an interaction. We were told that we have to  pay the fees by next day. Fees is Rs 81,000 + transport+uniform/shoes.

The principal interacted with my kid, she was very polite & kind. She told me clearly that it was a franchise of NPS & not NPS management & they are trying to provide the best possible facility, this was confirmed by NPS rajajinagar as well. I was told that the NPS  management is helping them set the school up & that they are planning to add the rear ground to this school.

Campus is about 1 acre, classes are spacious, bright & well ventilated. Furniture seemed used, old & not the types used in other NPS or similar class of schools . Black boards were of the old type - on walls with black oxide unlike the ones which can be fixed on walls. Building seemed to have been done up in a hurry, no idea if this will be improved. Rs 81,000 seemed too steep for a start up school with limited facilities.

NPS tie up may be a positive factor that may ensure that this school is brought up to mark, only time will tell.


Sudpav 2013-03-14 09:21:23



Did they ask you to pay Rs81,000/-in one go?


mucool 2013-04-07 21:44:58


Thanks Dhrishti, for the details.

Do you (or anyone else) know if NPS have separate/specialized programs where an extra fee is charged? e.g. (for Elocution/Speech, etc.), Abacus, etc.

For general reference of everyone:

Also, after having done some research and spoken to various NPS'es, it has come out quite clearly that NPS Yelahanka does not enjoy the same status as Rajaji Nagar, Indira Nagar, Koramangala or HSR Layout schools. All the new "branches" of NPS are being operated different trusts - e.g. NPS Yelahanka seems to be run by KPE trust, as per their earlier portal:

Still, I am confident that the school would come up very good eventually, as it is closely associated with the NPS. The founding schools have confimed that they supporting the Yelahanka branch in the setup and that it would have the same curriculum. The school's location is excellent for those staying at Yelahanka.


shambhavishesh 2013-04-17 23:10:47


We admitted our son to Montessori 3 days back. We did think a lot abt fee structure but keeping in mind the standard of education money wud not be a constraint. Moreover my son is repeating Montessori since he'll be completing 3.6 by the time school starts. He was earlier in Sheshadripuram public school , very next to NPS but we weren't satisfied with their no interaction policy with parents and the entire year we struggled to even know what our child was learning at school. Hope to have a good experience at NPS. The entire admission process was smooth with thevintetaction being good. They have 30 seats and all of them r filled up as of yesterday. 


bmng 2013-10-01 09:35:06


Hello All Parents,

Please join me on collecting feedback on specifically NPS-Yelahanka. I have my 2 kids in this school and started feeling the pinch of teachers doing nothing but what is done in govt school (telling parents to teach) - please join me on phase book group name is NPS-Yelahanka (

click now and share your thoughts, we will bring action to the thoughts to-geather 

caretakerh 2013-11-23 23:06:02


Hi All parents, I heard NPS yelahanka is franchise and negative comments from other reviews and word of mouth. I personally  called them to get to know more about school and methodology. I was told to visit personally. When I personally visited I was not allowed to visit school campus and it was told me due to security reasons. I tried hard to get the information about teaching methodology, teachers experience and qualification, other facilities etc., but I was told you can see the website and it will be informed after the admission. I came to know from their front office it is a franchise, they are not open, not friendly to speak. The school fee is approximately 1 lakh for mont-1. I am afraid to put my kid for play group to class 12 without knowing much details. front office person not spoken more than 2 mins but she claimed she spent more time in explaining details. All my efforts and personal visit wasted as I could not get any satisfactory details. 

I am not saying the franchise not maintaining the standards but I could not get any information. The price for the basic facilities is too high and not worth even of half of it. This is a franchise, want to make money based on the original NPS brand reputation by charging high fee. School has basic facility for this 1 lakh is too high. I believe the  more you grow the more you do service to society and be open and friendly. 

I suggest think 100 times before you put your kids to this school. I am surely not preferring this school for my kid and don't suggest any one either. 

radhikarao 2016-10-04 22:11:33


Dear Parents, reading all your reviews I am having a second thought of putting my kid to NPS. Since all your kids are already going to NPS, could you please let me know how the school is performing now?? ALso if the fees for Mont 1 is the same, Thank you



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