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skjha 2013-02-20 19:32:58


Hi, in my opinion, deployment of existing NPS teachers at new branches for initial period is a very encouraging practice of NPS. It shows management's concern about NPS quality and values. By doing this NPS is trying to bring in their values and discipline to the new branch. They want to replicate their proven management system at new school(s). Later on, replacing NPS experienced teachers with new teachers is not a threat to parents. Remember, this happens in every organization. This process is called handholding. NPS is very stringent in their teacher recruitment process. Once skilled teachers are onboarded, they need to be taken through the process which NPS follows and that can be done only by the teachers experienced in NPS processes. What makes a school different from another? What makes education quality/standard of a branch different than that of another branch of the same school? They are process and practices which makes them different.And, it can be made consistent only through handholding.

I am also one of the parents awaiting for the NPS Yelahanka result for the test taken on 16-FEB-12.. I am very positive about this school's management.

My following concerns were confirmed by school representatives / staff at Yelahank branch: (1). NPS Yelahanka is a branch of NPS; (2). Its a brand new building and not taken over by any old school; (3). Earlier it was Nalanda NPS (name was only on paper for couple of months - Nalanda NPS was never operational - may be due to their internal arrangements) but later on, it is made "NPS" only.


tsonus 2013-02-20 20:07:47


Hi manuY@ thanks. they might  have obtained  NOC from competent authority/BBMP/ Govt of Karnataka to setup/run  Educational Institute as per norms/rules. (I am not sure).  Please suggest  your views and if anyone has  information about this.





tsonus 2013-02-20 20:19:10


Arunamon@.. thanks for the info. Are they accepting pmt by Chqs  for all ?  Have  you received  any money receipt/voucher  from them in the name of  NPS-Ynk. But in this ypr div. they are asking to pay by DD (not  accepting chq.) I F/O Purnaa trust. 

My request to all parents in this forum !!

If anyone has any information pls. share your views whether to take admission in this branch/franchise(YPR)  or not.  We are running short of time as we have to take a decision with in next few days. Pls. share your views and advise. 

Thanks in advance.





Scotchy 2013-02-20 21:08:52


Hi Preethi,

Could you pls throw some light on the interaction/ interview with parents in NPS Yelahanka? My child has cleared the entrance test. We have the interview scheduled early next week.

Thanks a ton!

PS: Anyone else who has some info on this? Please let me know. Thanks






ArunaMom 2013-02-20 22:07:51


Scotchy: For which Grade did your child attend the test? We are also waiting for a call.

Tsonus: Receipt is in the name of National Public School Yelahanka.



skjha 2013-02-20 22:17:06


Hi, on which date did your appear for the test and when you got the interview call? We are also waiting for the same.


skjha 2013-02-20 22:20:40


Hi Scotchy, few queries:

1. for which class your kid has written the test?

2. on which date did your child appear for the test ?

3. when you got the interview call?

We are also waiting for the same.


 Former member 2013-02-21 00:49:27



going through above discussions, I strongly feel these new branches are franchise. Below things are different from the 4 standard NPS's

- DD drawn in favor of NPS, Bangalore (not specific to branch, DD is towards single trust npS Bangalore). dD towards Purna Trust or npS , yeshwantpur sounds suspicious ( meaning they might be franchise)

- entry level admissions (mont1 and lkg) don't have interviews in standard branches, chairman personally sees each selected kids with parents for an informal chat. What interviews are these new branches holding?

- none of the 4 NpS have started entry level admissions(all are awaiting results), how come these new ones are already finishing the process? 

- another news I read about cmr nps (not sure of the name) which closed in sarjapur last year, claimed its management is from Nps, later Dr. GK himself clarified that it was false!



to summarize, better think that you are putting your kid to a new school and decide based on that just to be safe


 Former member 2013-02-21 00:56:23


 Sorry the exact name is nce, concerned article is here


skjha 2013-02-21 02:46:54


Even though, NPS yelahanka has asked for DD in favor of "National Public Scool", they are accepting Rs 300/- cash for application formalities. They are giving receipt.


ManuY 2013-02-21 11:53:27



Please call nps rnr or ips inr(phone # is in their website) and ask about NPS YNK and its operational model -Franchisee/bracnch - Get convinced yourself!!

I repeat, when I called NPS RNR, I was told that nps ypr and nps ynk are "franchisee schools".

I uderstand franchisee is authorization to sell a company's goods or services:-) and ONLY THAT






tsonus 2013-02-21 18:07:54


Hi manu,

Thanks for the info. I will definitely do that .  If not convinced I wl  visit these schools to get the actual facts.   Thank you.


preethikaran 2013-02-22 13:36:47



They took one day to confirm the admission after the interaction.


nballal 2013-02-23 10:01:30


 Dear all

Seeing a lot of comments on the franchise model of NPS Yelahanka, Yeshwanthpur etc, I want to remind everybody that this is not new. The entire DPS chain of schools (> 150) run on franchise model and have beeing successful over the years

Check out the below


skjha 2013-02-23 12:28:08


I agree with nballal. I spoke to NPS Rajajinagar and NPS Koramangala and they confirmed that only 4 NPSs (rajaji Nagar, Koramangla, Indira nagar and HSR) are branches of NPS and rest are Frenchise.

However, it does not mater to me whether NPS Yelahanka is a branch or frenchise. Being a frenchise, NPS Yelahanka has separate management team but values and directions shall be coming from NPS.


sunilgct 2013-02-26 19:27:13


 Can some one please confirm if NPS Yeshwantpur is indeed a franchise ? or any other details related to NPS YPR? 

Please help  ....................


Sudpav 2013-02-26 21:27:31


As per i know NPS added 4schools to NPS with a global outlook(2013) ,

1.NPS international Mysore.

2.NPS yeshwantpur.

3.NPS yelahanaka.Initially it was Nalanda-NPS

4.NPS banashankari.


skjha 2013-02-26 23:13:30


sunigct: (1). rajaji nagar branch, they said yeshwantpur is frenchise, (2). YPR NPS was not able to say anything; (3). Thrugh their transport service provider came to know that YPR is Branch........ isn't it confusing? pls confirm at your level with some authority at NPS RAJAJINAGAR.

Coz, Rajaji nagar NPS said, NPS Yelahanka is Frenchise whereas, NPS yelahanka says it is Branch. When I told NPS YELAHANKA that Rajaji nagar Branch says that you are just a franchise,they said "no sir, i am confirming that we are branch."... so, there is a serious disconnect somewhere... looks like Top management of NPS has not communicated their 2013 strategy to their parents facing staffs.


skjha 2013-02-26 23:15:21


result of 16-FEB-13 entrance test may be published this week.


Sudpav 2013-02-27 08:35:48



1.Nalanda was owned by KPE(Karnataka People's Education Society Gulburga), where MP mallikarjuna is in governing body of KPE.

2.There was no nursing school there, this is an brand new building constructed and If you observe,still some work is going on.Nursing school or college is there next to SBI yelahanka new town branch

3.KPE opened its school, in yelahanka , with the help of NPS.(Under the guidance of K.P.Gopalakrishna as it was going to be KPE's first CBSE school).And named it Nalanda NPS.They Did giving application for admissions from Jan 03rd in the name of Nalanda NPS. and Rs 300/- for registration was collected in favour of Nalanda-NPS.

4.Latter some where in mid Jan 13, NPS took over fully from Nalanda and they renamed it as NPS.


Sudpav 2013-02-27 09:23:46


@all/SK jha,

they have displayed list of students selected for class-1 to 5 on notice board today.. i am not sure, is the list of students who got selected after giving tests on 16th Feb13....


aaa12 2013-02-27 11:20:51


Checked with both Raj nagar and korm nps. Yeshvanthpur,yelahanka,banashankari r all franchisees.. They have only 4 branches Raj nagar,in nagar , korama and hsr.. and one in singapore. The rest all franchisees. So hope we  cannot expect same quality of nps.. :-( ...  ..



skjha 2013-02-27 11:53:08


Sudpav, till 26 result was published for 4th std. on 27th, as confirmed by you resut is published for 5th std. By today/tomorrow, it should be published for 6th and above.


skjha 2013-02-27 11:55:37


Dear aaa12, you may be right but there are many franchise schools where quality of education is equally good or better. It all depends on an individual's experience.


ManuY 2013-02-27 22:39:53


@ sudapv

You mentioned "Latter some where in mid Jan 13, NPS took over fully from Nalanda and they renamed it as NPS"

What do you mean by "fully"?

This is a WRONG statement!!! You are misguiding parents!!  

They are never taken over by NPS. They bcane NPS FRANCHISEE. Hope you understand the difference between "being taken over" and becoming a franchisee!!!


Sudpav 2013-02-28 07:23:12



Okay,there is nothing to guide anybody here ,its just a open forum to share our experiences and or views.

1.Had been to Nalanda NPS, when they had put banner outside the school campus stating admission are open(First week of JAN 13),Stating Nalanda-national public school, in association with National public school bangalore.

2.They mentioned in the office its being setup by KPE society with the help of NPS,bangalore, I took application from there website:www.nalanda-nps.comand applied for LKG.(application was very similar present one,, only the heading was having additional NALANDA and transportation column,there it was mentioned if one does not get call by 31st Jan 2013, then there is no seats.

3.They were also giving fee receipt in the name name of Nalanda-NPS .they also gave one prospectus when application was submitted.which was having expalnation about KPE and NPS.

4. Happened to observe,some where around mid Jan 13, they were removing the name of nalanda-nps in the building.(don't remember exact date,as I pass-thru that road almost all the working days).and when i enquired in the office about happening as i had applied,they mentioned Now its taken over by NPS, and all the applications submitted during Nalanda-nps being considered and sent to NPS.(initially they had mentioned it in their website.)

5.'am also trying to find actual happening, that's the reason I shared my experience here.

6.May be they have given FRANCHISEE to KPE(as they may be unable to attract studnets under thier name!!!),  unable to find in KPE's website or any other means. is confusing as mentioned by you and others that other branches in RNR,KORA,INR And HSR are is saying Franchisee... where as in NPS yelahanka saying its branch....




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