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tsonus 2013-03-01 19:26:46


Hi all..

visited NPS-rnr and enquired about branch/frnc NPSypr. the lady in the office confirmed that they are just helping NPS rnr but their Chairman KCG is one of the directors for ypr also. That means the land/building is owned by some other partners and all standard procedures/curriculum/values will be as per core NPS RNR. Has anyone observed how many list of students are alerady taken out for each class though there are limited seats. this indicates many are not opting for taking admission right now or seeking extension.

@m27: the lady wo conducts interview is is principal of ypr div Ms. Alka gupta.

@sunilgct :, Bfr paying fee pls. ask them clearly about branch and if not confirmed, you  may put a condition to take refund of the entire amount if it is found not a branch in future.



sailk 2013-03-02 16:37:27



i have been following the many threads regarding the admission to the nps and its cronies. this is seemigly getting more and more ambiguous. with the deadlines for fee payment very near and the other branches not announcing their lists. i wonder why the concerned person does not bother to even issue some kind of definitive answer to thses costly Qs that we as parents have. i say costly Qs bcos we finally have to decide to shell out a lac and odd and whether it is for a school that we can be confident about, nobody is telling us that. wherever we enquire abt these schools, its a dead end regarding whos running it /incharge etc. and you think you can expect a refund of some money atleast? unlikely. either you wait for another year and undergo this same pain of aplpying-waiting-confusion.

But finally, the parents who have their mar 5 deadline, are you ready with the dd?


sailk 2013-03-02 16:41:33


@ tsonus

will putting a condition help at all?? they are quite confident with their take it or leave it funda. and looks like you did meet the principal or you have had some interaction. but did you go ahead with the admission..? yes, they have announced quite a few lists.



sunilgct 2013-03-06 21:38:55


 All , 

I have paid the DD on March 5th. I checked with the school , they told me that When they initially started the admission NOC was not received , so they started collecting the DD in Purnaa trust name . Now that they have already got the NOC , they didnt want to have half payment in Purnaa and half in NPS, so starting next year it would ne in the name of NPS atleast thats what  i was told 

.Secondly the school is new , facilitiles shoudl be good and what she also told me was this is indeed under Mr GopalKrishna . I checked the poster/form they put in front of the school , it is indeed NPS as the Name and Logo are the same and it also mention Mr GopalKrishnaa as chairman. 

As far as class strength is concerned it is 30 students per class and two section each from II to VIII and for KG and I grade it is 3 section with 30 students. 

SAILK : have you paid the DD?  



m27 2013-03-07 11:22:13


 @ sunilgct 

for which std u hav paid fees. my daughter  will go in std 1.and i hav already paid the fees. 98k


tsonus 2013-03-07 17:55:45



yes you are right. still they have this attitude.  I had interaction with the principal and though I had many questions but didnt get satisfactory answers  to few of  them. When I refered nps-rnr about its reputation and academic excellence/achievements/values,  she was little uncomfortable and I was not convinced the way she replied to those queries if it is  the same group/branch of rnr  whether under chairmanship of KPG/about experienced teachers etc.She herself admitted many are not joining may be due to very high fee structure. I had Not yet decided for admission and asked for more time. Hope to get positive developments within next few days.

all the best to all who had already taken admissions.


bamu 2013-03-07 21:42:35


I want to know if still vacacies are there for grade 1 at NPS ypr ,


Lavijay 2013-03-08 09:31:54



Anyone applied for Kumarans-Mallasandra for class-I. Please share



rajraghuram 2013-03-15 00:05:11


Hi All,

We had been to NPS Ypr 0n 12-mar-2013, and I was surprised to see their Colonial Rude Attitude even to this day - I called their contact mobile no. 94489 11122 and their landline: 23571220/23571221,  they were not willing to talk itself; each asking to call other no, Then the Receptionist Lady (she says she is teacher there) was impolite and was under impression that whoever goes to NPS is desperate to get their children admitted there and will bear any rude way meted out to get seat. She was not courteous, did not offer a seat, nor answered queries - Kept asking us to see the website - if we had all info on web why would we go there.

When asked about fees, she said we will be told on interview day, when i mentioned all schools giving info on their website/readily available at school, she just repeated we give on interview day - Why should they hide it - looks like discrimination attitude (maybe they guage our capacity or social/financial standing before disclosing). Also they might want to just have high-strata kids only. Actually school is where kids learn good behaviour of mixing with children of other caste, creed, rich, poor, without discrimination, whereas this kind of school teach our kids to discriminate others. We felt if this is the culture of the teacher/school then it will be like sending our kids to Parappana Agrahara Detention Centre/Jail. Even when we were kids we used to hear about their stiffling kind of attitude.

I feel we parents should look beyond NPS kind of Schools who feel their school is doing a great favour to parents/students and there are no schools of their calibre. This may be true some 20-30 years ago when there were hardly 3-4 good schools. NPS behaves as if EVERYONE who study in their school have/will become Presidents, PMs, CMs. IAS, IPS, TATAs, Bill Gates etc., They too are just like any other school where students have gone to become different players of this society. Not every school is 100% to our satisfaction, but NPS gets the cream in snobby & rude cultured school.

Don't trust schools who are not transparent in important things like facilities, Fees etc.,

Now we have lots of schools where our kids can enjoy learning and playing. Go out explore and let our kids enjoy and study.




rajraghuram 2013-03-15 00:25:11


 HI All,

I forgot to answer one of your queries ... After coming out of the reception I asked one person I saw on their premises about the probable positive response to their admissions...that person said they have not got many admissions yet. Don't know how reliable is the info, but still we get impression that may be reason for them not being transparent about giving important details like fees, staff details, facilities etc, fearing it may dissuade people from admitting their kids. Also when almost all schools (including very good schools) give choice of fees payment in instalments, NPS is rushing you to PAY FULL Fees in one payment. This way people without knowing may feel seats are getting filled up and end up paying, so don't rush without getting answers to your satisfaction.

I have decided not to admit my kid (for LKG) in this school. But for those who want to admit their Kid(s), you have every right to question them and get answer for your queries before admitting. If they still hide info, then their integrity and committment is questionable.


buddyparenting 2013-04-15 10:23:38


hi all


buddyparenting 2013-04-15 11:30:02


Hi All,

Read through lot of feedbacks/comments/concerns on this blog page on NPS YPR, few answers for those concerns if you don’t have it already and also few concerns i have.


School is basically owned by a Doctor/Surgeon in Manipal Hospital.

He setup this school in association with NPS chairman.

All NPS schools (with the feedback i know from) follow the same methodologies and standards

This school is running under guidance of NPS chairman for now, slowly they will disintegrate/disown operations I guess.

Why did I choose this school –

My kid’s Current school doesn’t have well qualified teachers

Her classmates are mostly from a mixed back ground – not even 5% of kids parents are from same back ground as we are (does it matter ?? I don’t know, not ready to take chance, I would surely be concerned on who her friends are).

What is good here –

They will have qualified teachers, hence quality education.

Highly academic oriented.

High discipline.

Doesn’t budge for money/influence (very rare), they only choose kids with good parental background (you know whom your kid is growing with).

What is not good ??

Attitude of principal/staff – I hate arrogance and rude attitude among teachers (we still need to see how teachers behave), we need to carefully watch what our kids learn from it, as first thing we all need from our kids is to be a good human being.

Expensive nature – you see this in everything, starting from admission fee to school dresses to school bus. Bus travel for 2km distance cost 24k a year (they only collect annual fee)

No focus on fun/extra-curricular activities, lot of pressure on kids to score more (I am not sure of this, I have only heard this from others NPS parents so far)

Request to NPS board ---

I don’t mind spending money, as long as my kid is happy learning and come out of school as good and well cultured human being, please dont pressurize kids (I like my kid to enjoy her school days , I would like my kid to say “I LOVE MY SCHOOL” we all know and understand every kid is different and they will have their own strengths/capabilities and all of them will not end up as scientist, So 100% marks is not criteria anymore.  


sumsu 2013-04-27 13:12:29


Hi Friends,

We have got admission for our children in NPS YPR>

Wanted to know the school timings and whether it is working day on Saturday.

As per my knowledge NPS YPR school timings is 8:15am to 3:00pm (Except Kindergarden)

But whether is it from MON to FRI or MON to SAT.


Can anyone clarify my doubts?




tsonus 2013-05-04 11:35:14


Hi @sumsu!

In which class your child got admission ?

The school timings are 8:15am to 3:00pm (Mon to Friday ) 5 days week for Class I upto IVth. Other than any extra curricular activities/sports.

From Class Vth onwards Mon to Sat. (6 days week) and timings are same.

These details are clearly mentioned in the Almanac or NPS Calender.

I hope now it is clear.






sumsu 2013-05-06 12:48:25


Thank u very much.

Now I am clear with it.


buddyparenting 2013-08-04 16:43:00


Hi All,


Its been a while since i visited this site , although not many people have put in their views but lot of them have been watching/reading the blogs

Before i admitted my kid i had my own opinion on this school , which were basically based on the feebback i heard from fellow parents and outsider.

my thinking have changed a bit in last few weeks

Its been 2 months since my kid is going to the school , i see her enjoying school , there is no high academic pressure, there are few extracurricular activity, she talks positively of her teacher, her school , her academics and the crowd is good!

I still see attitude issues with clerk in the school and there is some amount of non-polite behavior in some staff.

Anyways, as long as its not everywhere in the school and if my kid doesn’t pick those I am happy.

Will keep you all posted again with more feedback

thank you,



DattaS 2013-09-18 16:46:17


Quarterly Feedback on NPS YPR:

It's been nearly a quarter since the school started. My little Pradyumna is in his first year of Montessori at nps-ypr. It's been a quite a while since I blogged on this site, and thought of sharing my feedback. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the way the school has progressed and the way things are settling down. 

The Good's:

  1. Praddy enjoys going to school.                                                                                          
  2. I have had a few interactions with the Principal, and she seems to be very approachable person and not bull headed as perceived by others. Yes she is a little strict and up to the point, but she is a nice lady. She spends lot of time with the children. I really haven't had an instance where I could feel the nps-ypr staff are arrogant. Right from the day I started my admissions to till date I have had pleasant interactions. I beleive the way we approach reflects back many a times.  
  3. All the infrastructure was completed right on time before the school commenced. as promised by the principal. It now looks spic-and-span. Nice big campus.                                                                                        
  4. Their Montessori method is pretty good and we/parents were given a short orientation programme on that. They even conducted a parent's meet couple of weeks back to address the concerns of the parents on this methodology. We were shown photographs and videos of all the activities done in the class. Apart from their academic learing, Lot of daily activities like laying the carpet, folding, arranging flowers, learning to walk in the corridors in a discplined way, interacting with their teachers and friends, being independant are taught. NPS also stresses a lot on discipline not for the sake of it but they also explain the need and the result of it. In the two parents orientation meetings that we have had, they also conveyed what has been done by the school and what parents need to do at home to complement the schools effort. I get a feeling that their Montessori cordinator is quite capable and knowledgeable. Parents will also be given an oppurtunity to come and watch their kids in the class room.                                           
  5. My son never really has complained anything at all about his school. He enjoys sharing the activity done in his class at home... so I am am assuming that he enjoys the company of his teachers as well. I receive periodic circulars about assesment and other activities in the school. They make use of every possible occasion to celebrate religious and national festivities. It was so nice to the pictures of little ones dressed as Radha's and Krishna's for the Krishna Janmashtami. For Onam, we were asked to send flowers so that children could use it for decoration. Sad that we missed sending it.                                                                
  6. If he is absent to school for two continous days, I immedeatley get a call the 2nd day itself enquiring his absence. If the reason is medical,  a doctor certificate is mandotory. This really shows that they are concerned about other kids as well. Everything goes recorded in his school almanac/diary.                                            
  7. I also saw a few pictures of Dr Gopalakrishana and his wife (Santhamma Gopalkrishna, Dean, National Public Schools and Senior Principal of NPS Rajainagar) sharing the platform with the principal and addressing the students at nps-ypr. This to me suggests that  both contribute to the functioning of nps-ypr. Do not kill me if I have caught it wrong.                                                                  
  8. The school already showed interested in their students appearing for National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Exam (for Classess II- VIII)   

The Bads:

  1. Nothing significant I could think of. It has started off in the right way. The schools had its share of glitches when it started, but it now looks like they are settling well. For ex : There was absolute commotion and chaos on the opening day. My kid takes the school bus, and one day the bus staff din't bother to pick him back from school. We were really tensed that day, and finally the bus went back to the school for a 2nd trip to pick him. Because of that experience my father used to go to the school for the next one week and ensured my kid was picked up by the school bus and followed it all the way back home. Now the routes, pick up and drop points are streamlined. Atleast for my route, I always see a male helper and a female attendant along with the driver in the school bus to take care of the little one's. I am assuming it's the same in all the routes. By the way the transport is handled by a private player SAM travels, and the school is no way concerned with it. The buses drop and pick kids outside the school campus near the gate exposing them to the road traffic.                                                                                              
  2. In the parents meeting, there is not time set aside for questionares. You get to hear from the school but there is not time for parent's to ask questions in the forum.                                                                                                                         
  3. I really do not know the infrastructure that has been put up for indoor sports. For outdoors atleast, I see an empty play ground and not sure if they are really intersted in putting up a basket-ball badminton  courts, a skating rink, a tennis court etc. The school infrastructure was not complete when the admissions were going on. So after the school commenced I don't think parents were given an oppurtunity to go around the campus.                                                                  
  4. Finally I think every parent has an endless list of improvements and suggestions. The schools can do better at its parents engagement. I am sure there are lot of parents with rich and diverse back grounds who can provide vital feedback.   

I truly feel that the school has started off well and is on the right track. They have their fundamentals right - be it the management, faculty or the infrastructure.  It has a long way to go and I hope they will sustain their efforts in making nps-ypr as good a school as any other NPS branches.    



 Former member 2013-09-18 20:40:20


I am looking for UKG admissions in NPS YPR for next year.

Can any one share when the application will be distributed for 2014-15 admissions?


sonam7 2014-03-13 20:59:47


hai... tsonus
thanks for u r sharing truley openion...we r planing to join our son lkg in brigade school please give me a suggestion

HemaRam 2014-05-28 19:20:54


Hello Mr Datta,
Just wanted to find out since ur child had admission last year in mont-1, the literal difference between MONT-1 and MONT-2 ?
I have taken my child admission in montessnari, Is it that montesanari children has to study 2-years in it i.e. mont-1 and then mont-2 before going to kg classes? Because no school makes child to study for 2 years in montessanari so i m little confused about it.

Your early reply will be appreciable.

My email id is  :

Thanks in advance.



parichay 2014-05-29 10:58:16


All new NPS ( yaswantpur, yehlanka, kangeri etc.)are franchise, so only curriculum remains same. Implementation is totally upto them.
Apart from them I have seen even main NPS branches also have some difference, old established one for sure have better teachers

Vib01 2014-12-11 20:12:45


Hi,My son has been shortlisted to attend Interview for admission in LKG.Would like to know what are the questions  asked to the kid during the interview .Can someone pls share their experience of admission process at NPS Yeshwantpur?

HemaRam 2014-12-11 21:54:22


Hi,someone will be better whose child had taken admission in LKG. As far as our experience, we took our son admission in MONTESSORI(Mont-1) last year, we just had a formal meeting with the principal as mont-1 was not having any written test. She asked talked nicely with my kid and asked few animals names by showing him the pictures in the date calender kept on her table. Then there we were asked to speak to account for other details like fees etc.

Good wishes


Vib01 2014-12-13 16:13:46


Hi Hema Ram..Thanks for the feedback.

Interview of my Son is over.Have to wait for results now.I heard  that they shortlist Kids basis Parents Income??Is that right??


HemaRam 2014-12-13 17:47:09


no idea on their selection criteria. did they tell u about fees etc?how much fees?

Vib01 2014-12-18 07:41:50


Hi..list of selected students is out and my son's name is there.
They asked me to pay the fees Of 127750/- by 24th of Dec'14 which is quite high.
I've been asked to make the DD in favor of I5 Academy!! which indicates to me its a franchisee of NPS.
however I was very convinced  with the infrastructure of the school.
Request  feedback about this school from the parents.


crajendr 2014-12-23 13:03:41


Could someone please assist can we apply the LKG admission now because i see the name already shortlisted but we can apply till jan 08 2016

  • Last date to submit the registration form is Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vib01 2014-12-23 16:15:53


Hi   crajendr..

As of now all seats  are filled. But you can still apply as in case the selected students don't take admission,they will give chance to other students.



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