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Madrasi 2010-01-01 01:55:05


Can anyone suggest good day care centers in North Bangalore in and around Yelahanka. I came across some such as Kidzee, not sure if its good. Also I read about Mystique Montessori. Any information / feedback is greatly appreciated.



VA 2010-01-04 19:41:51


Hi Madrasi

You should check out Gaia Preschool and Day care center.My daughter went there for 3 years.You can choose from 3 different time slots.The palce is clean.They provide the morning and evening snack.the most interesting aspect about the palce is the way they do their i would strongly recommend this place


poonamds 2013-02-20 16:08:24


 Hi Madrasi,


You could try Maple Bear preschool and daycare ,they have very good facilities and their daycare is very good...Maple Bear method of teaching is excellent..It is more than montessori


srikantganesh76 2013-02-20 16:17:05


 Hi Madrasi,


I am in a similar situation as yours. I am listing some of the names which people around yelahanka recommended and I visited as well:

1. Eurokids - facilities were ok but curriculum was not that great

2. Mystique - it is montessori method and I had my apprehensions about that method

3. Kidzee - below average and very congested

4. MapleBear - best of all the four. The only low was they have started this year but I heard they have been around in South Bangalore for many years now.

Probably I am biased because I always wanted my son to go for a International school. But I went through the syllabus and found it way better than traditional methods. 

I liked the curriculum, facilites and teaching methodologies very much. I will be enrolling my son from June at Maple Bear.

All the best. Hope this helps.



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