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AnandKV 2013-01-27 23:06:39


Is there any member who send their kid(s) to Mount Litera Zee School Haralur road HSR Extension Bangalore ?. Can you please share your experience on what to expect from this school ?. Their brochure promises a lot of things. Not sure if it is on par with rest of Zee Chain schools in terms of  faculty, facilities and the infrastructure.

We are planning for 2012-13 LKG Admission for our son.

JDM 2013-01-28 13:08:33


 There are absolutely no reviews on any of the zee schools... i think zee learn is very efficient in filtering the reviews... how can there not be one single review of the school... it cant all be good or all bad... i am also very confused on zee school... need to decide if we want to go ahead with zee, haralur or not  for 2012-13.. i attended the torch of light program but it was very superficial... zee haralur branch had no idea as to what was going on inside the bus... and the people conducting the torch of light program were people who didnt know anything more than what ppt they had learnt by-heart!! none of the questions were answered directly and efficiently... and for sure, haralur branch does not have the facility to the extent shown in torch of light... its been very confusing to choose the right school... pls share if you have any feedback on this school... it will help... 


NN31 2013-03-08 12:05:47


I send my kid to LKG there.

Last year, in the last minute I have tried Zee school in March 2012 for Academic year 2012-2013.  They have asked me to pay  the donation+Fees.  I clearly stated I have no interest in paying donation, they have reduced the donation fee and contacted me again.  I had again rejected their offer and said, I can take admission only if there is no donation.  Finally they had offered the seat without any donation.

Teachers are ok for the LKG.  But my kid learned lot of Malayali accent (Speaking english in a way some Malayali's speak, nothing derogatary about any Keralites, I have lot of good close friends from there), apart from that I found teachers are very cordial and speak to you very nicely.  Staff are always very cordial and very nice.

But somehow, my kid refuses to go school.  When I ask my kid, she says she does not like the teacher.  But I do not know beyond this, probably, there is a pressure to learn in the class.(my guess).  She learned writing very well, Learned numbers upto 100+ and new rhymes, no problem from academic point of view as of now.

The School kit provided is of very poor quality, despite they charged approx. 5000 for the kit.  The bag zip was not working when I have received the kit, they said they will replace it, but they never did.

Facilities and class rooms are decent comparable to good schools across. They have play ground, but the ground is very rough till today and my kid do get injured once in a while.  They have cricket practicing nets, I think four nets, some are cemented (which is improper) some are made with red soil.  They school has also tied up with KYCA, so that is + point.  Extra curricular activities out door are ok.

the approach to the school till date is a problem (big problem).  From 27th Main, Sector-I, HSR, you can go straight to the school, except for1-left and 1-right.  Seems like road laying started, if that is so, it will be little bit better to reach to the school.  There are other routes to reach the school from Sarjapur road.

This year onwards they informed the parents that they will increase fee 10% per annum every year.  Many parents are protesting abou this, let us see what happens.

For LKG/UKG it is ok there, after that I need to see how it is going forward.


monajain 2013-07-21 16:37:08


Hi NN31,

Can you let me knot the fees of Zeeschool. 


chapvinny 2013-10-29 00:18:55


Hi Friends,

Visitied few schoosl
1>Any inputs for Mount litera Zee School- in haralur road, Today i been there  for my kids 1st Admission. it is CBSE. Fee structure as followed
71K( Tuition Fee) + 20K(Admission fee first year) + 30K (Refundable once you opt out from school)+500 form...

For Kidzee kids they have some offers as my kid is not from Kidzee so not inquired. anyone have any feedback please do share, 

2> VIBGYOR- Haralur road.....ICSE so not looked much but AC rooms, expensive. 

Also why all shcools at Sarjapur costing minimum 1lk +, are they teaching rocket science to kids, do we have really some decent options in aspect of education and fee.

vhars 2013-10-29 07:37:16


we will be relocating to bgl next yr. so we are looking for schools @ sarjapur road and currently planning to visit Harvest on thursday. Also have plans to visit few more schools. i have been hearing good about Harvest but will need to check personally.

AnandKV 2013-11-17 23:55:47


My Son is in LKG.. Its a good school, nothing extra-ordinary .... Infrastructure is still under construction. Facilities wise ok. They have a playground of reasonable size - always filled with students engaged in various sports / games. Premises / rest rooms are kept clean.. Staff/Teachers are very courteous / helpful. It may take another year for me to judge the skill development. So far, meeting basic expectations.. He has picked up writing all the English Alphabets / Numbers till 100.. Reading words/sentences - just getting started. Spoken English - still in nascent stages, all broken.. Not much load on the kids.. Homework is only in the weekend - mostly tracing a letter / alphabet in two worksheets at most. Not many activities are given as Homework - they do quite a few in class though.

For his birthday, they delivered a cake at our home - a pleasant surprise. They have sessions to teach basic exercises - jumping/running etc. They also send a Health checkup report (guess once in a year) on the physical growth and other aspects (vision, dental, hearing of the students. He went to Fire Station as field trip, a visit to Lalbagh Garden is being planned.


chidap 2014-07-28 15:23:16


NN31 Thanks for the review can you please share your current opinion about the school.  My son is in DPS ecity, I am not happy about few things over there. I am planning to change my son zee 

Smw 2014-08-04 15:51:02


For those looking for a reasonable good school around Sarjapur Main Road area, you can try Notre Dame Academy. My daughter goes to Nursery in Notre Dame Academy, Choodasandra. It is around 5 km from Sarjapur Main Road Firestation. It is a good school, run by Sisters Of Notre Dame. Infrastructure is good, and nothing too fancy (which is what we were looking for). Fees were also reasonable compared to other schools around Sarjapur.

Sree24 2014-08-10 11:16:19


Hi all, I am new to this blog..I want to take admission for my daughter who will be 1st grade next year in zee school, haralur.Can anyone pls let me know reviews on that school.

cvavna 2014-10-13 12:25:56


Hi AnandKV
Can you please share the fee structure for grade 1  for Mount Litera Zee School.

Sree24 2014-10-13 16:32:35


Hi cvavna,

Fee structure is as follows:

Registration fees:Rs,30000/- , Tution fees:Rs 66000/- , Application form: Rs 500/- ,Books : Rs 5000/-, School bus fees: depends on the distance, Separate charges for Uniform,shoes (can be bought directly from vendor).


mahalekshmi 2014-10-15 13:30:09


Hi Sree,

Can you share the reviews of Mount Litera Zee school.


AnandKV 2014-10-27 10:10:46


Hi All,

This school doesn't have CBSE affiliation - though they claim the same in their website. They do have good infrastructure in place. I am not sure why they were not able to get the affiliation even after 4 years of running the school.  Parents who are planning to approach the school admission should enquire on the same.  This will wake up the management and force them to follow up on the same. 
I stand by my earlier review. Its a good school for LKG/UKG with very less load on the students.  They need to be at School for only 3 hours per day.  Of late, the Parent Teachers Association is becoming more active. 


RRaj 2015-06-10 14:03:59


Anyone has any update on the CBSE affiliation for the Mount Litera Zee School Haralur road HSR Extension?


sk81 2015-06-16 15:00:42


Hi, Im interested in knowing reviews on mount litera in HSR layout.. considering it for my daughter for 1st Std..
The Principal seems to have a good head on her shoulders and an openness to new things... how do the kids feel?

AnandKV 2015-06-16 23:15:32


The School has got the CBSE Affiliation now.

As per the school circular CBSE Affliation code is effective from 01-04-2014 and code is 830568. This code can be entered in search field to get details of the Affliation (Provisional).


AnandKV 2015-06-16 23:21:31


@ SK81

My son has been going to this school since LKG. Now he is in Grade-I.
I would recommend the school as my personal experience has been good. Please note that expectation vary from parent to parent.
Please let me know if you have specific Questions.

aarth1 2015-07-13 15:24:16


Hi Anand,
We'll be moving to Bangalore (HSR lyt)this August and am trying to find a suitable school for my son . He is 6 years old and should be joining in Class I.
 If it is not too much trouble , can you please tell me
1.what you think about the school - the best and worst?
2.Are bus facilities available? Is it good and safe?
3. What is the general  class strength ie student to teacher ratio ?
4. Would you say the teachers and support staff are friendly and approachable?
5. How often are tests/exams conducted? Some zee schools mention no fixed exams, just continuous assessment.
6. Can you provide the fees structure, including 1 time refundable/non refundable deposits?

Thank you !

AnandKV 2015-07-14 10:36:02



1.what you think about the school - the best and worst?
   Please refer to my earlier comments in this forum. 
   Reasonably good school with basic infrastructure. Less load on the kids. 
   Principal and teachers are courteous and helpful.

2.Are bus facilities available? Is it good and safe?
  Yes. I never explored it as I stay very close to school.

3. What is the general  class strength ie student to teacher ratio ?
    Grade - I onwards : 30. 1 Class Teacher, 1 Assistant Teacher. Different teachers for English, Hindi and extra curriculars.

4. Would you say the teachers and support staff are friendly and approachable?
    Yes. They are.

5. How often are tests/exams conducted? Some zee schools mention no fixed exams, just continuous assessment.
    No scheduled exams till 5th Grade. Only continuous assessment.

6. Can you provide the fees structure, including 1 time refundable/non refundable deposits?
    Better approach the School for the same. For grade-I, its 70k per year. Uniforms, transport extra. 
    If you wish, I can refer you to the school.  Please drop me a mail at


aarth1 2015-07-14 15:11:42


Thankyou for all the info @AnandKV

AnandKV 2015-07-19 18:16:18


@ Swami9, 
just typing few random comments doesn't help anyone.  Can you please share exact details ?.
Which branch of MLZS are you referring to ?. Contrary to your comments, I haven't seen any change in Principal in the last 3 years in MLZS, South - HSR Extension, Kudlu Road. Whats your relationship with the school administration ?. Is your kid going to this school ?.


nlkar 2015-10-14 15:50:25


I m new to b lore...I have visited the school..I have a doubt whether all de schools in blore ask us to pay de whole fees ie., for the entire academic yr in we have to pay admission fee n first term fee by cash, n 2nd n 3rd term fee in form of post dated cheques. In mount litera dey r askin lik tat..can anyone clarify me whether all schools in b lore r like tat

Jegatheesan 2015-10-16 21:53:19



I am also planning to send my kid to MLZS.
Admission fees - 30K and Application fees - 500 onetime to be paid while registering.
62K as tuition fees where 15K to be paid at the time of joining and the rest in three installments.

I have few questions

1) Can I transfer my kid other MLZS easily within Bangalore and out of Bangalore?
2) How is the new school in electronic city? Kudlu gate has a small ground
3) what is this KYCA tie up ? any benefits to students?



nlkar 2015-10-17 08:36:06


Hi Mr jega, I don't have ansans for ur queries...but can u just Tel me abt de 67k which have to b paid in three instalments...I was told that we have to give tat too during admission itself in the form of post dated cheques....where u too told the same


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