Main stream schools Vs Alternate Schools

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VA 2009-12-29 11:57:46



Would like to know the good side and the flip side of sending kids to main stream traditional and alternate schools

Debleena 2010-01-04 11:49:39


Hi VA,

We had researched a lot of mainstream as well as alternate schools in Bangalore. Finally, we had narrowed down on a couple of schools and daughter has got admission in Prakriya school in Prep 1.

Having studied in conventional, mainstream schools ourselves, my husband and I felt that most of these schools still focus too much only on numerical and language ability and there is a lot of pressure to do well in exams.

In Prakriya, we felt, the focus is more on all round development and unstructured thinking ability tapping into the Multiple Intelligence Framework. We feel this will help our daughter get a broader perspective and then choose the right career for herself which may or may not necessarily deal with academics


smijacob 2010-01-05 21:40:01


Hi VA,

I also opted for Prakriya for my kid and she is studying there from past 3 years..You can check out my review below where i have clearly stated the difference between main stream and alternate education




Asmaan 2010-01-06 11:22:03


Hi smijacob,


I had applied for my kid in prakriya but we couldn't get through teh admission process...any clue what do they see...


smijacob 2010-01-06 11:53:14



When i joined my kid ,they were giving preference to kids staying nearby Sarjapur Road.Other decision criteria is based on observation of your child...No other hidden process was there..



hiradhu 2010-01-06 12:30:15


Even we were very keen on Prakriya for my daughter.

 :) I suppose they also consider the Parent - Teacher conversation before the child's observation. This is my guess..

We spoke to the coordinator for almost 30mins, told her how much effort we had put in knowing abt Prakriya and told her openly that we are very very interested in their school. We infact were the first parent to register way back in Aug and first to attend their presentation session. We asked her couple of our doubts. Thats it..

Next day-  My daughter loves Prakriya campus as many times we had taken her there so that she will be comfortable during observation. She also did well.. What I observed that day was the teachers were concentrating more on other kids but had very minimal interaction with my daughter... She was enjoying a lot playing on the sand pit. Even we did not 'showcase' her talents infront of the teachers.

Once they said my daughter is not selected I spoke to couple of them (coor and a teacher) met them personally to know the gap, they said "Management decision" .. I really dont know what that could be that too when a parent approach them showing lots of interest...




Debleena 2010-01-06 14:13:03


Can understand how you must feel Asmaan and Hiradhu. We were really focused on the school so if our kid had not been selected we would have also felt the same way.

Our understanding of the admission criteria is the same as mentioned by Smitha. In fact, her blog really helped us in our decision. The only additional thing one parent told us is that there were too many applications this year and the number of seats is very limited.

Hope you are able to get the right school for your respective kids.


Shrabonti 2010-01-07 16:13:59


Any suggestions on such schools in the Kamanahalli/Banaswadi area or thereabouts? My daughter will be 3 in a few days and is attending a playschool now, and we are very keen on exploring alternative methods of teaching.


smijacob 2010-01-07 20:05:02


Hi Hiradhu,

I can understand how you feel ...In my case everyone whom i met opposed of putting my kid in Prakriya..Still we went and talked to the school authorities and teachers..We had so many doubts and we got it cleared before the observation...We had to ask all our questions to teachers only as we couldn't meet any parent whose kid was in Prakriya..So i don't think parent -teacher conversation plays a role in admission process.

When i joined my kid in Prakriya ,it was not so famous as it is now..Also admission was not tough as there were very few opting for the school. Now as Debleena mentioned ,there are many applications and few seats..If you see Prakriya maintains a good teacher/Student they can't take all the kids in...

Also we can't say anything about admissions as its the management decision and its same in almost all schools..If you read mail chain about NPS admission ,its even more worse...See Cambride school ,they make sure that mother has got professional degree so that they are sure that mothers can help kids to study..but can we complain???NO

...when popularity increases ,surely management has to set some decision to take kids in ..or put them out.....We can question but we can't do much..only thing we can do is to put ourself into their shoes and think...And if you really need your kid to be put into Prakriya ,try next year too..You can always try your best...

 I hope this helps...


hiradhu 2010-01-07 22:05:50


 Hi smijacob, I 100% agree with what you say and we didnt argue when they said its management decision. But dont you think the right management will definitely consider parents who have come to them with lot of interests after gathering all info abt that school? But they conduct one hour of session to explain their fundas..

Infact we also had lots of doubts, I suspect that might have made them think 'OK this parent think too much' !!! 

I know 2 of my friends who had applied there just because we have and got the admission. They dont even know what that school is and how they teach...

Even in this forum, there is one parent after getting the admission call was looking for Prakriya's teaching methods!!   

Do you think its fair?!!!

Whatever happens is for good. 



smijacob 2010-01-08 07:42:16


I do agree with you and i really understand your feelings as i have been thorugh similar situations....but if you notice one thing ,in some cases ,we feel we are opt for the role ,but still we don't get that role and someone who is not suitable for that role gets through...was that we are not capable? was his time and might be his fate

..but after a while we get into a different role which is much better than the previous one..what do we think...hey that's good that we didn't get through the first don't might be that your kid has to get in some school better than Prakriya...

Most of our lives moves in this way move on and don't worry much about what has happened as we can't do much about what's lost...but surely can dream about a better future...Always think that Prakriya school lost a good student or a good parent than thinking something bad about your end...

Also one thing i learned is what i feel is right is wrong for i try to forget all bad experiences thinking this way..this helped me a lot..might be it will help you too.


Asmaan 2010-01-08 12:05:27


I was almost sure that my kid my will get admission in prakriya because my son solved all the jigsaw puzles tehy gave to him...but he simply refused to talk to any of the teachers. My son is very shy and doesn't talk to stragers easily.

But since the teachers have to observe so many kids they can not spend 4-5 hours on one kid.

I am not comapnining but only worried as to how will he get admission in good school with this nature. And I can not change his nature.

Hopefully, God will find him the best fit for him.........



mylittleworld 2013-03-27 13:42:23


 Have you tried Stiener school in Bangalore?


iamchetana 2013-11-17 19:00:12


steiner school, aurinko academy, creative and poorna seem to be doing well in alternative schools. They are small and hence are able to stick to their promises

Surya21 2013-11-28 12:22:59


please take care while taking decisions.
In the current situation in bangalore, parents have a lot of money and they dont want their kids to be stressed at all.
this mainly comes from people returning from overseas.
some schools have sprung up to address this and cash on the idea of not stressing children.
i dont say these schools are bad, but be careful.
CFL for example is ranked 8th in the country.
others like valley school etc are expensive but also top rated.
dont know about other schools.

the main problem is that there is a thin line between a child being stressed and a child being  pushed to reach next levels which he/she is capable but cant do due to "n" number of reasons.
i am very doubtful if many of these so called "alternative schools" leave children on their own.
if you realize at a later state and decide to move back to main stream schools, the child will suffer.
if you realize too late and decide at 10th or later to change to cope up with competetion and let the child take the various exams.

US, UK can afford to have lousy curriculum where kids in year-6 do not know to properly read/write.
they are rich and can feed their population even if they stay at home also.
we cant afford to do that because we are poor country and competition is very high.

stress comes mainly from parents.
the amount of care mums take to prepare children for each class test is absolutely making the sky fall on children.
we are too worried to fail and keep on making children mug up everything possible.

life without car, AC, washing machine, own house, big LCD TV is un-imaginable for us and we want to succeed at any cost.


sakthi6416 2014-01-23 11:09:03


Hi Chetana,

Can you PLEASE give me these schools website links? Also, We are living in Koramangala and do you know any schools near by this area for alternative method of schooling?

Thanks in advance.

sakthi6416 2014-01-23 11:32:50


@ Chetana,

I found steiner school, poorna learning centre and aurinko academy schools in google. Can you let me know about Creative school?


Bin123 2016-02-10 18:12:41


Hi Chetana,

I have a son, 8 yrs old. Been wondering abut his behavioral issues and consulted a psychiatric Dr. Akhila in Jayanagar. After the assessment they diagnoised him as having AHDH. But then I dont know how to go about the treatment for this and I ended up here and ready your post.

I read that you take sessions for Rs. 200 per session for these kind of kids. Do you still take these kind of sessions?
Please revert on 9886452635


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