Orchids International School, Jalahalli

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tsonus 2013-02-19 18:19:26


hi rameshauto@,

Thanks for ur quick and very useful information and sharing your views.. As mentioned by you, there is not much diff. in Fee structure. I think in NPS there is no donation component and total amt to be paid in lumpsum. Thanks once again for your valuable insights. I wl follow the links and get more info.


VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-19 22:59:43


Hello Samphi,

Nice to hear about Chrysalis High After all. Can you share some more info around their infrastructure, plans, Vision? I am in touch with them, and in the process of finalizing the school



rameshauto 2013-02-20 07:58:38


Hi tsonus

you misunderstood, NAVKIS had donation during the first year of admission only and consequtive years its around ~45k ....

I enquired with one parent in school studying VIII grade has paid 42K only.


VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-20 14:28:47


Hi Samphi,

Thank you!

I am looking for admission in Senior Kg this year and the next year my younger one will join Playgroup. I am interacting on email at the moment, but looking forward to visit the school soon.

In terms of Infrastructure as well the set-up looks neat. I agree there is no point thinking of the fees. Almost all schools are in the same range.

Wish you the best


tsonus 2013-02-20 16:14:50


yeah @rameshauto...  thanks.  ok I got it  30k donN  for onetime  only and other 45k+ every year. But in NPS I am not sure whether  5-10% increase every year will be  on total amt or on some part of 98k paid 1st year(admn fee).



rameshauto 2013-02-20 17:37:25


Hi tsonus

I checked in NPS and 10-15% hike every year in total amt. and they don't have account head "donation"



tsonus 2013-02-20 19:28:10


Hi!  rameshauto@.. I appreciate  your swift reply and important  info.  shall getback if need to check any other details.  Thanks one again.


preetivasanth 2013-02-21 11:48:55


hi Virgo couple,

i did look at NPS-YPR and chrysalis yelahanka.

NPS we dropped bcoz of their limited seats and severe academic focus. and the staff there were not ready to give us any information on who the principal was and how they were going about recruiting teachers, nor on when the infra will be ready. as someone said, NPS being NPS, they were less receptive.

Chrysalis was ok, but the distance was a major factor. and there were very few seats which got filled and i didnt want to take that risk.

Orchids on the other hand had much better response. many of my neighbours too have taken admission there, which gave me confidence. and their fee structure is less than 50% of the fee structure at chrysalis. i did like their concept of making the students future ready. they have aeromodelling, robotics being taught from primary level itself. and you would be surprised to see the kind of exercises they will make the kindergarten children do on tablets. every student gets to work on HCL tabs in their tab lab.  i think they figured out how to use technology to actually benefit children, which i didnt see in other schools.


ahu 2013-02-22 10:29:27


Hi Samphi

Good to know that you have selected Chrysalis High Yelahanka. I have enrolled my kid to Junior KG for coming academic year.

Same here...quite impressed with the entire setup, staff approach and their initiatives. That gave me an assurance that this would be the best choice for my kid.






Bopsejal 2013-02-22 17:21:24


Hi All,

please do not even go to Narayana E Techno School. As per my verification, this school is more on hype than reality. Even my sister visited one of their branch and it was just a basic building in commercial area with no facilities for external activities.

The branch in Vidyaranyapura that they have advertised, i have been to visit this location twice. For the first time, I couldnt even locate nor any of the neighbours in the said address new about this upcoming school. 2nd time, I made several rounds and finally got hold of the spot!!!! to my surprise, there was no building at all!!! this happened in the month of December, beg January 2013. I immediately called the guy who I had spoken to earlier and he said "the building will be ready in next months and classes with be started from June 1st 2013.

Can anybody imagine this..!!! As per their advertisement, it is supposed to be a 4 story building with ground etc... how the hell is it going to be completed in 3 months!!!

so guys...beware!!


regarding Orchid, I have got the info that around 400 students have taken the admission for various classes that they are offering..probably from prekg - 4th. Pretty good response!

I have taken admission for my daughter for class 1 and hopefully with their good setup in hyderabad, this should be a SUCCESS!!

good luck to all parents !





VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-23 00:37:18


Hi All,

I really like this thread! It is very constructive, open and informative. I hope all our background work, helps our kids in the future.

Having said that, lets continue with the information collection and sharing. Appreciate your support




kroopa 2013-03-19 21:53:42



any one help me reg orchid internation school jalhalli,i wanted to admit my kid who is entering 4 std. right now he is in venkat international school .though this school is good one , only problem with this school is number of student ina section .now almost 45 student in a section. pl i advise me which is better venkat or orchid



chhakri 2013-03-22 08:55:09


hi roopa,

orchids has mentioned that they would take max 25 students in kg and 30 in primary grades. i think they may go to 34-35, but defnitely not 45.

when we met the principal, she stressed a lot on the class strength and individual attention to the students. and they said they would have multiple sections, as they already have classrooms ready.

i suggest you should look at orchids as an option, compared to venkat. there are lot of parents who i met took the admission in orchids, and everybody has only good to talk about the school.

i understand orchids is starting a summer camp. does anybody have more details?


kroopa 2013-03-22 13:04:23


hi shiva,

thanks for advice, we also visited school , my kid is impressed by smart class room.if they restrict class strength, it is really good.


Raff 2013-03-25 14:35:30


Hi everyone,

This thread is really informative. I visited Orchids and found to be very promising. I am planning to Join my son in Jr KG. I have investigated about this school and this is a Hyderabad based school and has a very big base there.

The campus and the classrooms are good and the kind of attention they gave me is also good.

We have to further check these points before joining (for 2-5 years of age) :

1. SMS alearts (for attendence)

2. Online monitering of our kids ( for age group 2-4 years)

3. The food they provide and

4. First aid and medical facility for children

It is very hygenic and exactly what I was looking for.

Please let me know if this kind of facilities are being offered in any of the schools.





shrey3 2013-03-26 14:43:27



anybdy hav idea about kmv redhills,chikkabanavara near chimmney hills...infrastructure s gud...no idea abt academics


Ashublr20 2013-04-05 20:44:02


Hi All,

I too hv  enrolled my KID into Orchid International for Nursery...I liked the serene environment and the infrastructure. had a good discussion with school principal as well.

They are planning to have an interaction session with the kid. Let me know incase you need any info. abt this school.. the admissions for Nursery and LKG are abt to close

Hope to meet you all at the school campus during opening day...




jojooo 2013-06-04 17:19:20



 i  have also enrolled my son in Orchid International for sr .kg... I stays in RNS shantinivas yashwantpur..wanted to know about bus facility nd if anybody from the same society..


dash18 2013-06-12 10:28:26



Everyone I too have taken addmission for my kid, As of now everything look very good but actual picture may be available after some time.

Intial Transport system was a big failiure. covering small distance takes 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Not all teachers are available even after a week from school openning. Still dress are not available.

Best Wishes.


Ravies 2013-06-13 09:58:39



Got uniform for my kid yesterday. It is quite funny, the size fits her mom. The quality of uniform is absolutely not good. The material is polyester and not good for Kids. The stitching quality is even more pathetic. I am sure the school authories did not have enough time to look into it for obvious reasons, but could have waited for some time and distributed a good quality uniform to Kids.

The time table seems not be in place as yet.

Hope to see improvement is standards soon as far it has not been satisfactory.

Best Wishes. 


chhakri 2013-06-13 16:48:30


Hi Ravies

We had a problem with the uniform too. but we got it exchanged today.


I visited the school after a long time and I see that the infrastructure has come up very good. much better than we imagined. They seem to be having some initial operational problems, but looks like they are sorting out issues one after the other. I started getting sms alerts, lady attendant started picking my child, cctv cameras installed....


Hoping for the best!!!!




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