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preetivasanth 2012-12-30 14:36:53



we took admission in this school recently for our child. are there any other parents who have taken admission in this school? let us share our views here.

chhakri 2013-01-02 07:48:52


we took the admission too.


Priyank123 2013-01-03 04:00:11


Hi Preethi,

Is this part of orchid group of school in pune. I could see from their website being part of Orchids international Hydrebad ( Not sure if the mangement is same  in bangalore).

Have they started recently?. How is the school campus and recognition.

Im from pune and would be relocating to Bangalore by comingJune..Would be interested to know more about this school. Im looking out  for my daughter for 1st grade.... around Jalhalli/Peenya

Do let me know




Bopsejal 2013-01-05 12:31:21


Hi all,

I have today taken the admission forms from this school for my daughter for class 1. Seeing the campus seems to be good and I have also heard about their background which is Hyderabad based. And you should be knowing the importance given to education in AP and TN which is the best..as far as I know like the Narayana E Techno school which is also Hyderabad based. I have visited the class rooms other activity areas etc and found interesting. One important point to be noted here is.. normally the news schools just have their buidlings/classes upto 4th or 5th and gradually they build year after year as the children graduate. But in case of Orchid, they have already built the building upto class 10 and have enough space/rooms to expand XI and XII which is very good. I have 2 options now..one is Navkis and Orchid and I am 90% considering Orchid..

Any members already made up their mind to join their child/ren..please update!!




Bopsejal 2013-01-05 15:30:54


Dear Manu2013

thanks for your view points-much appreciated. Well, I understood your views and I partially agree. I on the other hand think that a school where they only preech EDUCATION in their respective states like AP or TN, when such recognised schools make their way to Karnataka, especially Bangalore, I think their methodology would definitely change knowing the fact that the other reputed school opts in their curriculum like you mentioned about sports, politics, literature etc - my opinion.

coming back to business, however good the school may be or the teaching, everybody will have mixed opinion ..and this completely depends upon the students!!. Eg. if a child is not so good at studies, the parent will say the school is not good!! hope u agree with this.

regarding the Narayana E Techno school and chaitanya techno school, I have heard lot of bad and good things!! again also depending upon the parents interests. Anybody like me - a middle class Joining kids in bigger schools like DPS, Nagarjuna, Trio World school etc (even if monetarily capable) means more hi-fi, ego clashes etc between the children which will again be a burden to the parents.

Anyways, a child should get good education along with extra curriculars to shape up their future!!




Bopsejal 2013-01-07 12:46:36


any parents took the admission recently.. please update. thinking of taking the admission/booking along with my neighbour on Wednesday.


Bopsejal 2013-01-19 13:35:50



this school inauguration is on the 27th January 2013. Any parents who have taken the admission already!!


rameshauto 2013-01-30 12:56:56



My daughter already selected in NAVKIS and still we have not finalised .

Let me know the fee structure of oirchids please



rameshauto 2013-01-30 12:57:36


Hi Bopsejal

Let me know fee structure of orchids please

Is it CBSE ?


Bopsejal 2013-02-01 12:39:20


Hello Ramesh

My neighbour and myself have already taken admission to UKG and 1st std respectively. This school is affiliated to CBSE. The reviews of this school seems to be good. The admission fee is about 30K from 1st std onwards and 25K for the pre-nursery - UKG. The fees is 45K for the 1st std and van, uniform, books etc. We had gone for the inaugration of the school and as per their records already 30 students have taken admi to 1std!!

Overall i would say a good school. I am not just saying because i have taken admission!!

You have the option to learn "french" as 2nd language!


Good luck...any more info..please let me know..



rameshauto 2013-02-01 14:35:00



thanks for the info

How about ground & building in orchid ?

My daughter was selected for NAVKIS and do let me know any reason that you skipped NAVKIS. One more point is orchid is new one whereas NAVKIS is more than 10yrs old.





VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-04 01:02:02


Dear All,

Please also update the thread with facilities available in the school at Jalahalli?

I see they mention swimming pool etc, techmology enabled learning etc.



Bopsejal 2013-02-04 12:00:03



Well, Navkis is indeed a established  school. Even though I got a seat there, I just took a chance in Orchid as I thought this school will be a performer in couple of years. I have done some review of school in Hyderabad which is well recognised and also they have another school named "Gowthams" a state board school and it is present in almost all districts of AP.

In Bangalore, the campus is pretty good with a smaller playground with basket ball court, volley ball court, skating, swimming pool. As explained by the school administrator, all the class room are having E enabled digital /interactive boards apart from the regular black boards along with robotics lab, aero modelling lab etc. I agree that the play ground is not sufficient but they have a very good option for using the large HMT playground next to the school. below is the link for more details.





VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-05 02:15:33


 Thanks Bopsejal,

Appreciate your information. My viewpoint is also revolving around NEWER Is BETTER


Jack77 2013-02-06 16:29:02


 we visited the orchid school today and found them to be more courteous than new NPS school (yeswanthpur)  folks (daughter had a test there today!), now NPS being NPS this was expected.  At orchid school, i found the staff more approachable, infact we also met the principal.  All this since this is their first year.

Regarding the campus, they already have the buildings until the X std, since the place where this is situated was earlier a medical college, no structural developments were required and they have re-done the earlier strcutures.  From a facilities point of view they have a turf/mat basket ball/volleyball/play ground which is reasonable, though when the school is fully occupied it might get quite crowded and they wil have to manage by batches.  Swimming pool was under construction, found it to be small, just for marketing purposes.

we were told that they will have CBSE to start with and then get ICSE & IGCSE option available for parents to transfer their kids to other curriculums

They have good reviews for Hyderabad school, where they are based out of.  NPS i have heard is too much of academics and much pressure on the kids.  Orchids I feel is a worth the risk since  I belive the kids need to enjoy wherever they study and schools should enable such environment. I feel that would be available in Orchids.

All classrooms are digital video and video enabled learning for all classes and being an hyd based school, they apparently teach computers from Nursery onwards! :)

Best thing that i like here and my daughter would endorse is that they do not have an entrance test for admission!  NPS.. it was 90 minutes and then an interview another day! 

Though i have brought the forms for admission, i am yet to decide since family and friends are more for NPS (if we get it) else it would be orchids for us.  


bobsblr 2013-02-07 17:46:13



      Give priority to NPS or else go for narayana school in vidyaranyapura,as they have already got many branches in bangalore and 6 more branches coming in this academic year.Added advantage in this school is that the syllabus is included with competative exams portions with reasonable fees structures.





VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-09 17:44:33


Hello Babu,


Just checked narayan school website. Do they have a branch in Vidyaranyapura?

the website does not mention it




DU 2013-02-09 21:56:58


Hi ! I have taken admission for my kid for LKG .. We are from the centre of malleshwaram and wants to know any one from Malleshwaram took admission for Pre Primary classes..

We would like to intearct and see if we can share more information ..


bobsblr 2013-02-11 09:25:25



     www.narayana.com is the website of narayana techno school.The office is on the main road of vidyaranyapura,2 floor,above HDFC bank..You can contact AGM,Mr VIJAY KRISHNA.Contact no-8722202859.He will visit your place and answer your queries.You can use my name and he will help you.




preetivasanth 2013-02-13 03:16:42


Hi Virgocouple

i had visited narayana earlier before i finalised on orchids. they dont even have a proper building in place. the building under construction doest look like getting completed by june.

also, the people i interacted with, only stressed on entrance exam coaching and nothing else. they gave a CD along with the appln form, which talks only about their PU college. i was not at all convinced about their pre primary and primary education programmes.


VIRGOCOUPLE 2013-02-13 23:16:17


Hello Preetivasanth,

Thank you. Can you share your insights on Orchids? What did you like the most etc.

I am targetting Orchids, Chrysalis, NPS Yelahanka...


Thanks in Advance



bobsblr 2013-02-14 15:25:51


 Hi Preeti,

                  Have u got any information on narayana school.




tsonus 2013-02-16 11:30:30


Hi jack,  we visited nps ypr and my son cleared written test for admissino to 1st grade. I heard their fee is too high and  other expenses extra.  They are very strict with timings 8.15 sharp. Can you share fee structure 97k for 1st year and what about fee for subsequent years.  I am exploring other good schools around jalahalli/8th mile also. pls share your views. 


tsonus 2013-02-16 19:40:51


Have u decided to take admission in ORCHIDS or NPS.


rameshauto 2013-02-18 17:22:24


Hi Tsonus

Have you visited NAVKIS  ? Its one of MS Ramiah group

I am planning to join my daughter. Its nearby BEL circle



nanda207 2013-02-19 10:53:59


hi all,

I had been to orchids last week  they are very coperative and u will have lot of exposure for extracurricular activities for kids.after doing lot of home work for my kid school finally took admission in orchids for nursery.checked hyderabad blogs and fee structures they are well settled in hyderabad and the group which is running orchids (goutham group and k12 techno services )have more than 20 institutions in andhra.hyderabad parents have only one issue regarding their playground and now management shifted the school itself to newplace.fee structure is also affordable 25k for admission and 40 as tution fee to be paid in 4 to 5 instalments and transaport is extra uniform and stationery is 4800.

NPS yeh and yspr fee structure is slightly high compare to orchids(81k for nursery to be paid in 3 instalments and from next year onwords same 81k which may go up evry year from 5 to 10% excluding trasport stationery etc) ya i do agree NPS brand name is good.

i feel orchids management is striving hard to build their name in bangalore to cope up with hyderabad school.

all the best...


tsonus 2013-02-19 14:29:34


hi rameshauto,

Thank u verymuch  4 ur reply. I haven't visited Navkis. I heard positive feed back about this institution but distance wise this will be still  far from my place Tumkur road nr. Widia. However are they still taking admissions  to1st std bcz in thier website it was mentioned from 2nd to 9th std. Can you pls. share some other info like fee structure, timings and about teachers/staff and academic results etc. What would you suggest this school in comparison with NPS YPR.



tsonus 2013-02-19 14:55:00


Hi bobsblr,

Pls. suggest any other specific reason/ Plus points  for preferring NPS-YPR above others. As in NPS, the fee also very high 98k + ( 10% cumulative increase every year ) and this is being new branch (Core or franchise still not clear), Staff/teachers also will be new ,  more into academics/ less co/extra-curricular activities/sports etc.


rameshauto 2013-02-19 16:48:17


Hi tsonus

Its 12 yrs old and giving good results.

For KG, they are going to open a new chota campus (near by existing campus) from this june.


For Prekg- 85000(60k donation+25k fees) and currently , LKG/UKG-~42k.

(NPS fees is too high and also heard more academic pressure.)


As of Dec, they took admission for 3 sections(strength-30) and now due to request from parents regarding sibling, they started one more section. It seems admission is going on stil for PreKG and grade I. Kindly refer this link.





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