Any parent's whose child is joining St. Patrick's Academy, Bangalore?

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 Former member 2009-12-22 10:23:41



We have completed admission formalities for my daughter for Class 1, St. Patrick's Academy, Sarjapur. It is a new school which will be ready in June.

Are there any parents whose children have got admission there?


jmj 2009-12-25 17:30:54


Hi, we were considering to send our son to St Patrick's, trying to find more details......


rd 2010-06-29 16:18:33


Hi, my son is also going to St. Patricks' in UKG.

How r u finding the school?




ToJo 2010-07-11 23:48:23



Can you share your experience with the school? We are looking for admission for next year.



 Former member 2010-09-29 19:04:55



Sorry I havent been active on this website for a while. In terms of feedback about the school, well our lifestyle has changed since June 2010. My daughter's bus picks her up at 6;45AM from HSR to reach school at 8:30 PM. It actually takes only 20 mins by car. As a result, I have a tired kid, who is not very keen to study the piles of portions they cover.

We have mentioned this to the Principal that it is very sad that our kids have to take a long bus journey. But all he said is someone has to adjust. The school does not provide breakfast or lunch so all that needs to be packed before 6:45 AM.

But other than that, I think the school is good. Most parents (who live nearby) seem to be very happy. Since the syllabus is very heavy, the parents do have to sit with the child at home. So I would not recommend it if both parents work.

They also work half days on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, that's when they do extracurricular activities.

I am a bit stressed, so I have to either change her school, or move even closer to St. Patrick's


ToJo 2010-10-07 04:14:06



Thanks for sharing information. Most people usually don't come  back and share the information once they find what they wanted :-)

I like to share what I learned so far. It appears to be a school with great potential. They will start issuing the application forms for next academic year (2011~2012) starting from Oct 15th. There are few photos of the school posted here:

Also, there is a Google group for parents of Patrick students:

I was asked to pay about Rs 10,000 as fee along with the application forum. Don't have the details of the fees yet. I will find out within few days and post here.


Rubu 2010-10-07 11:26:46


thank you so much.. iw ould be following this



RAMK 2010-10-07 15:50:23


Hi all

My sons name is Ramkumar looking for his admission in this school for the next academic year for 3rd std currently in chennai. Please tell me abt the school and fees and details if u have any idea i had been searching for schools on the net for the past few weeks



ToJo 2010-10-08 00:15:41


I will find more details next week and share more information. We are returning to India from USA after being here for 11 years. I have been searching for some good schools for last 2 years and this is the one I short listed after lot of research.

I won't say this is a perfect school or this is the best school in Bangalore. If you want to throw a lot of money and want your child to attend a luxury school, there are many better options in Bangalore. I wanted a school with moderate fees, good infrastructure, dedicated management etc and this is the ideal one I found so far. There is no donation in the school and fees is moderate. This is a brand new school, so it will lack some infrastructure for few years, but I am ready to wait.

My kids will be going to 3rd grade and UKG.

If you are looking for admissions for next year, you need to hurry. As far as I know, the admission process ends this month.


ToJo 2010-10-08 00:17:42


 If you are looking for admissions, it is a good idea to join the St Patrick's parent discussion group:


Pratyu 2010-10-13 11:03:09



Can you please give details about academics, teachers, management and fee structure for this school?

I am looking for admission for my son in LKG. Please help in this regard.



ToJo 2010-10-24 19:18:51


 The total fees per year comes to about Rs 36,500 including book fees etc, but does not include transportation.


Pratyu 2010-11-08 10:36:21


Hi Tojo,

I took the application for St.Patrick's last week. Can you let me know whether we need to pay the fees when submitting the application form or they will call for an interview and then can we decide on joining?

Thanks & Regards,



Jesbeer 2010-11-09 19:21:14


Hi Tojo,

I am also looking for schools wherein the fees is moderate and education standards is reasonably acceptable. I am trying to find admission for my son into UKG(Sr. KG). Since you have done a good amount of research, can you please share me the details of such schools?




Chitras 2010-12-01 13:33:03


I am planning to put my kid in St. Patrick's in 2nd grade. Does anyone have any idea on the written test , criteria for selection. Also how is the school environment.

I am fed up of International schools where the fees is very high in the name of infrastructure and extra curricular activities. But no return.

Also wanted to know are there a mix of all class of people or is it upper middle / high class only/specific religion. (This is not to hurt anyone just to know the details).

how many students are there in a class.


Haran 2010-12-07 13:44:40


 I would like to know who asked you to pay Rs.10,000/along with your application? is it part of your fees or anything else? please clarify to the readers - the context in which you are asked to pay the above Rs.10,000/-


ToJo 2011-10-16 16:39:06


 We paid 50% of the total fees before the interview itself. I am pretty sure they would refund the fees if the kids does not qualify in the interview. This is applicable only for admission to higher classes. For Nursery and LKG, it is first come first served basis.


Roypj 2012-07-27 18:54:33


  Based on my association with SPA for 2 academic years, I want to appreciate & congratulate you on the imposing Campus & building of SPA Bangalore.

The appreciation stops there and SPA Bangalore needs a lot to be done to improve standards of education and overall quality. I have tried to rate your school on a scale of 1(low) to 10 (high) and I will leave it to you to decipher the same. 

1. Quality & content of Education imparted: 2
2. Qualification & Quality of teaching staff: 2
3. Ability of staff to effectively coach and impart education: 2
4. Student study aids and facilities: 7
5. Effective Usage of item 4 above for benefit of students: 2

6. Campus, Building: 9
7. Campus Cleanliness & Hygeine: 7
8. Student - Teacher ratio: 9
9. Transportation: 6
10. Principal's effective control over Education activities in SPA: 1
11. Principal's effective control over Administration in SPA: 6

Overall result: SPA is a shade better than a government run public school in terms of education. This also means that SPA is way way below other schools like Norbertine Academy, Narayana e-Techno school, Cmbridge Public School etc and not to mention schools like DPS, NPS, Vibgyor etc which are at the top end.

The only saving grace being your imposing school building and campus.


JASMIN123 2013-04-09 12:33:20


 My opinion about St: Patrick’s school is neutral. For the parents who want their children to be very studious with loads of things to study and in a strict environment, for them the school is good.

But I am a parent who wants the kid to be happy and study with ease and thoroughly..For the nursery school was good as the teacher was too good..But when the kid went to LKG the things became worse...The teacher was so horrible that she thinks that the kids are into Some IAS training...My kid was scared to go to school...Talking to Principal was of no use as he is a sweet person and so sweet that he cannot handle the teachers...Also there are some teachers in UKG whom the parents  and kids of different classes know that she is terrible and beats kids...Also there are exams for kids from nursery and they take it so seriously as an IAS entrance test or something...So even though the kids are sick and bed ridden we have to take them for pathetic situation..Because of all these I had to change the school of my kid...



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