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happymother 2012-12-02 16:42:17


Dear Friends,

 we are planning to move to Bangalore, I would like to know Top 10 best schools in Bangalore. Area is not a constraint as I am relocating from different city, we can find a house near the school.

The fee structure could be somewhere from 50k to 1lakh per annum.

also do let me know what are the fee structures in best schools look like.

By best schools I mean good academics, clean atmosphere, plenty of extra curricular activities, big play ground. Inclusion of Dance, Music, Karate etc in curriculum.



Meerahans 2013-09-04 00:40:18


Wow your preferences are quite similar to mine. But not for karate. Well, I sent my daughter to Inventure Academy. Its near Sarjapur road and very friendly atmosphere, abundant extra curriculuar activities, good academics, great teachers. Well, I'm not boasting about the school, thats how my daughter describes it..:)


PiaKaushik 2013-09-04 12:30:01


 Hi all, I am also sailing in similar boat.. 

Meerahans can u pls throw some light on the fees structure of Inventure?



Batra 2013-11-08 17:52:08


I was thinking about Inventure Academy but the following post made me confused again.

Could someone please talk to me about this ?

Not sure how to exchange private msgs here. Or can someone send me their contact info. ?


bitstree 2013-11-18 11:50:50


Hi Batra,
My child goes to Inventure Academy and she loves it ! Its a wonderful school with focus on academics as well as on sports. Yes, there might be few issues here and there, but then which school does't have? And the best part is that the Inventure management is a very open one. Any day you can just walk in and have your grievances addressed. They welcome parents and their advice/concern with open arms. I was not surprised when they were ranked 10th in the All India Ranking by Education World and 3rd in Bangalore. 

Their fees is on the website. I am posting the link


prashantp 2014-01-29 11:37:12


Are you looking at nursery? In this fee bracket Orchids International comes top of my mind. They have 5 branches in Bangalore: Mysore Rd, Nagarbhavi, Sarjapur, BTM & Jalahalli. They are new but considered to be among the elite schools in Bangalore. 


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