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Sivabala 2012-11-02 18:54:25


Hi Parents,

I plan to get admission for my son in Rastrotthana Vidya Kendra in Kinder Garten. Please give me your inputs regarding this school.

Why they have mutiple second languages?

what is the communication language inside the school premises? A

Are they concentrate to enhance the student's sports activities.

How the teaching in this school?

Please send me your view and recommendations.

tsri 2012-11-03 11:00:21




The school is good as it is run by RSS group. Discipline/Leadership quality is given to all childs. I got information from one of parents whose both son are studying in RVK (new branch opened at NICE Toll Road, BSK-6th Stage, Near Nice office)- CBSE SCHOOL.

The ratio is 1 teacher : 20 students so they watch all students. School is neat and clean.

Yoga/Swimming/ Vedic Mathematics is also provided along with regular studies. 

I hope this school will make a perfect citizen. If you think purely in term of studies then Sri Chatianaya Techo School and Sri Narayan school is good.







Sivabala 2012-11-05 09:21:51


Thanks Mr.Sriniwas. I am planning for thier Thanisandra Main rd branch.

What would be the communication language inside the school. I understand that they have three different third languages. Are the students speaks English inside the campus? How they allows students in sports. I have interaction session tomorrow afternoon. I need to see their campus tomorrow and the sports ground as well.


tsri 2012-11-05 11:25:03




I have not been to Main Branch so far. In reviews in parent tree I found all positive about it. 

You have 2 Options.... If you want Kid to be too good in english... This shool may not be best choice.  Try in Rishi Valley School / Kumrans School in kanakpura.

This is CBSE school and more technical oriented. ICSE school put more emphasis on English language.

As such Sports and other activites are good. I think communication inside will be mixed.





Sivabala 2012-11-07 06:12:13



Thanks. I am planning to shift my stay in Thanisandra main road. I feel this is the only school is better in that area. Is any better school is available near by area? I dropped my idea to get the admission in RVK-Thanisandra main road. We reviewed the school administartion and other activities in RVK-school which is not satisfied.

Please give your feedback if you know better schools in Thanisandra Main road




tsri 2012-11-07 08:03:47


 Hi Bala,

I would like to know what is your latest review about the school. What made you to drop this school. This will help us other parents to take good decesion. Waiting for you reply.


So, far I know and met a kid in train who is hardly 4th std was from Rishi Valley School. Myself and my wife was impressed with that Kid. Fantastic English which I never thought a kid with just reading in 4th std will acquire.  Not only english but other knwoldge and question he was asking with his parents. This school is very good.





KarthikCBSE 2012-11-07 10:23:35


I had been to RVKB, Thanisandra yesterday. The school looks neat and good. But what bothers me is that they are forcing multiple 2nd languages, including Sanskrit even for a Nursery kid! :(


tsri 2012-11-07 22:56:58


 Hi Karthik,

I studied in Delhi (CBSE). You know intellegent student used to opt Sanskrit language it is scoring subject like mathematics.

I do understand that Sanskrit will be bit tought to learn. You don't have to worry because of sanskrit.  If the school would have started teaching French/ German language i think you would have said  WOW.

What you should see in the school is that our kid should have positive behaviour towards elders.  Give a try in this school you are free to put in other school in next accademic year.




Sivabala 2012-11-08 09:00:33


Hi Srinvas,

The school admin is not gives more importance on other activities which present children wants to opt for. For an example, they do cultural activities where they only do some Bhagwat Gita stories and some historical stories. The dance program as well makes them only strict into past not modern.

English - They don't give more importance in English Language which is more importance for now a days. If childs need to mix with all other friends, they needs better speaking nature in English. I studied in Tamil Medium, may be this push me to see my son speaking in English. I do see lot childs who speaks good english when i travel train/flight. However, its depends on the childs where they studied.

Yoga - Childrens don't need the Yoga at this point of time. Any functions, there is long speech of some Gurukul. Present children don't want that. They need the speech which explain how the flight lands and takes off.

Fees - This is really high. Even i can afford for the fee structure; I looks from the view of overall parents. Do we need to pay Rs.75k for Kinder Karten? This is some thing higher than other better schools.

I decided not to move on my new flat, better to stay in R.T.Nagar and looking for admission in Sinddhi School(CBSC) or at Presidency School (ICSE).

Thanks, Siva


kraghum 2012-11-09 16:53:42


 Hi Siva

I might be biased being my Son Studying in RVKB  Nursery, we i am with this school for past 6 months and my son has improved his English skills, I think he is pretty good (of course we do make our effort at home)

About fees, we paid 42K+11K for bus not a penny more,

I did try in SIndhi since we stay nearby, didn't get seat (Check my review in zeeksha for same) since i live just 500mts from school i don't think I made any wrong decision by joining my son to RVKB. They have single building with Nursery to Degree College, 4 sections with 40kids each (Nursery is from morning 7:30AM to 10:30 AM)

The only school I can rate Higher than RVKB in Hebbal Area in Vidya Niketan/Sagar/Shilp else other school like Treo and Jain Ranges from 90K to 3Lac.

I feel RVKB is doing well but there is definitely scope for improvement, one thing that surpass all the other school is good environment for learning, which I think automatically make kids to learn better. I believe there 50% responsibility as a parent along with efforts. on a lighter note “I think they will have enough time to learn to fly a Plane J “

Just my views about school which I think is doing a decent job, as each Schooll strives for some differentiation from other, this Scholl differentiate on Teaching Indian Values



tsri 2012-11-09 20:43:38


 Hi Kraghum


I support him. Learning Indian values does not make Kid backward. If you think positively our culutre gives respect to elders.

I can understand Sivabala w.r.t fluency in english and little bit dance (Folk/westernized) necessary to move in society.

I think you should not worry too much w.r.t English. It is language and it will come on its own. If you are so particular about it then check Kraugam mentioned some better schools




Sivabala 2012-11-10 05:34:17


Thanks Raghu & Srinivas.

I agree your suggestions.  I need to try for YR 14-15 when i move into Thanisandra Main rd.




KarthikCBSE 2012-11-10 08:09:11


Dear tsri,

It is not about French / German! But it is about stuffing 4 languages (including a very tough language like Sanskrit) to a Nursery going child!!! I meant no disrespect for Sanskrit or any other Indian language! Relax :)



tsri 2012-11-11 20:15:26


 Hi Karthik,

Nice  to hear that you love our culture and our language.  I agree that putting sanskrit langauge at nursery will be tough.

I think you don't have to worry... Had it is really tough to learn ... the school might have not offered. No one wants to loose it customers because of sanskrit language. 

The sanskrit at their level will not be so high level that they can't digest. Don't worry too much on the language part. See that whether child is happy to go school and enjoying at his age.

I am putting my kid in RVK , New branch , Nice Toll Road ( Near nice office). He gave his entrance exam for Maths, General Awareness, Hindi , English, Kanada. Waiting for the results.




Amrta 2013-03-11 14:06:39


Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Sanskrit speaking relaxes our mind says research. Learning happens in tender ages much faster. We can call it taxing if teachers dont teach and if we have to learn and then teach at home. But dont worry, at rastrotthana vidya kendra teachers are actually teaching quite well, my daughter has been learning there 3 years and she is good at sanskrit and I dont know sanskrit!

My daughter was poor in maths when she was in Dubai School and now i can see her improving tremendously when i test her maths skills with over three years of rastrotthana training.

Give the teachers few years and encourage the child at home, the child will come out in flying colors in 2-3 years, thats the kind of attention our kids get in Thanisandra branch Rastrotthana vidya kendra.

She has not learnt to hate other religions not learnt about others religions, so i dont agree if some says it doent tolerate other religion.

Well they are ofcourse not generous in giving holidays to kids even for some hindu festivals what to speak of christian and muslim festivals.

If our child is average she/he will become above average here, thats my and my friends experience

Fees are not too high, but training above our expectation even in extra curriculars

Im happy that she has not learnt wrong things there.

She is inspired to study. Teachers encourage the kids. Very affectionate to students.

My daughter has learnt taikwando, swimming during her school hours so i dont have to put an effort to take her elsewhere for extra curriculars.

They are alwaying trying to improve, and thats what i like about the school. All teachers communicate very affecionately with the parents as well.

I am very happy and my daughter is also very happy with this school


tsri 2013-03-11 16:17:44




Good to hear. Thanks for sharing information.






cjkumar12 2013-06-08 22:43:29


 Hi Karthik, 

Regarding multiple languages:

If you read articles on bringing up bilingual or even multilingual children, they say that it makes children smarter. Just read this about bilingual children http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/18/opinion/sunday/the-benefits-of-bilingualism.html?_r=0. It applies to more than two languages. Feel freel to google about "raising multilingual children".

The earlier they start learning a language, the easier it gets for them to grasp it. Now talking about Sanskrit, those who have concerns that it is a very tough language and all,  let me tell you that Sanskrit has a formal language theory and is a language of research and a lot of interest in the international world. Lets talk about the benifits of Sanskrit some other day. My point is that they are teaching a language - Sanskrit- that will not cause any harm to your child if you cannot see any benifits out of it. That is all I can say. 



tsri 2013-06-09 11:21:19




My kid is finally enrolled in RVK (BSK-6th stage) fourth standard. I came to know that Kanada teacher will speak kanada in class/ english madam will speak in english and sanskrit sir will speak in sanskrit.

Speaking in sanskrit will help to overcome difficulty in in learning langauge. It depends on teacher a lot how he makes intersting to learn it. Pronucation also improves if one speakes sanskrit.





reddyroopa 2014-01-05 03:51:28


Dear All, Thanks for the reviews. I have admitted my son to RVKB but had a lot of dilemma due to the negative reviews due to the Language part(fluency in English).But what we need to realize is that Kids will learn good English on their own as they watch a lot of English Cartoons and the CDs for Kids that we play at home.

So we only need to concentrate on other subjects.


aryasaha 2015-11-25 12:06:25


hello all,
I am planning to admit my daughter for nursery in RVK. But when I called the Thanisandra branch, they said admissions are over already :(
I though the admission usually starts in Novmeber. Can any one throw light on this?
Also can anyone tell me how tough/easy to get admission into LKG? I would like to try atleast for the next year


shredhar 2015-12-06 16:43:43


Even i tried to get admission for Nursery in RVK they said , its closed? i don't  know how many in advance should we go to get admission

ahu 2016-01-19 09:45:17


Hello all,
Need your views please. My son is going to Chrysalis High. I am planning to change to RVK for the next academic year. Can anyone please share your views if this would be a good move. 



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