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warrieranjali 2012-10-31 17:36:05


 Dear parents,

we are going to shift to electronic city from Delhi.As we are new to the town we are not very much aware about the school.our daughter is 31/2 yrs nw have to take her admission for LKG  for next year,So kindly please anyone update me about schools in electronic city and their fee structure.

jerald 2012-10-31 17:45:36


Here you go, following are some of the details collected by self as well from various blogs and reviews on schools in and around ecity:

Admission fee - Rs.20000/- waived off for first 100 admission
Annual fee - Rs.16800/-
Tution fee - Rs.58000/- (four terms)
+ Application fee(300), registration(1000rs), uniform etc., + Transportation(max19k/pa)

----Vibgyor-hsr layout:
Annual fee - Rs.20000/- 
Admission fee - Rs.30000/-
Tution fee - Rs.54800/- (four terms)
+ Application fee(300), registration(1000rs), uniform etc.,(3k-4k) + Transportation(max19k/pa)

------Sorsfort-e-city:(approx as per the staff based on last yr)
Annual fee - No idea(receive a mail from them that first 50 admission - waived off)
Admission fee - Rs.20000/-
Tution fee - Rs.45000/- (four terms) (Sors fort is good, but I'm looking for a school where my kid can continue here higher classes too. but sos fort doesn't have that facility now and I doubt in near future too, also no proper playground, unsafe staircases, otherwise they are good.)

-----Christ Academy, The school is ok(average), fees comes around 50k, good campus, 7 - 8 km from EC1.

-----Notre Dame Academy (4 k.m from Hosa road junction towards sarjupur road). Fees 58k + uniform + books+ transport. Campus is good.

Hope this helps you. Please do update if you have any other info, review/feedback, which could help my daughter school admission as well everyone ..



warrieranjali 2012-10-31 18:13:12


 Thank you very much for you valuable information.As my husbands transfer is confirmed only 2 week back w didnt get much time to contact various call.when i go through net i get to know about treamis and vibgyor.We contacted them and they mailed me the fee structure and admission process.Treamis people told me we can enroll our daughter online.But we think their fee structure is high.As my husband is busy in his Delhi project we cant come their now.we can come there only at the end of november.

I will share you Treamis fee Structure:

Fee Structure

 One Time Fee

Registration Fee            10000

Admission  Fee              20000

Security Deposit             10000

Activity Fee                        50000


Annual Academic fee

tution fee                           60000

Contingency                       3000

This is fee structure of this year there is an increasa of 10% in nxt year

with regards



jerald 2012-10-31 18:37:17


Thanks, Will post updates after visitng some of schools this week..

Also check brookefield high(is far for me)


emiliajoseph 2012-10-31 21:06:58


 Hi anjali

I am also in the same mission.......And as u asked I can give you the reviews about other schools...............but still not decided

 Christ academy :   seats are full. they will contact us if my kid is selected randomly.......

vibgyor : as Mr. jerald said............But I am not too interested for vibgyor because reviews and feedbacks are too negative.............and actually i also felt that school is totally moneyminded....for everything they are charginng tooooo much.....

Brook field high: Fees wise affordable. good infra ............but it is very far and too inside from the main little interested............

Little elly: As a's ok...........but not for long term. 

Notre dame: it's also very inside and situated in bared area.from hosa road junction i think so it's tooooooo inside......... fees wise it's ok.

Ebenezer: too expensive......infra is excellent....liked the school 

chaitanya: I heard  that school has recruited those teachers who were in sunrise international............sunrise is not existing having a doubt regarding academics.............I am too much concerned for academics.infra and all i can under stand...............but i am looking for a school,it means my main focus should be academics.........

ya I forgot to tell you about Sorsfort:  good school,good reviews,excellent hospitality....teachers are qualified........situated on the main road ,easy transportation.............fees is affordable for lkg their tuition fee is 44,000 per anum paid in 4 installment.admission fees is 20k that is 1 time payment.annual fee 1800 affordable........they are launching primary wing so for the first 50 parents of primary class they have given waive off in admission if i go for long term atleast they will have higher work was going on so I felt it little  noisy...............but overall good............

they have sent newsletters to me...............excellent work in newsletter also...........i searched in facebook........................for more u can explore

anyways that's enough for me...............please give your suggestion regarding that............




warrieranjali 2012-10-31 22:09:34


Hi joseph 

 Thank you very much for your valuable information.

we too thought of Sorsfort.It is just 2-3 km away from our school.

Brookfield is 7-8km away .

we have to decide about these only after visiting schools.One of our friends told us about St.Xavies and St.marys.Do you know about these schools.



emiliajoseph 2012-11-01 17:09:45


hi anjali,

      i have heard about the schools.but i have not approached these one.I tried for christ academy............there is one another option like st. francis de sales school.this is also on the main road.......i think st. marry is in hebbagodi.........i don't know much more about that school..............I visited some other schools......but they all are not my near I am waiting for christ............if not got the admission there then i will go for Sorsfort........they have already 60-65 kids in nursery.they all will move to lkg.there are few seats left for outsiders.............if i will get admission in november so no probs.....otherwise i will block my seat in Sorsfort in this month............wat's your plan..............


Thakku 2012-12-22 13:10:01


 Hi ,


i am looking for good schools near electronic city,HSR layout in Bangalore  for my daughter of 2.8 now.So looking for nice schools where i can admit my child for Nursery till 10th class .So please help with some good reviews,suggestions and if anyone has got other details like fee structure and so on.Currently we r at Hyderabad.Relocating to bangalore on Feb'13 .





SABIC 2012-12-23 12:57:07


 same case here!

I am visiting bangalore in 2nd week of Jan to finalize admission for my daughter (2.8 now).

will be visiting christ, sorsfort, Brookfield, Ryan and sri chaitnya in EC

and Gnan sristi, Vibgyor, New horizon vidyamandir, Sri Sri Ravishankar vidyamandir ,DPS, near HSR Layout..



Raagavarshenee 2012-12-23 15:31:07



Is any of your kid studying in Christ academy? Have read the review by Jerald as average?since I'm planning to join my kid there,, curious to know about the school.

is there any other good school in that area?

thanks in advance.



AANIYA 2012-12-27 23:39:12


 Hi All,

I am looking forward to my child's admission in Christ Academy.In case anyone has a review pls share.Thanks for all your help in advance.

Regards Aaniya.


SABIC 2012-12-30 15:43:49



Sorsfort International School (Electronic City)

CLASS: 1-6th Std

Phone No: Bhavana (09886400592)

S.No.     Description         Fee

1              Admission Fee  20000/- (OTP)

2              Tution Fee           44000/ Annum

(Four Installment )

3              Annual Fee         18000/-

4              Uniform & Stationary     6000/-

5              Transporation    15000/- Annum

 (upto 6-7 km)




Ryan International School (ICSE) (Bannnerghatta Road)

CLASS: Play gp to X std

S.No.     Description         Fee

1              Application Fee 600 /-

2              Admission Fee  30000/-

3              Tution Fee          32950/-

4              Transport            15000/-

5              Books & Uniform             5000/-






VIBGYOR HIGH (ICSE/CBSE) (Electronic city)

CLASS: Playgroup to Grade VI

S.No.     Description         Fee(Rs)

1              Kit           300 /-

2              Registration        1000/-

3              Annual Fee         16800/-

4              Qtr. fee                14500 x 4

5              Uniform               2000

6              Admission Fee  20000


Sadguru Sainath International School (CBSE)

CLASS: Play gp to Degree

S.No.     Description         Fee(Rs)

1              Tution Fee          16000/-

2              Books Uniform 5000/-

3              Annual activity 4000/-

4              Admission Fee  25000/-

5              Transportation 12300/-


brookfield high (Electronic city)

CLASS: 1-7th

S.No.     Description         Fee(Rs)

1              Annual Fee         38000/-

2              Admission fee   15000/-+2800

3              Transporation    15000/-


Christ Academy

Phone: 080 27837100/101

Admissions for LKG will be in Jan 2013 first week


nmiy 2013-01-31 02:33:10


 hello everyone,

                     has anyone heard abt silicon valley school in pls


19091982 2015-01-07 00:59:54


DPS Electronic City is charging Rs. 90,000 as admission fee (Includes 30,000 refundable when kid leaves the school, rs 30,000 building fund and 30,000 others) + Rs 63,500 for tuition fee, annual fee etcs + Rs. 10,000 Uniform & books + rs. 25,000 Transportation . which is total of 1 lakh 83 thousand 5 hundred for Pre-KG for new admission acadamic Year 2015-2016. This might be useful for any of the parents.

Parents will end up spending Rs. 2 Lakh for the kid to complete Pre-KG, it will + or - for other classes.

If someone tell me about the fee structure and your views in Christ School located Near Dairy Circle, Bangalore it will be helpful. I searching for a good school where my son can start his studies from Pre KG


GiriGM 2016-12-12 23:54:23


I am Exploring ICSE schools in Electronic City. Parents need your suggestion with fees details for KG & 3rd Standard.


Madhu2k 2017-11-22 15:19:41



we are shifting to Bangalore.looking for good school for Grade1 as well as pocket friendly school near haralur and Electronicty.we were enquired some school.They given fee structure.
vibgyor is good in infrastructure.
Admission 2000 Admission 20000 Annual Fee 34700 Tution  68400 Transportation 15000 Total 140100
Orchid Sarajapur poor in infrastructure .
Admisisom 10000 Registration 1000 Annual fee 12000 Activity fee 10000 Tution Fee 55000 Transportation 15000 Books 12000 Total 115000

KalaVarrier 2020-11-23 19:31:51


Hello all Anyone has any detail regarding (St.Francis De Sales Academy)SFS academy, electronic City?? Please suggest, it's urgent!


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