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Pareen 2012-10-31 12:05:02


Dear All,

I am located at Prashanth nagar (Vijaynagar). My daughter is due to join a Playhome from next year. I ahve following schools and play group in my area.

1. Planet Kids

2. Kidzee

3. Little Kids

4. KLE Society School (Nagarbhavi)

5. Vani (NICE Road -- Magadi Road)

The issue I am facing is if I make my daughter join any of these 1-3 schools, I need to again check for LKG and UKG in other proper school which will teach her till 10th STD.

Today I went to KLE and liked the atmosphere there. Can someone please give me any reviews about that school. They are starting to distribute forms from 1st Nov. Hence I need reviews soon.

Can some one really help.


praxy 2012-11-02 00:19:44


as u asked 1st u nd to deside whather u want to start her in play school or directly to bigger school... d point u raised is correct tat u nd seek admission in big schools at LKG UKG which will be difficult and u nd to compromise wid ur choice..

but advantage in starting with play schools is tat kids get some homely and small  and easy start without benches and uniforms..

if u go 4 play school, planet kids s good 1 in that area..

if u go 4 bigger school, KLE s very famous and u can make as 1st choice but they dont give admission in lkg,ukg,nursary ..so nd to proceed fast..once u miss p.g u miss KLE 4 ever..

KLE's one branch in rajaji nagar s also there..

u might b knowing pro-cons of other schools in which ppl from yr area goes,like NPS,carmel,venkat,venus,east-west acadamy,national hill view,vani,cambridge,RNSvidyaniketan etc but some of them r far..

u can check 4 new upcoming scools, S.G international and brigade millanium also..

good luck


SHALINI123 2013-01-19 21:42:57


Hi Pareen,

Its good to decide now as the schools have started admission for pg or lkg.

put ur kid in big school so that for the next 12/13 yrs u dont have to change the school.





SHALINI123 2013-01-19 21:44:11


Also let me know about ur feed back on KLE school at Nagarbhavi as compared NPS,carmel,venkat,venus,east-west acadamy,national hill view,vani,cambridge,RNSvidyaniketan ???



84shwe 2016-05-27 16:03:57


Same concern here, any suggestions, anyone??

VSMpatil 2018-03-27 18:34:31


Hi, Anyone having KLE 1std admission application form ?


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