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emiliajoseph 2012-10-28 08:28:03



    I visited some of the schools in e-city, but couldn't find as per my expectation...........recently shifted to can anyone help me in this..

jerald 2012-10-29 08:03:53



I'm also looking for schools in ecity. Shifting to ecity by next year.

Visited some of the schools in ecity. Yet to decide on admision. waiting for feedbacks/reviews on these schools.

Following are my updates on schools visited recently:

Admission fee - Rs.20000/- waived off for first 100 admission
Annual fee - Rs.16800/-
Tution fee - Rs.58000/- (four terms)
+ Application fee(300), registration(1000rs), uniform etc., + Transportation(max19k/pa) Vibgyor-hsr layout:
Annual fee - Rs.20000/- 
Admission fee - Rs.30000/-
Tution fee - Rs.54800/- (four terms)
+ Application fee(300), registration(1000rs), uniform etc.,(3k-4k) + Transportation(max19k/pa) Sorsfort-e-city:(approx as per the staff based on last yr)
Annual fee - No idea(receive a mail from them that first 50 admission - waived off)
Admission fee - Rs.20000/-
Tution fee - Rs.45000/- (four terms)
+ transportation Which all schools did you visit. Can you post some info on your visit to schools, which would be helpful for me to choose a school for my daughter in Junior KG admission. Thanks,Jerald


emiliajoseph 2012-10-29 20:32:07


 hi thanks for the details. today i started visiting in some of the other schools surrounded near by locality...brookfield is fees wise affordable but seeming little far to me needing reviews about that school .Ebenezer financially little tough for me......chaitanya no good reviews from parents.little elly ...............not so bad.I searched about's showing good reviews in google.........can you provide some updates apart from fees...It will help me to take the decision early...............


jerald 2012-10-30 08:02:34



Thanks for your update. 

Even I feel the same, Brookefield is lil far for my kid. Sos fort is good, but I'm looking for a school where my kid can continue here higher classes too. but sos fort doesn't have that facility now and I doubt in near future too, also no proper playground, unsafe staircases, otherwise they are good.If I'm looking for only primary classes, I would go for soss fort. Please pay a visit to the school once. I'm also looking for christ academy. Have you ?



pradgp 2012-10-30 13:07:19


I'm also looking for a good school for my 3 yrs old daughter near EC area. I have applied in Christ Academy, but didnt receive any call from them for the admission. When enquired they told me that they select the kids 'random' and my daughter's name was not in the list! This is for Pre-LKG.The school is ok(average), fees comes around 50k, good campus, 7 - 8 km from EC1.

 Today I visited Notre Dame Academy (4 k.m from Hosa road junction towards sarjupur road). Fees 58k + uniform + books+ transport. Campus is good.

SortF and Little are ok as a play schools.  Vibjyor high (Electronic City) is another option. But it is not worth for the money they are asking. Teaching quality is not upto the mark as per the reviews.

Please let me know if there are any other good schools nearby EC.



emiliajoseph 2012-10-30 20:50:32



thanks for the reviews about schools.I tried for christ first.but as u said they didn't call me.anyways...............apart from christ.can you provide some other school options.........

                               Today i had a visit to sorsfort ......I liked the school very much. In terms of teaching they are far ahed of other schools.that thing clicked me first........2nd point their hospitality is very good...........Incidently I met to a regular parent ,as per our conversation they were very happy and satisfied parents.......she told me that she took the admission in between the session.........but after putting she got a tremendous progress in her kid...........well, i liked the place because of the vicinity to the main road.academically liked.......though construction work was going on for the primary section so I felt it little noisy.............proper staircase with covered wall....anyways still needing other reviews to finalise the school...........

    vibgyor in terms of infra terms of academic conventional.........through surfing i came to know some negative feedback which is very common in every school........can anybody provide me more details about vibgyor............



pradgp 2012-10-31 12:57:00


though Vibjyor EC is very near to my house I dont prefer for my child as the feedback which I received about them is not good. Most of the teachers are inexperiencecd. Mgmt is concentrated more on spinning money from the parents  than improving the academic and other standards.

If you are you looking for a playschool (like SorsFort )there are many options. You may check KLAY School near EC police station. Little Elly EC is another option.

For a full fludged school, the options are Tremis World school, Ebenezer International, Candor International etc

btw, Mostly I would go with Notre Dame.


jerald 2012-10-31 13:13:58


@pradgp - Thanks for the update

I called Notre Dame this morning and they said, seats are filled for Junior KG :-(

Have you got admission in Notre dame for your daughter? Please direct me how to proceed on this.



pradgp 2012-10-31 15:01:43


Jerald - How old is your kid ? Mine is 3 yrs old  (dob on 27th Oct. 2009). So I got admitted her in nursery.

If you are keen on this school you may meet the prinicipal and follow up regularly...chances are high if you are a catholic/christian as it is run by nuns...



jerald 2012-10-31 15:15:21


@Pradeep - My daughter will be 4 yr and 4 months by June 2013(dob: 03/02/2009).

The reason stated by the person on phone from Notre Dame is they already have their nursery kids for LKG and thus, there was limited seats for LKG and it is filled now. :-(

Do you think chances are there for my daughter?

I will visit the school by friday and meet the principal.


tulikha 2012-10-31 15:50:49


Hi jerald and pradgp,

My daugher is going in sorsfort school and i am very happy with the school.

I really like the "Kusma Mam", the way she manage the kids is very nice.

some time as a parent also we got frustrated with our kids, but Kusma mam manages very well.

My daughter improves alot after joining the sorsfort.

In home we don't use english, before joining sorsfort my daughter was not able to talk in english but now she is able to communicate in english.

sorsfort teaches gud habits also, like the during celebration of grand parents day my in-laws was very happy, my mother-in-law was very excited(she wore her jewellery's also)....:)

sorsfort management told me that they will soon come up with full-fledged school till class-12.

So I am not worried about my daughter's future also.

And now a days I am finding that construction is going on sorsfort ground floor. So I am totally disagree with pradgp, that sorsfort is a play school.

Sorsfort is not like KLAY and Little Elly EC, since I am finding strong academics at sorsfort and they have plan for full fledged school(not like Klay and Little Elly which are pre-school and they don't have plan for fledged school also).


pradgp 2012-10-31 17:44:53


@tulikha you have every right to disagree  . I made my comment based on my assessment as you ...

@Jerald, chances are there ...It is not that all the students who have entrolled are going to join...Keep in touch with them regularly...


emiliajoseph 2012-10-31 20:35:47



 thanks everybody for giving me your valuable suggestion..........I think so every body has put their views based on their surfing and exploration about the schools...........well today I planned to look around some other schools for my son..............The results are as follows...........

Notre dame: Strength wise good.infra is also fine........but it is little inside, and alone bared little uncomfortable with the locality..........anyways ok...

tremis : infrawise excellent........but fees wise not comfortable........I mean fees is quite comparision to that i will go for ebenezer.

litte elly ; as a playschool so and so........but in longer terms is inconvienient for me.

                                   Well that all are my personal perceptions about the schools..........

@tulikha thanks alot for putting your reviews............can you  provide me some other parents reference in terms of feedback..............

@ pradgp........thanks for the reviews about the schools.....well do u know other schools nearby that..............



pradgp 2012-11-03 13:26:00


we have covered most of the  schools near EC. Did you check with Candor International School? You may look beyond EC......there are many schools in HSR layout which you can think about.


nmiy 2013-01-31 13:06:54


 hi guys,

                   im new to this forum and obviously very late in selecting schools fr my 4 yr old.i heard of silicon valley school in EC .does any of u have an idea abt this proper reviews available.and has anyone put their child in sorsfort.looks like a good place but need some strong comment abt it.pls help. Hi tulikha .can u give me ur contact no .wanna know abt sorsfort performance.thank u.


iampaul 2013-11-05 15:37:44



I am planning to move to Electronics city and looking for a good CBSE school for my son aged 6 years in and around Electronics city for the academic year 2014-15. Right now he is studying 1st grade in a school at hsr Layout.

Heard that SORSFORT is good and planning to visit them this week. Request to share views about this school especially for grade 1 onwards.




Nk238 2017-06-15 09:04:08


Hey can u suggest good playschool in electonic city for LKG. We have just shifted to Bangalore .

Lass 2019-10-24 13:00:53


Can someone please tell me the schools which are run by the Christian Missionaries (in and around ECity)?

Sowmya22 2020-10-25 16:46:51


Is sorfort cbse school..I heard it is icse


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