NPS LKG admission form for 2013-14

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aalia 2012-10-23 12:52:05


Has anyone got any news about admission for LKG in NPS (HSR/Koramangala). I am checking the website everyday to get information but no status change so far regarding admission.

My son is May 2009 born and is eligible for LKG now. Please share any info on NPS as i have decided only these two schools for my son.

Reason for choosing these schools:

1. Gives more importance to academics.

2. within 5 Kms from my home.

3. CBSE syllabus.


Please if anyone can let me know how does it affect if i go with ICSE instead of CBSE (in case im not lucky to get my son admitted to NPS).

Apppreciate the response on this.


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