need feedback on prakriya school sarjapur road

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viji1 2009-12-14 09:25:20



anyone know about prakriya green wisdom school. how is it? what is the advantage and disadvantage, fee structure details

hiradhu 2009-12-14 10:06:05


 Hi Viji,


There are lot of reviews and posts on Prakriya in this forum. Search will help you. Based on the reviews I read and got from other parents its a good school. 


smijacob 2009-12-14 14:22:01


You can read mine as well as other parents review here.Please do leave a comment on the blog incase if you need further info.





Debleena 2009-12-14 15:32:44



My daughter has got admission for Prep I (LKG) in Prakriya next year. We had researched a lot of schools in Bangalore initially but based on our expectations from the school, other parents' feedback, online blogs etc., chose Prakriya for her.

We felt that Prakriya's philosophy and teaching methodology would be the right choice for helping shape our daughters' all round development, ability to think independently and be a grounded individual and not just focus only on ability to clear exams.

Smitha's blog also gives excellent feedback about the school which helped us finalize our choice. Wish you all the best for your decision.




madvik 2014-08-13 16:37:56


Any recent feed back about Prakriya please

superdad3 2014-09-01 19:28:47


Dear Parents looking for reviews on Prakriya (applicable for middle school only),
Till last year we were happy as our child looked forward to the school when he was in 5th Standard but there has been a change in him since he entered 6th Standard. There are only 7 boys in a class of 25 and the children were interchanged along with the teachers in 6th standard. So that has had some impact. In addition we observe too much load like other schools. While we understand both these things but then Prakriya at middle school seems to be no different in approach then. My kid used to get excellent marks in all subjects, he had achieved 3rd Rank at IMO earlier, excelled at extra circular activities (in schools prior to Prakriya);  however now his marks are falling and shows lack of interest and complains of rote blackboard learning. I was surprised that during the recent unit tests he showed lack of knowledge of the topics that were taught in class and when asked said that the teachers are teaching in a hurry. Concepts are not being explained properly and the IB approach seems to have been replaced by the rote learning approach. There have been instances of him asking questions and teacher suppressing him. Something that I have seen in my childhood with CBSE public schools and I thought that this school would be different. He has been a bright student in the past with other schools but suddenly all these changes - what can I say if not that they seem to be attributed to the school method- how can a bright kid get so dull- even in extra curricular activities ? Another area of concern is the foul language scenario in the school and my kid also picking it up - I'm shattered since that is not an environment that he experiences at home or with his friends around his home.  Suddenly parents receive a note from the school that this has been going on for "couple of months" well its come as a surprise as I'm asking them why weren't we told of this when the problem was identified and why the school waited for a couple of months. Now they are implementing "price to pay" without explaining what it is to parents and threatening to disallow kids for outings. I've been educated in CBSE schools as well as abroad and I know very well that such methods are negative and don't work with kids. Fees have also increased by another 10% and I fear that Prakriya is slowly turning into other "commercial" factory education oriented schools. Also teachers are only complaining and don't see appreciation. In the PTM as well I notice that teachers are not upto mark- they fail to connect with my kid and as a parent I notice that versus the other schools. I had a lot of hope on Prakriya but now I think I might have to repent the decision of choosing this school. If you were to go through the different reviews it sure is a nice place for younger kids (but so are other decent schools)- but it seems to be average on reviews for middle and high school. Id' not like to go into details of particular instances and comment for he sake of reputation of the school since it may be only my view - but as a parent I'm concerned and hence for those other parents who've had similar experiences please do post both positives and negatives. At the same time I request parents reading this to not form negative opinions from this post but to actually talk to some parents of the class you're interested in putting the child too. I'm sure that if Prakriya is what it stands for then it will give you an opportunity to interact with other parents and children prior to admission- or at least talk on phone. On my part I am taking up the matter a second time with the school. I'm also going to meet with other parents and see whether they are also facing the same concerns.
I wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons- a concerned parents plight :-(to meet with other parents and see whether they are also facing the same concerns. 
If my concerns are addressed and I see an improvement I will definatly come back to absolve the school- everyone deserves a second chance.
P.S : For those middle school parents already in Prakriya who have found the school positive - please do your own investigation. If the school is what you believed to be do post for others to see, but if you agree with the problems that I have raised then please do post for the benefit of others as well so that it can also serve as a wake up call for the school

ritu15 2015-05-26 15:50:52


Need latest reviews for Prakriya and Harvest International SChool.


ritu15 2015-05-27 14:16:29



My son is 2yrs 4months and eligible for Play group i guess.But i am really confused with montesori and non- montesori Playgroups and Main stream Schools.
If he goes to a montesori playgroup then , will it be difficult for him to adjust in Non-montesori main stream school like Primus /Prakriya.
and in case we opt for Non-montesori now, then we need to opt for the same kind of Main stream schools.
What we have heard as of now is if kids go to montesori, they should continue for 4 yrs.
We dont want him to travel long thus looking for good schools in HSR / Sarjapur.
Also we are looking for CBSE board.
Any latest reviews on Freedom International, NPS,Harvest, Primus, Prakriya or any other would be helpful.

For Playgroup- any latest reviews on Element Kids, Cherubs, Dots montesori. (they say they are pure montesori)

Thanks :)


truemommy 2015-06-11 12:48:04



I am happy with Dots Montessori. My 2.8 old goes there. She is being taken care of well and enjoys the activities.
Their feeder school is Bethany, Sarjapur, which follows ICSE 

dizzy 2015-07-04 09:54:13


Prakriya has great philosophy. However, the execution is poor. We have pulled our kids out of Prakriya as we felt that the school was not intellectually stimulating. The teachers are so poorly equipped / trained to to handle children. If you care about the wellness of your child's intellectual capability, you would stay away from Prakriya. The kids are not challenged to think and solve problems. 

We put our kids in Prakriya because we wanted a caring and free thinking child to develop. However, we were disappointed with what we got from Prakriya.


eshine 2019-10-17 18:22:13


For a down to earth school, fee structure is sky high.

sgav 2019-12-09 22:38:09


hi.. could your issues be resolved? we are considering prakriya for our lo.

veer11 2019-12-19 20:45:08


The fee structure is at par with other schools in Bangalore

suninair 2020-02-05 18:50:54


Really really appreciate your feedback !!.....thank you so much


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