PSBB LLA admission 2013-14

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rcpgowtham 2012-10-10 16:35:14


Is there anyone from parentree has applied for Pre-KG admission for their kids in PSBB LLA for this academic year 2013-2014. If so, please use this blog for sharing few details:

Applied on, Application number, is your kid is sibling of elder kid going PSBB?, Any idea when call is expected? etc.

rcpgowtham 2012-10-10 16:37:02


Also respond if your kid is 2009/2010 born?


bba 2012-10-19 19:01:12


Hi rcpgowtham,

I too have applied to Pre-KG for my son who is June 2010 born. Applied somewhere around 2nd week of October.. We were told that we would recieve email (if shorlisted) during last week of October.. Keeping my fingers crossed..!


priyankasharma 2012-10-20 12:06:30


 Hi Rcpgowtham


I too have applied for Pre-KG for my son who is april 2010 born. Applied on the same day when the forms were issued.

We were also told that we wuld be informed in the last week of october.


rcpgowtham 2012-10-22 09:40:25


Thanks for updating my blog and keep it posted.

I wish the parentree members to update immediately if anyone gets call from PSBB for interaction. Because my concern is my son's dob is dec 2012 and short of 2 weeks as per their age criteria.

So, if I dont get a call for interaction, my suspection will go because of his DOB and not in idea that PSBB did not call anyone till.


bba 2012-10-23 12:54:29


When I submitted the form at the counter, the cashier there cross checked the DOB.. In your case did she verify and still asked you to submit ? If so, they might be OK with 2 weeks difference..

By the way, when I asked about the eligibility criteria I was told that they would look at aspects like distance from house, etc.. Considering the location where the school is located, I think 7-8KM would be considerably 'near' to school... Does anybody know what other criteria are they looking at.. ?


rcpgowtham 2012-10-23 14:31:42



It also happened to me when I submitted my filled application form. PSBB starff asked her peer if she can collect my form which is 10 days less than 2010. The other lady gave acceptance after thinking a while. But my concern is, if they have obtained enough no. of application forms of kids' dob falling 2010, will mine considered?

My colleague who is already a parent of 2 kids in PSBB told, it is not the case. If they have to reject application, they would not accept it at all.

Further, on the day when I submitted the form, some parent told me, last year they accepted applications only till kids born before Oct 2009. I quoted them about it and asked when I will be given chance?

Office staff told, their catagorization of selecting kids is based only on first come first serve. But the parent whom I mentioned above told, unlike BGS, PSBB first gives admission to siblings and then remaining is given to freshers.

Anyone has comments or assumptions or informations about their shortlisting criteria apart from FCFS, proximity to school, siblings etc. like

1. Kid's mother should be home maker

2. Family's income limit or anything?,

Please share...



bba 2012-10-30 12:25:27


Two more days for October to end and no mail yet from PSBB.. Did anybody recieve the mail.. ? Did anybody call up PSBB to enquire about this ?  I tried calling them yesterday, but it was an holiday for them.. Will try calling later today..


Ssharma4 2012-10-30 12:46:47


 Anyone got mail from PSBB? I have applied for my daughter. I tried calling School today but  nobody picked up. 


rcpgowtham 2012-10-30 15:02:36


Guys, Today I went in person to PSBB enquiring when Pre-KG admission to start. The office staff informed me that, management will start in 1st week of november and admissions will be completed before diwali. Request all to update the site if anyone gets admission. She was not sure the exact date as the decision is purely with management.


bba 2012-10-30 15:39:30


Thanks for the first-hand info Gowtham.. It's lot of an info for now :)


rcpgowtham 2012-10-30 16:44:00


May I know your application number?, Kids DOB and where are you put up?


bba 2012-10-30 18:13:50


Don't remember exactly, but it is somewhere in 4000s... 23rd June 2010... Bilekahalli - VB layout (Bannerghatta road)

Are you put up somewhere near ? 


rcpgowtham 2012-10-30 21:15:13


 I am staying in arekere... 


priyankasharma 2012-10-31 13:11:17


 We have also enquired in school and the lady there has said that mail will be send in the first week of november for the interaction. May be we all will get the notification in the coming week 


rcpgowtham 2012-10-31 14:48:29


Can you please post what is your application number, when you submitted, your kid's dob and where are you put up & Do you come in siblings quota or you apply for your first kid? This will help us to find on what basis they send schedule for interaction.


bba 2012-11-02 14:37:24



I called them up today and they say we will recieve mails within 10 days ! ..hopefully it doesn't go beyond next week..


rcpgowtham 2012-11-02 15:42:41


Will it happen atleast before diwali as it was informed to me?


priyankasharma 2012-11-05 10:20:23



Today we have enquired in the school and they have said that you will recieve the mail regarding admission before diwali but the interaction process will be held after diwali.

So i think the interaction process has been shifted after diwali.

Till now they have not sent mail to anyone.Will start the procedure from this week.


bba 2012-11-05 11:52:45


..very sad.. anyway, have to wait..

By the way, does the final result depend on the interaction session's outcome or it that session just a formality..? ...i.e, does everyone whosoever applied get a call for interaction session and then they filter out ?  Or they invite only those candidates who have been shortlisted and this interactive session is just a formality ?


rcpgowtham 2012-11-05 11:57:48


Any idea about the schedule if the dates will be given first to siblings and then to fresh kids as I heard from my colleague or will it be assorted however siblings getting priority just like BGS?


rcpgowtham 2012-11-05 15:20:14


What I heard from my flat neighbours is PSBB being far located and not so popular in bangalore (as like in chennai & other than people who knew what PSBB is), everyone who submitted the application form will get call and will be directed to pay the fees.

Also, to my knowledge, I dont hear anyone from my known ones, that their application got rejected / did not get call / interaction resulted negative etc.

Let us hope the same happens this year too. Whoever the parent I talk say, Parents who choose PSBB just because they know what is PSBB.


ShailyShamkuwar 2012-11-05 16:25:20


Finally, wait is over for me. got the interaction call


Dear Parent,

Your ward has been short listed for Pre KG admission process for the Academic Year 2013-14.

Kindly note the schedule for the interaction of your ward to carry forward
the admission process.

Date : 23.11.2012 Timings : 11.00 am -12.00 Noon

Venue : PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore
No.52, Laxmipura, Sahasra Deepika Road,
Off Bannerghatta Road, Sakalvara Post,
Jigani Hobli, Bangalore Rural District
Karnataka-560 083.
Ph:  27809159 / 27837021 /22

The fee structure for the Academic year is as follows

Rs.50,000/ - Admission Fee (Non Refundable)
Rs.22,600 x 2 = Rs.45,200/ - (2 Terms)

Note :If selected you must be prepared to pay the fee on the same day
All payments to be made by cheque /DD. Cash will not be accepted.


SwaroopM 2012-11-05 16:42:05


The wait is indeed over, even we got such a mail. :-)


bba 2012-11-05 17:05:36


Congrats Shaily and Swaroop.. great feeling indeed..

We are still waiting for the mail..

When did you guys apply..? ..which area are you put up..?


ShailyShamkuwar 2012-11-05 17:10:43


-> To bba

Applied on 1st Oct

Put up near meenakshi temple


I guess they have just started sending mails, you ll get it soon :)






SwaroopM 2012-11-05 22:17:11


Applied on day 1 of admission and put up near Meenakshi temple.

All the best ....



priyankasharma 2012-11-06 09:13:51


 Even we have also get the mail ,,and the interaction is on 23rd november.

BBA and Rcpgowtham,,hope you both have also got the call or may be you get it today :) All the best.

Hope we will all meet on 23rd november.


Vikasa123 2012-11-06 20:24:20


Hi Priyanka,

We have also received mail from PSBB, but I think I will let it go..

are you not considering Samhita at all?

any update on DPS South call yet?





priyankasharma 2012-11-07 13:22:18


 Hi vikas

We have got call from samhita but we are interested in PSBB,since i have talked with many of the parents whose kids are going to psbb and all of them has given positive reviews.




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