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DEvD 2012-10-10 06:29:11



Have analyzed a lot and did interactions in few schools in and around HSR

Greenwood high koramangala - small facility. we let our 1 week fee payment window expire . ICSE

Vag devi - did interaction. found it far for HSR kid. so let it expire too.Advantage: CBSE

VIBGYOR haralur - seeing mixed reviews on internet. still have few days to pay fees , else this might expire also . ICSE

Bethany HSR - collected form and did interaction. Now we need to submit the form again,results will be announced in NOv only

This is a small facility run from a house in HSR. Later classes, child has to go to Sarjapur facility

JSS : we stood in line from an insane hour to collect form. But many reviews on net are not in favour but parents at gate seem to be positive.Also  not in same league as Vibgyor or DPS. SO lil confused on this one. 

Anybody has reviews. This is a CBSE


Cannot seem to conclude on any one at the moment. To us VIBGYOR Haralur seems like a good option but happens to be ICSE. How is JSS? I saw many software junta dropping kids off at the gate. It is CBSE, I cannot find reviews on this one on any forum. How is freedom?


I have applied DPS East also. Any HSR parents sending kids to DPS East. It is 13 kms.My son will go to nursery. Thanks

MaheshOM 2012-10-10 18:47:05


Vibgyor Harlur also has CBSE. As per their website and Enquiry form. Isnt it?

We visited the school today.


DEvD 2012-10-10 18:59:52


how did u find vibgyor. we happened to have intercation close to 10 days back and we didnt pay the fees yet for nursery


what did u feel about the haralur branch


to me, they told ICSE only when I asked about CBSE


DJas 2012-10-10 23:14:10



Hi Dev,

How was the interaction at Bethany HSR? is it a general discusion or kind of interview for your kid??

i heard other schools dont ask any questions to kids but bethany does..




jaswinz 2012-10-11 00:03:42


 Hi All,

 I am planning to get my kid admitted in LKG for 2013-2014 session. I have been enquiring about schools in and around HSR. The list is as follows: Cambridge (ICSE), Freedom International (CBSE), Lawrence (ICSE), JSS Public School (CBSE), Vibgyor Kids (ICSE) Others on pending list: Bethany HSR, Notre Dame Academy, Gnan Shristi I request the parents whose kids are studying or have got admissions for new session to share their experience.  ThanksJaswinderjit

DEvD 2012-10-11 20:12:16


bethany shows pictures of animals . my son loves monkey so he recognized well. He was then showed car, aeroplane etc  . he recognised that too


thats all



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