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mridu123 2012-10-02 08:06:17


dear parents, we have recently shifted to bangalore. my child is 2.6 years old. his milstones are pretty much delayed and the doc says everything looks fine physically and  its not possible to put any psychosocial diagnosis at this age and stage, but something is definitely wrong there. my child can babble, point at objects, maintain eye contact, and has recently started walking. one of my family friends is a psychotherapist and has given me home program for cognitive and speech stimulation. i can see few improvements but she also says that we cannot be sure how long it will take for the child to come at par.

i am worried. my child will need to start schooling in some time. i know that by law all schools are supposed to take in all children and that special educator's facility is mandatory, but schools have a way of refusing. like, "we dont have seats, we dont have infrastructure". we came to know a few schools that have taken SEN children fearing the RTE, but are hassling parents so much that parents are thinking of taking their kids out.

we are put up in bannerghatta road right now, but we are ready to relocate to any part in the city if we can find a good school.

please help

bitstree 2012-10-15 11:01:37


 Try Inventure Academy, Sarjapur Road. 


aanchal 2012-10-15 14:24:40


@mridu, schools have a way of saying no..they fear RTE, but also fear the hassles of making modifications to adapt to the SEN child.

do not take admission without meeting the special educator at the schools you try for. do not go by the info given by admission cell

let me know once you zero down on the school. we will meet up again.



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