Reviews on Elements Montessori, Cherubs and Vibgyor?

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SumanArora 2012-09-30 14:09:45



My daughter is turning 3 in Feb and i am looking for some good school in HSR or Sarjapur area. Had visited Elements montessori - liked school but not sure wheather to let her study in montessori for nxt 3 yrs or not as then in first she has to go for some test etc and admission then will be difficult for obvious reasons (No. of seats are less).

Vibgyor - liked it but confused between montessori and normal school.

Request you to please share if you have any feedback on theses schools or suggest how to opt for a better school.






poojass 2012-09-30 23:38:29


Hi Suman...

Which Vibgyor u r talking?? Is it Varthuri area??

My neighbours daughter goe to vibgyor varthur area. I also visited there. I didnt like t school. It is very money minded. They have 20 sctions for Lkg. That is huge. Every year they are just increasing the no. of seats....not the campus....

If you are ok with CBSC board u can try DPS-sarjapur. I been to that school...its too good. I wanted it for my daughter...but she is not eligible. So iam trying it for next year.

There are so many good schools in sarjapur & HSR area.

All the best..



SumanArora 2012-10-02 10:06:54


Thanks for reply. We had been to harlur road one. For 2012-13 they have 10 sections of nursery each section has 25 kids. And based on no. of students this year they might increase sections. Didnt find anything super excited about school but this is closer to home so its one of the obvious choice.

We saw there day care too, its not upto mark..very basic one that too one of the part of their campus doesnt have a boundry wall so security is crucial.

For nursery they had informal session with kid and asked fruits, vegetables and even A-Z blocks where there and kid has to recognise them, which i find is too much for a playschool going kid.

I am open to any other school. please suggest if you know something,. Also any reviews about elements montessori.






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