How is Ekya School, ITPL?

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Ruthee 2012-09-21 10:02:22


 I have been applying to a few school sin Whitefield area.. After a lot of thinking i have shorltisted the following school:

  1. DPS Whitefield
  2. Deens Academy
  3. Whitefield Global School
  4. Ekya School

since the application form of Ekya is already available, I have submitted the form but just wanted to know how the school is so that it helps me take a decision.




SreenivasM 2012-10-06 12:51:33


Ekya school is good and we got our kid admitted last year. It is yet to get CBSE affiliation I believe. The student to teacher ration is also good. Infrastructure is good. It was close to house and I just went with CMR and NPS brand and these people have been in educational domain for decades. We are happy with the decision.

Deens is the best CBSE school in whitefield and I heard Deens will be moving to Gunjur. DPS are a high volume schools and all are franchise  run schools. DPS is in rural part of the whitefield. So, if you are concerened about commute time, then think about Whitefield school and Ekya. At the early ages  prefer school close to home.

All the best.


sh25 2012-10-16 14:27:13


My child will be going to EKya ITPL from november in Montessori. How are the teachers in Ekya ITPL?... I liked the school very much

I liked their Vice principal, Staffs, the building, classrooms, student teacher ratio. And hope that it will be comparable with CMR and NPS.

Also came to know that its following pure Montessori rather than mixing it up with traditional methods.

SreenivasM how was your personal experience with teachers. Since they don't have PTA's how do you interact with teachers. In which grade your child goes .......Would you please provide some more information regarding their book club activities .....and sport activities





Dude 2012-11-16 08:13:09


I am planning to enroll my daughter in class 7. Can you please give your opinion about how is the academic forefront? 

What 2nd and 3rd language is offered at school?

How well do they balance their Extra / curricular activites ?

How is the teachers approach to the kids?



SivaRajan 2018-09-18 12:49:50


I am planing to put my son into EKYA ITPL school into Grade II. kindly please let me know about the school syllabus and fee structure.
How they treat student? and dother mandatory futures.???



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