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Shruthi 2009-02-05 23:18:34


Does anyone send their 2 year old to any montessori or kindergarten around koramangala?  I'm lost in the melee of information available on the net.  The schools some recommend highly are the same that some recommend to stay away from!!  Can anyone tell me about Little Feat, Arunoday and Child Care Centre? And also Kidzee, Eurokids and Jumbokids?

Asmaan 2009-08-03 12:39:38


Shruthi  hopefully you must decided about the school by now..I am also confused and would really appreaciate if you can give me any adivice


Shruthi 2009-08-03 12:52:57


:) yes.  He will go to Little Feat Montessori on 100ft Road, Koramangala, from this October.  Some other kids I know go to Head Start Montessori, Chinmaya Vidyalaya and Euro Kids.

Are you looking at Kindergarten or Montessori?

All the best!


Asmaan 2009-08-03 14:14:10


I am thinking of putting my son in a montessori. I saw little feet but the number of students there is very high. this is what is bothering me.

How is Chinmaya?

from what i have heard from other parents is that montessari is a better system than a kindergarten school.

I also saw Arunoday and kind of liked it but do not know anyone who goes to that school.


Shruthi 2009-08-05 23:43:21


Chinmaya is a regular school (Pre-nursery - +2). My neighbour's daughter goes there but cries every morning.  Not sure if it's because of the school or the early mornings that's bothering her.  Her mom says it's nice and it's also convenient for her (we stay a stone's throw from the school).  They went through the regular "interviewing/testing" the child before admission and that's something won't want a 3 year old to go through.

I had been to Arunoday, but preferred Little Feat to that...for various reasons.  My son however, helped in my deciding on Little Feat.  He's been there a couple of times so far and settles down easily in the place.  I still remember that even on the first day that I went there to see the premises, he just let go of my hand started exploring things lying around (and he was all of 19 months then!).  This was something he had not done in any other school.  You too could probably take a cue from your son's behaviour.

I also know one more person who sends her son to Little Feat and she tells me he's more than settled there (he'll be four this year).

Have you looked at Head Start?  try www.headstartmontessori.com .  That's the oldest montessori in bangalore and has montessori levels upto the 5th grade.  They close admissions as early as nov-dec for the coming academic year, so watch out for the opening date for applications.

Good luck!



Asmaan 2009-08-06 12:23:07


I took my son to 3-4 schools and by far he has liked all the schools...

And now, he thinks that everyday we would go to a new school. He is already 2 and a half year old, therefore, i think it is high time we send him to school.

I went to headstart but they say that they don't take kids who are more than three year old and next june he will be more than 3. So, i guess we are late for headstart. I don't know what happens to kids who turn 2.5 after june-july and before december.


Even at NPS more or less they follow the same rules about age.

Thanks for clarifying my doubts.  This helps me a lot in taking decision.


Shruthi 2009-08-06 18:47:21


I guess you are a little late for the montessori system, but you still can try with kindergarten. They usually take in kids for nursery at 2 yrs 10 months+


shru26 2015-05-13 14:30:55


Hi Shruthi, 
By this time ur child would have been in 2nd or 3rd... I am in search of Montessori preschools in Koramangala 6th Block.
Can you please suggest me which one one is good?
I had the options of Arunodaya, TLC and Little Feat..
Anyy oither if you know...
Thanks in advance...



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