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cpai 2012-09-13 10:29:16



Any parents who've have/had their kids in UKG in Little Elly, please mail me. I need some advice


manusravs 2012-09-13 12:52:14


My daughter is studying UKG in Little Elly BTM branch.



cpai 2012-09-13 14:10:03


Hi Sravanthi,

My daughter is doing her LKG. Could you please share your email-id with me?


cpai 2012-09-13 14:19:02


Hi Sravanthi,

I want to know your inputs on continuing my daughter's UKG in Little Elly. She is in LKG at Little Elly tavarekere and I am quite happy that she is cool about school plus she converses in English. But I am anxious as to whether she'll get a seat for 1st std in mainstream school..even if she get, will she be upto the mark. So wanted your opinion on this


kuru 2012-09-13 17:50:56


Hi to all parents,

I am a very concerned parent when it comes to Preschool education for a child.

This is my question to all parents.

What do we expect from Preschools?

What are the takeaways or learning outcomes when it comes to Preschool education?

Let me tell you 95% of the parents think or expect the child should go to a play school where he will play,eat,learn some rhymes learn some english and most importan of all a child is put in a school which is close to house irrespective of whatever the school delivers.

Nowadays every parent also wants to put the child in a big brand school which is offcourse not wrong) only reason being the child might not get an admission after 3yrs,so they want to get away with the headache early.

My concern here is if you are admitting your child in any school kindly look at the curriculam they have to offer.How is it going to help the child,its not books but concepts taught to the child at a very young age .Many parents say that the child is too young to learn any thing,its too much of a pressure.But let me tell you a childs mind develops 95% by 6yrs of age.By this age we need to feed the child with as much knowledge as possible.Anything fed after this age to the child is a waste,a burden on the child.

All this is possible only if the child has recieved a Montessori education from 2yrs to 6yrs.Montessori education enlightens the love for learning in a child.A child undergoes or learns strong concepts in subjects like language,mathematics,social studies,science etc.

Dont want to mention any brand but a normal play way method in playschools is definately not helpful for the child.You pay the same amount of money for Playway or montessori education so why not admitt the child in a school which delivers quality.

Think about it before admitting the child anywhere.

We as parents get worried about the child's performance by the time he gets to 4th or 5th standard when he starts slacking back.Inorder to improve we put the child for tutions and so on.Poor child is so burdened with so many things that he eventually starts hating studies.

As parents why should nt we be wise and place the child where he actually gets to learn something rather than just eat ,sleep,play and come back from school,which is definately not worth paying for.

If you are really serious about a childs future please put him/her in a Pure Montessori school.You will see the change for life and save the child from further torture.



A Preschool Educator





SumanArora 2012-11-27 16:23:27




I am new to this discussion.  I am very keen in putting my daughter to a pure montessori school bt have doubts:

1. Whether kid will be able to cope up later with main stream kids?

2. From std 1st onwards they have to go into traditional method only?

3. Wont they lack behind in writing skills etc?

Pls pls give some insights.






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