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procrj 2012-09-12 12:08:31



I will be moving to whitefield in a couple of months and am looking at schools for my son. While i have managed to shortlist a few based on inputs of various people on this forum, I am unable to find feedback on Sharada Vidya Mandira in Kadugodi (near Ayappa temple).

Does anyone have kids going to the school. Will be great if you can share feedback on infra, teachers and other aspects of the school.

Also looking at Little Explorer Academy (LEA). any inputs on that will also be great.

thanks in advance.


schoolreviewer 2013-06-07 08:24:11


  I would rethink about this school as I heard that school has corporal punishment especially the male teachers in the school.


Surya21 2013-06-07 15:43:25


i currently live in the uk moving to Bangalore back very soon.

it looks how unlucky we are that we cant put our kids in govt schools and to have a school where your kids dont get beaten up, it looks like you have to pay a lot of money,

i complete sympathize our parents' situation.

very sad.

but it may be in our culture that kids are beaten up, else this wont be there at all..

spanking once a while is ok, but beating black and blue!!! cant imagine...

good luck anyway.


Surya21 2013-06-08 04:50:42


thank you for kindly replying.


schoolreviewer 2013-06-08 08:46:50


 only way out is to pay lot of money and put them in a school (read it i am not saying good school) where they dont beat the child at least.


ksb80 2014-11-27 22:59:55


Does anyone have kids going to the school. Will be great if you can share feedback on infra, teachers and other aspects of the school. I heard the school is about 18 years old.


honestreview 2015-04-13 10:48:16


Review of this school:4th and above scenarioA school that keeps changing textbooks every year stating that its for the betterment of a student. However, most of the portions aren't covered as the teachers are asked to teach a lesson over and over again so that the weak students perform well. This deletion of topics does not give room to the brighter student to learn more. With very little information, the brighter child is promoted to the next well. Basically the school is not preparing the child to face the competitive world outside.Weak students who do not have the capacity to grasp either because of poor memory power or poor interests are tortured and burdened with re examinations, re tests as well as re dictations. Students are demotivated as they are not given an opportunity to excel in what they are good at. Instead, its always studies and re-examination. The facility of writing exams/tests/dictation if they were on leave has added to a negative upbringing of the child. A very negative approach that is leading to casual behavior, value, attitude of a child.The bright students mug-up and pass exams. They do not understand the concept well and cannot write papers independently.  Teachers are overburdened with unnecessary job responsibilities that has led to malpractices and high attrition rate. The management confidently tries not to retain good teachers and try to compromise with the quality of teachers by paying high to the new joiners. Nevertheless, teachers don't stay.
Lack of extra curricular activities and attention to quality education. Not a good place to start your career as well, as you will learn nothing new. Its the traditional board and chalk teaching with no room to activity based learning. Students lack general knowledge and current affairs. More into cricket and sport activity.


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