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lgb 2012-09-11 15:35:21


2013-2014 will be the second year of the school though they have older schools in JP Nager.

CMR NPS is a better known CBSE school in Bangalore and Ekya says the board is same.

It is yet to get CBSE affliation but they do not think its a factor to worry because their other branches are already CBSE affliated.

The school is not as big as Chrysallis High or DPS east but they have all the amenities.

What I missed was an infirmary, they said the PE teacher is trained .

Teacher child ratio is 2:35+1 aaya

Infrastructure looked impressive. Building still under construction but not bad bshould be completed by Jan 2013.

Till class 9th is running at present but they will increase the class with every session.

Teacher attrition should not be a worry becuase they have many branches in Banagalore.

They have two methadologies in Pre-Primary Montessory and Froebel.

I would love to see some parent in Ekya come with a review soon otherwise in whitefield after Deens-CBSE Ekya looks to be the only good option.

SreenivasM 2012-10-02 07:38:58


We got our kid admitted to Mont-Sub Juniors last year and pretty much satisfied with the school. We could see the kid picking up rhymes which we didn't teach him  or the  language, yoga asanas and also some slokas from the school. He improved very well in the coloring. There are two teachers for the montessori kids in the class. As per my knowledge  Student/Teacher ratio is less than 15:1 for montessori.

I was considering CBSE schools. I preferred  this school as it is started people who are in the education field for years.

The kind of work they have done to put up a beautiful campus and infrastructure in stages of infancy is highly commendable. Every one  in the school are highly responsible and in one incident I received three calls from three people seeking apology when the bus didn't arrive for some reason with out me complaining.

If you are in whitefield or marthahalli and prefer CBSE try for Deans, Ekya, Whitefield Global or Vagdevi. I haven't heard much about Euro, Gopalan National.



divyashankar 2012-10-12 12:46:39


@ SreenivasM

What is the fee struucture like? Can you please give us an insight...



Dude 2012-11-16 08:18:06


 Can you please give your review about academics in senior classes?

What sport activiites do they have in school.

i have seen the campus, and looks like only basket ball court is functional.

Do they have any sports / Music / Dance activities as hobbies after school?


sammita 2012-11-28 21:53:09


 I visited the school last week. The school has a good building but has only one basket ball court, 1 small kids play area, and 1 sand pit. The fees are posted on the school notice board. For Jr KG 85K+ (82.5 annual tution fees + 2.5k one time addmisison fees). The tution fees does not include the books & transport. The activities only include Music & Yoga as told by the School Admin. She also mentioned they do not have swiming pool and no smart boards. Currently there are 3 Bus routes and fees are also published in the notice board with min 10k to 16k (I  guess). The school is very close to Outer Ring Road near Alpine Eco apartment.

This branch came up in Jun 2012 and has only 1 section for Jr Kg. From the 2013 session they may have 2 sections with 35 students in each. My worries are

- this is a very new school with not much infra for outdoor activites. Though for my son eligible for Jr Kg., and its still going to be few more years before he will need outdoor activites. But not sure how those things will come (or not come) in future here.

-Though the school is affiliated to NPS and CMR, are these schools under the same management? So how the school will shape up wrt to studies / teachers?

We ars still not decided about this school. Goplan IS has a better infrastructure with 4 tennis courts, play ground, swiming pool, indoor stadium for badminton, TT, Yoga, Karate etc.. But GIS is ICSE. 

But more then ICSE vs CBSE, the school infra, teachers, env means more. So we are still considering between these 2 schools.. any valuable input or insights will be helpful.


Jlo 2012-11-29 16:25:59


We have got our daughter admitted to mont 3 in Ekya for 2013-2014.We too had looked at various schools and were particular about the CBSE board. That left us with very few options.We liked Ekya a lot .The school building is impressive with the classrooms being well ventilated.During our interaction the school management seemed pretty ambitious about the school and it's future.All said and done they have the reputation of NPS and CMR to keep up to.So i guess this will be a good bet any day!





lilone 2012-12-11 16:01:44



   Can anyhow say how is the interaction between parent-teacher? Do they give any weekly update of what they are doing in class? Do they have extra-curricular activities?





Thyaga 2013-01-21 18:03:24


We moved from the Boston area to Bangalore for this academic year. Both of my kids (UKG, 4th grade) started to attend their school at Ekya ITPL in Jun 2012. Overall it has been a fantastic experience so far. Probably it is the best thing that happened to our kids moving back to Bangalore. Staff is caring and helpful. Management is excellent.
There are many good stories to tell. If you are interested and seriously considering this school for your kids, feel free to contact me.

PS: In general, I don't believe in sending kids to international schools. CBSE is a proven system in India and kids should not be put through so many experimentation that is happening in India.


VidyaMS 2013-01-31 14:20:09


 Hello Mr Thyaga .


Can you please let us know if the school's focus is only academics or overall development with good sports ,  arts , dance , etc . 





sushekhawat 2013-01-31 15:27:15


 Hi all!

I live in brookefields and was seriously considering Ekya for my daughter but I came across some parents who stated that though the school may seem great otherwise..the location is a drawback because it is in the vicinity of some cement factory plus graphite factory. Supposedly, the place is pretty polluted..How true is it and is it really a health issue for our babies?? 

Looking fwd to ur feedback esp from parents of ekya kids.


a concerned parent



ammanju 2013-01-31 19:46:20


I visited the school couple of times but did not notice too much dust inside the school. 

However it is true that there is a cement mixer plant nearby and some apartments next door still under construction. Further, the area around the school is also open.





ammanju 2013-01-31 19:57:50


Thyaga and other parents with kids in EKYA ITPL

Some questions

1. How is the focus on academics and balance with extra curricular activities.

2. Amount of homework

3. Are there regular tests

4. Interaction with teachers/principal. (My interaction with the vice-principal was not very good but I am willing to overlook it as a bad day.)

Thanks a lot.



Rayne 2013-02-05 01:52:29


Hi Thyaga - we are in a situation similar to yours.  Moving from CA to Whitefield this year and are impressed by Ekya.  Have a few questions about the school and hoping you might be able to answer them.  How can we contact you?  We sent you a friend request via parentree.  Thanks!  Senthils


sunshine79 2013-10-01 12:46:37



I am looking into Ekya ITPL for admission for my son for the next academic year 2014-15. My son has taken the entrance test and we are awaiting the results. I would like to know from parents whose children go to Ekya ITPL about their experience.

1. Is there a balance in academics and extra-curricular activities? Some schools I am considering have the opposite problem, activities are great and academics are suffering. I don't prefer too much pressure academically but the right amount of learning is necessary.

2. I am looking at first grade. From what age do the children have "exams"? I understand that CBSE will have FA and SA, but will the assessments be in the traditional way or more of continuous assessment?

3. Attitude. Have read some shocking reviews about attitudes of teachers and principal. Find it hard to believe, but one can never be too sure. I want my child to feel safe and secure in the school environmoment.

4. The schools location is strange, almost in a residential area, compared to schools way out in Varthur road  or Sarjapur road. Does the school have ideas to expand the physical activity areas?

Would really appreciate any insight in these regards.


madhum 2013-12-03 23:02:46


Hi Rayne... I am in the same situation as yours... Will be moving from CA to Bangalore by coming April.. so school hunting for my 1 st grader. Which school have you admitted your kid into..? Any ideas will be of great help..


vhars 2013-12-04 10:41:17


spd 2 years ago


Hi all,

I am trying for admission for my daughter fro grade 1. We heard about the Ekya school opening a branch in ITPL.

I would like any info about the school or any branches  : How is it related to NPS, fees, teaching methods.. are they comparable to NPS





ReplyReport Abuse Shyvee 2 years ago


 Hi Sonali,


We went and saw Ekya School in J P Nagar. The school is very new and has only started operations in June 2011. I am surprised that they are already planning to start a second branch in ITPL.

The school has actually been built on the premises of an original residential plot, so it's four storeys of classrooms. They are very neat and impressive classrooms, but very very new. Bit of a risk is what we felt. Also, there is no room for outdoor play. Their amphitheatre downstairs doubles up as the basketball court.

No idea about the quality of education as such, since the school is yet to establish itself.

Fees for Std 1 comes to about 1.25 lakhs excluding books, uniforms and transport. Their one -time admission fee is around 2700/=

Hope this helps.

ReplyReport Abuse   easy 2 years ago



yesterday we got fliers with papers for ekya school in Whitefield. The founders are CMR institute people. May be they did not want to pay royalty for NPS people and hence did away with nps brand..but the flier says the curriculum,books are based on NPS curriculum.

Whitefield area is getting more crowded with schools..so parents will hv lof to choices..but unfortunately none of the schools fee is moderate/reasonable.

ReplyReport Abuse   Geetaanand 2 years ago



i called up Ekya today afternoon , and the lady who spoke was very kind she gave me the details of forms and fee

when i asked about the contruction she told that the scholl in under contruction for ITPL Branch ...

Pretty good response


Forms : Forms are available online

or it can be obtained in CMRIT college , near cosmos mall

ReplyReport Abuse   Geetaanand 2 years ago


Fees is around 89 thousand + 2500 (Registration fee) =91 thousand------> for grade one , this information i got from lady over the phone


ReplyReport Abuse   Ppriya 2 years ago


Anyone taken admission here? I am quite  apprehensive as the school is quite new. anybody have feedback on their JP Nagar branch?

ReplyReport Abuse   Manokumar 2 years ago


We got admission for our kid for Prekg.Infra structure is quiet attractive.We ddinot know much about the academic side.If any body knows pls respond

Ours is JP nagar EKYA

ReplyReport Abuse   Feed 1 year ago


Hi the montessori which I believe is Pre kg is good

ReplyReport Abuse   sukhs 1 year ago


Is this school really supported by NPS as they mention on website. I am asking this since I plan to put my child for Pre-Kg and they have claimed that they have relationship with NPS, I hope this is not a gimmick to attract admission.

ReplyReport Abuse   coolblue 1 year ago


ofcourse, it is a marketing gimmick.

CMR NPS also is working on the same framework.

Mr.GopalaKrishna simply has lent his name to these schools.

CMR NPS, EKYA all have their own management.



ReplyReport Abuse   pujji 1 year ago


 Just now called ekya school, ITPL branch. Admission for 1012-13 going on. Fees structure is 89,000 as annual and tutuion fee (uniform, books, etc. excluded), one time admission fee 2,500/-, transporation fees not yet decided by school itself (!!!).



ReplyReport Abuse   coolblue 1 year ago


It is quite surprising to see many schools such as DPS Whitefield or EKYA do not have up to 10th standard. It worries me what if any of them close off abrubptly the way NCFE has done..  (which was also a newly added branch to the main NCFE school)


@pujji : This amount is for which grade? Montessori or 1st? They seem to be pretty close to CMR NPS.

ReplyReport Abuse   Nisha1984 1 year ago


Hi All,

We are done with the parent's interaction session with EKYA ITPL and my daughter has got her admission for June 2013..........

The school infrastructure is good, since the student ratio is less compared to other schools(coz its startup), the individual attention which a student gets is really good...

The school started in the year 2012 with classes from grade 1-8, now for 2013 they have started grade 9(i think not sure)......

The academics should be good coz they have same management(NPS and CMT) and the travel distance is very less for those in marathalli and surrounding areas(considering bangalore traffic)

ReplyReport Abuse   aaa12 1 year ago


Hai nisha,

  Iam considering for grade 5 gor mu child this yr in ekya. Like to hv more inf abt the school. Can i hv ur contact no /mail id to discuss with u abt the school.. Thanx... 

ReplyReport Abuse   Nisha1984 1 year ago


my mail id is nishanairkk@gmail.com, can mail me to have a discussion abt the school..........

ReplyReport Abuse   kkk 1 year ago


I went and saw this school yesterday and these are my views:


  Good infrastructure,nice, spacious and ventilated classrooms. The queries are answered well..


 Everything else..

   Even after using the NPS name, the school is not able to attract many students. Now the school strngth is 130 +...

 The fee is definitely high... Close to 1L + books+uniform+transport. No affiliation yet..

The school is in the midst of industry(graphite india)... V.polluted.. Travelling to and fro for the kids will be definitely hectic...

 So,i decided to drop this school off my list...

ReplyReport Abuse   Sweta012Kumari 2 months ago


 I see this posts and decided to admit my niece in this school but the above link is not working so here i am putting correct link to go admission page of ekya as i have found it by searching to help other parents/guardians: http://www.ekyaschools.com/admissions/




ReplyReport Abuse   Gungho 1 month ago


Visited this scool recently and I would say this is the most absurd admission procedure have ever seen. They take written test for the KG admissions, common!!!. Not sure what they are looking at, may be they want their teachers to not give any attention and the child and since the child is a prodigy the child will be a self starter.

Someone please tell them that not all children are same on mental and physical growth and if they are looking for a junior future NASA scientist probably they should only look for kids with high IQ only. The school principal and  teachers are least interested in taking up challenge.
ReplyReport Abuse   naznin84 1 month ago


Hi Gungho,
Is ur kid selected for KG and which branch, have u tried?

I have put my daughters admission in Ekya JP Nagar branch for next year Nursery..

ReplyReport Abuse   vhars 13 days ago

 Even we are relocating to bangalore in 2014 and hence while looking for schools for my son in grade 1, have found the below feedback for EKYA, (positive and negative )


we have finalized on GIIS


itplparent 2014-09-09 16:12:40


My child studied in Ekya and here is the feedback:

Administration is completely apathetic about the child. The administration does not really care about you or your child. Their thought process is: Deposit the fee and your child and stay away. Do not complain or question anything or dare to apply your brain. We (the school) are your only choice and if you dare question our approach or doings, we will put you and your child in BAD books. They say: If you do not like (the issue), take your child somewhere else, no problem. The following are incidents that happened with various parents whose children study there (not only ours). Here are some incidents and examples.

1. The child gets lower marks than expected in a subject test of the class. However the parents are not allowed to question this or even see the answer sheet. They can only get feedback from the teacher. So the end result you cannot even tutor at home effectively because you do not know the weak areas and how the child lost marks. The teacher is too busy to answer your concerns or give attention to the child. So where do you go, you move along. In due course of time as the class level goes higher, you look for tuitions and in turn you are doomed out of your family time or peace. If you try to ask more questions and seek to talk to management, the answer will be �â'¬Å"we have RULES�â'¬. The principal may meet you and ask you to take your child somewhere else if you are not happy.

2. If your child has fallen sick on an exam day. However, the child has diligently prepared for the exam and is motivated not to miss the exam. The parent requests that the child may be allowed to leave early after giving exam. But there is a �â'¬Å"RULE�â'¬ that either the child stays all day in school or doesn�â'¬â"¢t come to school at all. In case you chose not to go to the school because of not being allowed to leave early, there is no re-test given. So the choice is either child gives the exam and suffers the rest of the day or the child will miss the exam because there is RULE. You cannot talk logically to anyone who made that rule? There is no contact with the RULE MAKER and you are frustrated. This has even happened to a child who had a fracture in his hand. How heartless.

3. The school has a weird deadline of March end for payment of fees for the next session (June). If the parent cannot cough up the money by this time, a big fine accrues every month until fee is paid. I have not found a single school that charges fine in such advance notice. If you are keeping penalties for payment after May 15th before the next session, I understand. I checked if there is any CBSE guidelines on charging fee, I could not find in the CBSE BYE-LAWS. So it comes down to school desire to frame the rules and harass parents.

4. It is hard to find subject matter expert teachers and you will be lucky if you find one for more than a single subject in any year. The teacher situation is not very good in most schools as typically teachers are there by chance and not by choice. You and I know lot of teachers who join these schools for the reasons such as: I have nothing else to do in the day and I can work between 8:30 - 3:30 before my child comes home or I will also get free admission or discounted admission for my child therefore let me become teacher and I will come in the same bus anyways...

There was a time when we had real teachers who used to devote time and work hard to remain in the profession by upgrading themselves in the subject matter and continuously progress. Look at the profiles of the teachers outside India or West and you will notice the difference. 

I wish there were more open and child-centric and education-centric choices for students in India like outside countries where parents and children are treated more like clients for the services or education provided by the school. This will open the eyes and motivate school boards, management and educators and teach them a lesson to straighten up and care for the students, quality education and work with parents with one goal in mind, invoking the love of learning in the child's mind. This will create an environment where the child dreams about the school, the teachers and administrators that it respects, cares for and remembers for the rest of its life.

I do not think parents should fall just for good infrastructure or shorter distance of the school. There are other MORE IMPORTANT factors. A good school is one where the management is available to meet parents anytime, where the administration cares about the child, where the child�â'¬â"¢s dedication and curiosity is encouraged and the teachers are learned and motivated; where the same should reflect in their actions and interactions with parents. The total environment offered by the school owners should create love for the school and learning in the mind of the child. Also they should teach like west where no extra tuition is ever needed and child seeks the class teacher to find answers and not additional teachers elsewhere in the evening.


rampatnaik 2017-12-08 13:59:14


Can I know the latest feedback for EKYA ITPL school ??? As I am planning for the admission ..
Could you please suggest .. 

ShinyKumar 2018-05-07 08:39:33



We are planning come back from USA to Bangalore. I am looking for a school for my Grade 8 Kid.
Can you give suggestions on schools. Let me know about your EKYA ITPL experience if your kids still goes there.
We have been returning after long time from usa. Need some good environment school for good on boarding in india

ShinyKumar 2018-05-07 08:50:20



We are planning come back from USA to Bangalore. I am looking for a school for my Grade 8 Kid.
Can you give suggestions on schools. 
We have been returning after long time from usa. Need some good environment school for good on boarding in india

 Former member 2018-07-17 12:46:04


Hello Mr. Thyaga,

We are also looking for a school for our kid. Is your kid still going to Ekya? Any comments after 5 years? It will help us a lot.


 Former member 2018-08-26 15:52:04


Hello Mr. Thyaga,

We are also looking for a school for our kid. Is your kid still going to Ekya? Any comments after 5 years? It will help us a lot.



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