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srinivasbangalore 2012-09-07 21:39:25



Our son is 3.6 years and currently he is attending pre-school in Jayanagar. We are planning to apply to St.Joseph's Boys High School for 2013 start. I had called SJBHS folks a couple of days back to enquire about the application form and other eligibility criterias. I was told to contact them sometime around November 2nd week to get the application issuance date. Also, they said that the child should have completed 4 years by June 1st 2013. I am quite keen to get our son enrolled at SJBHS. But I am keeping other options open as well.

Is anyone planning to apply to SJBHS for 2013 LKG batch? We could discuss and share information pertaining to the application, admission process, and related stuff. By the way, I am an ex-Josephite.

- Srinivas

Nammudivij 2012-10-31 09:58:35


Hi Srinivas

Our son is also of same age group.  We are also planning to try SJBHS.  However, we are trying DPS South, JKV as well.  Have you applied anywhere else

Since you are ex-Josephite, can you pl explain more on admission process and plus and minus points.  We stay in JP Nagar.  How much would be the distance from Sangam circle?



Thushara 2012-10-31 11:36:43



We are also trying lkg admission for our son. Our preference is SJBS,Bishop cotton,baldwin,NPS indiranagar,DPS south. I heard from SJBS and Bishop that they will start issuing the form since dec 1 week. So please share if any of u get some updates.

Nammu, Have you checked with DPS ? because I heard from someone that admission is almost clossed. But not sure how much true it is.



srinivasbangalore 2012-10-31 13:47:00


Hi Nammu,

Thanks for writing. We wanted our son to get acclimatized with the interview process and applied to a couple of schools near Jayanagar and decided to take it that way. He got the call from Sudharshan Vidya Mandir. We had decided not to have him go there anyway.

I heard that SJBHS starts issuing the forms sometime during the first/second week Jan of 2013. Well, being an ex-Josephite, one thing I can say about the school and the management is that, they are not money minded and induce an element of discipline among the kids right from the early age. Also, there are good labs, dedicated Departments for science and other subjects, and also a well thought out academic plan. The admission process is something that I am not sure of but it depends on a lot of factors like age, distance, parents' education, and may be the final interview process (once short listed).

We decided to prefer a good old school over a newly started one and also the distance. We thought its important for kids not to commute much in today's traffic scene in Bangalore. 

There is one good school that is starting to give applications from Friday (2nd November). Its called Jnanodaya. Its in Chamrajpet, opposite to Uma theatre. I have heard good reviews about this school and also they imbibe traditional learnings along with regular teaching. Its CBSE and a good place for anyone to check if interested.

Hope this helps.



srinivasbangalore 2012-10-31 13:47:57


Sorry, forgot to add: From Sangam circle, it would be around 10 kms to SJBHS.


srinivasbangalore 2012-10-31 13:53:08


Hi Thusara,

Bishops and Baldwins start late as far as issuing applications is concerned. But its good to keep a tab on the dates by regularly calling them. NPS Indranagar, I think they are very close to issuing the notification. Better to check their website for updates. As far as DPS South is concerned, I had called them and they said parents need to register their kids' names at the school for LKG enrollment and only if there are vacancies, then they would call back. DPS South does not admit students for LKG. They start from Pre-School.



Thushara 2012-10-31 14:18:03


Hi Srinivas,

Thanks for the update. In NPS site they have mentioned that they will put 'admission form issuing dates' on their notice board. But they havent done yet. I stay in madiwala. It would be great if you could share some good schools near madiwala.

Do you have any feedback on christ and Bethany ?



srinivasbangalore 2012-10-31 15:54:06


Hi Thushara,

Thanks for updating us on NPS admission information.

I think you can try "Freedom International School". Its located in HSR Layout. I heard its quite good. Bethany, well, I am not sure about that. I hear over the years the standards have come down considerably. I am not sure about Christ.



Nammudivij 2012-11-01 23:47:12


Hi Srinivas

Thanks for the info on St Josephs.  I studied in St.Mary's, Tumkur.  Truly agree about the discipline part you have explained.  This is same as St.Joseph European school right?



Nammudivij 2012-11-01 23:54:47


Hi Tushara

Yes, I kept calling DPS South and one day they informed us to register our son's name.  Was wondering what it means.  They will have a register and we just need to write our details like address, contact no. etc., and they will revert back to us in early Feb if vacancies are available.  We also want to try Brigade JP Nagar.  But there are no seats avl as of now.  We need to regularly call/chk their website for info.  Brigade Gateway had vacancies but that is far for us.  JKV has good reviews and near to us, but tough to get.  Looks like they get 800 applications of which 150 gets selected.  They will issue applications from 15th Nov.  Am counting more on DPS and St.Josephs



srinivasbangalore 2012-11-02 13:38:37


Hi Nammu,

Yes, more or less the same. Generally Catholic institutions are good in terms of investing on good discipline and certain standards. I am not bein biased here :) I am not a Catholic, by the way. I am just expressing what I have gone thro' and what I have seen over the years. I had called St.Joseph's today morning and they said that the date for issuing applications has not been decided. Asked me to contact them during December 1st week.

You must try for other schools as well. Are you looking at St.Paul's? Its in JP Nagar 3rd phase. What about Alphine? Its on Kanakapura Road.



Thushara 2012-11-02 14:56:10


Hi Srinivas & Nammu,

I heard from one of my friends that NPS is hard core academic. Only very studious can survive.

And in most of the schools they are  not giving admission for LKG , only nursery admission is open. One of my friend has vistited bangalre international academy and he has good feedbacks. But the drawback is no play area .




Nammudivij 2012-11-03 00:07:27


Hi Srinivas, Thushara

I did not try Alpine.  It is just opposite to DPS south.  I am trying JKV, they issue applications from 15th Nov.  St.Paul's has good reviews but the play ground is small.  Presidency South is CBSE branch of St Paul's, but do not have good reviews.  Our focus is on DPS south, Brigade, JKV, St Joseph, Bishop. I heard good reviews about Rashtrothana vidya kendra but that is very far for us.

My son attended summer camp at BIA.  We did not like the management approach.  Also, as Thushara mentioned play area is the draw back. 



srinivasbangalore 2012-11-03 07:46:27


Hi Thushara,

NPS is one of the best in Bangalore. The problem with their admission process is that, they consider General Category in the 6th position, meaning, they have other criterias to look at before arriving to consider general applications. They prefer siblings, alumini, teachers' kids, defence, migrated candidates, and finally the general applications. Which I feel is unfair but not much we can do about it. Yes, they are academic oriented but not sure about being overly hard on kids to study. But its a very good school to study.

Oh yes, schools in Bangalore prefer kids to get enrolled in Pre-KG and not LKG. Personally, that's a wrong way to start. Kids need to be at least 4 years to start going to school and its become a status symbol for some parents and many schools to send their wards to school by the time they are 3. We decided not to send our son to pre-school till he was 3.6 years. I think its important to realise for everyone that investing on child's health is important.

Have not heard about Bangalore International Academy. No playground, no use. Kids always enjoy playing and they do need space.



srinivasbangalore 2012-11-03 07:56:41


Hi Namitha,

I am not sure how Bishops is doing the last 2 years. I remember there was a big clash between the Principal and their management. Both the Boys and Girls school suffered because of these clashes. And we are not too keen to apply to Bishops as they are not that good in terms of teaching and the cultural shift.

Well, Brigade, check the school timings. I think they start pretty late. At about 11:00 a.m and wind up at 5 p.m. Which is late for kids as they move up in their academic years. Earlier the better. By 5 p.m they should be playing with their friends :)

We registered yesterday at Jnanodaya School. Its at Chamrajpet.

By the way, have you heard about National Hill View Public School which is located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar? Its pretty good, expensive, and less students in class. And as Thushara has pointed out, they do not admit kids for LKG and only for Pre-KG. But if seats are vacant (highly unlikely, but tryable), they conduct oral test for LKG aspirants.

There is another good school called Apollo National Public School. Its in Banashankari 3rd stage. We missed the dates here as the last date to apply was 15th October.



Thushara 2012-11-03 16:32:26


I heard some good reviews about Brigade school and had called them yesterday. They dont admit children in LKG. Only nursery admissions are open. Today is the last date to apply even for nursery.


srinivasbangalore 2012-11-05 14:05:53


Hi Thushara and Namitha,

Are you people checking JSS public school at Banashankari 3rd stage?

I heard they are giving applications during the 2nd week of November.



apruthi 2012-11-05 15:35:28


 Hi Srinivas,

Any idea on how is SishuGriha? I am looking for my daughter's admission in pre-kg there



babi05 2012-11-05 17:59:09


Shishugriha closed registration process in Sep itself. They take only for pre-kg (age criteria 2.8 to 3.2 (strictly)


srinivasbangalore 2012-11-05 18:46:44



Looks like we must be vigilant to track the dates of application and keep a close tab on school news. Does anyone have a review about this school called "InnisFree"? Its located in J.P.Nagar 2nd phase. I heard its good but also found that the school Principal is a bit strict. Not sure how it affects kids and parents. I had called them and they asked our son's date of birth. Found to be eligible and asked me to call them up during the 1st week of December for application dates.

I heard from one of my relatives that Kumarans at Mallasandra, Kanakapura Road is a good school. But of late, there have been issues of teachers leaving the institutions because they cannot travel the distance. Its quite far and also they cite that leaving at 6:45 in the morning does not work for them. We didn't apply there as the distance is just too much.

We wanted to check Frank Anthony Public School but its pretty far for us and we dropped the idea.



babi05 2012-11-05 21:30:07


Hi folks,

I would like to be part of this discussion forum as well. My son is also eligible for LKG sdmissions for 2013-14.

I have selected BCBS, SJBC and Frank Anthony (all are 12-15 km from my house)

Got to patiently wait till Jan as these schools start in January and the process goes till March (for Frank Anthony and BCBS). Do not have idea about timelines. But do want to apply theer as well.


babi05 2012-11-05 21:31:05


I meant to say not sure about timelines for SJBHS- sorry


apruthi 2012-11-05 21:58:00


 Yes, I have applied in SishuGriha. Want to know from other members on how is the school. Please share your opinions


Nammudivij 2012-11-05 22:25:47


Hi Srinivas

I have a childhood friend who is sending her son (4th std now) to Bishops.  They are pretty happy with the school, culture etc.,  Only concern she shared was, if the child (higher classes) opts for extra curricular in off school timings parents need to arrange for pickup and drop..which I feel is the case in any other school also.

I heard some bad experiences with NHVPS, and anyway that is far for us, hence not trying. 

Still keen with Brigade as it is very near for us.  We need to keep visiting their website, only few days the registration will be open.  There is no other means of communication.  Kumarans do not provide admission for LKG. 



srinivasbangalore 2012-11-05 23:22:39


Hi babi05,

Welcome to the discussions! Good to know that you have decided to apply in SJBHS, BCBS, and FAPS. Seems like a decent choices...Timelines are around January through March. Bishops and Baldwins start late compared to SJBHS and FAPS.


About Sishugriha, I have heard that it is good. Nothing more than that. Location is OK I guess.

Hi Nammu,

Bishops is good but am not really sure about the quality of teaching and I hear from few of my friends that kids are made to look glorified. Meaning, only high net worth families send their kids to this school. Anyways, it depends on a lot of factors too but yeah, I could be wrong. But we have decided against it as we are not 110% sure that our son should get into Bishops.

NHVPS is supposed to be pretty good. They have only 25 kids per right in lead up to their 10th Std. So, no crowd but expensive. No attrition among teachers there as they are paid decent salaries. Again, no LKG admission here :(

Good to know that you have decided on Brigade. Are you sure that timings are OK?



Thushara 2012-11-06 11:51:05


Hi Nammu,

Have you applied already in Brigade ? Is it nursery ?  Because when I called they told that they dont admit children in LKG. Admission open is only for nursery.

Others :

Any idea when FAPS starts issuing application form ?




srinivasbangalore 2012-11-07 14:54:00



FAPS does not give application forms. They provide application format and parents need to fill application in the format that is applicable. FAPS could notify sometime during the last week of December/January 2013.



somnaga 2012-11-07 15:42:31



We just finished our admission process in innisfree school for my son for pre-nursery. They have 75 seats vacant for pre-nursery with 25/class (which I think is a good thing). We had a few schools shortlisted in the J.P.Nagar area. We did get thru St.Pauls but somehow we were not happy with the infrastructure espcly for pre-nursery so we dropped that school. Had an interview lined up with Clarence school for tomorrow but since we were running out of time for innisfree decided to go in for it since they have a good reputation espcly when it comes to academic and also since I have heard of this school since my childhood days and have seen some good folks come out of this school. Hope this helps people who are contemplating schools in south b'lore.


srinivasbangalore 2012-11-08 04:21:56


 Hi Somnaga,

Thanks for your message and congratulations on your kid's admission.


somnaga 2012-11-13 15:10:32


Thanks Srinivas!


Nammudivij 2012-11-15 22:56:43



We got application form from Jyothy kendriya vidyalaya today.  we were there by 5.30AM, still application number was 40(there were some waiting from 3AM).  Do not know selection criteria, but there are quotas like sibling, teacher's kids etc., later comes general.  They issue forms till 19th Nov



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