How is Vibgyor HSR Ext and St Peters school?

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armug12 2012-09-07 09:33:55



Does anyone has their kids going to any of above schools? If yes, can you give me a feedback of these schools..



Rubu 2012-09-07 12:07:53


my kids go to st peters. i like it.... the teachers are good, infra aint good.... the play area doesnt look very safe.

the school is focussed on academics and they put quite some pressure on kids. but somehow kids arent complaining but parents are worried.. my child is doing very good.. the timings are less, kids are back pretty early.

the school classrooms are very good.. overall, i love the school cause my kids are doing good.


RichRem 2012-12-15 21:08:33


Hi Rubu, I was looking for feedback on St. Peters. Look like you are the only parent on Web who has feedback on the school. Thanks for that  !!

From my visit to school, meeting the princi and the written test my daughter had to undergo last week, I realize they are very demanding on cursive writing and academics too :-(

I have few questions, Can you please answer them for me. Thanks in advance. I need to decide on this school by Dec 19th......

Q1) The school build looks spacious and impressive. When you said infra is not good, did u mean the library , science labs , electronic ways/projector for teaching etc etc ? Please elaborate.

Q2) You mentioned the playground is not safe. Is it because of the nearby contruction. I did not get chance to go behind the school campus. I believe that's where the play area is situated. Does it not have boundary walls ? Please elaborate.  

Q3) Do they have good maids to take care of LKG and UKG kids who need such attention in addition to the teacher ?

Q4) I stay in HSR Layout. When I asked the school admin and receptionist on the Transport Schedule, they seem to know nothing. Would be be able to provide that OR let me know how I can get it. I see the buses going around. Looks like trailing the Bus like a cop in the car behind seems to be only way to get the Route they travers while in HSR Layout :-(

Q5) Why are they so bonkers over cursive writing? Is it because the teachers are not able to give that attention to the kid to develop the writing skills? Does it make the teachers job easier ?


abhi689 2015-11-18 11:52:55


@RichRem, How is your feedback on St Peters school. if you have admitted your kid to it. If not where did you admitted and review of it will help to decide school for my son for LKG

mamo100 2016-03-01 12:27:26


Hi RUbu,

WHich class your kids are studying.
I need to decide between St. Peter & SSRVM (Sri Sri RaviShankar)...But confused which one to select.

COuld you please provide more information on ST. Peter.
Are they using new techniques of study . Kids are happy to go to school or feel pressurized.
How are the extra curricular acctivity.


rajashri 2016-04-28 11:30:33


Hi Rubu,

I want to know how is st peters school for higher standards?
pressure is high , means they give lot of hw ?
for kids , is it is only mugging or concepts also taught in school?
I want to compare st perters with vibgyor, actually.

thanks in advance for answering my queries.



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