Whitefield Global school-Transport Service at its best !

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2102 2012-08-07 17:22:52


 Wish to share the good experience with the White field  Global school's transport service. My son Advaith Arun is in Nursery and less than 3 years old. we were very skeptical about sending him by school transportation initially and now we are extremely happy with the Transport department. 

We noticed a few good things even about the Driver ( R-6) Sita Raman who never drives in a hurry. on following the R 6 for a few days, we saw that he never jumped signals, never overtook other vehicles, never changed lanes which is very rare now a days. i see other school buses speed up or never waits for the kids to settle down once they board the bus. 

The care taker and the helper in the bus R 6 are very humble and child friendly. The bus driver will roll the wheels only after the care taker lady signals him that the child is seated and safe.

Wish every driver, helper and the care taker of every school bus are like this, and we can avoid all kinds of accidents we hear in recent times.

We are extremely happy with the Whitefield Global school Transport department. The driver, heper and the care taker should be duely rewarded for the good work they are doing day in and day out.


Deepthi123 2012-08-27 10:48:57


 Hi 2102,

W e are looking for admission for my kid in Lkg. How is ur overall experience with the school, their teaching, hygiene. Can u pls provide ur inputs and the fee structure?




VidyaMS 2012-10-25 12:17:31


 Hi 2102 .


Thanks for putting up the review of WGS Transport system . Its good to know that the children are cared for in the bus .





BalaVaradharajan 2013-03-01 17:06:43


Hi, I am planning to join my son in WGS for Nursery, can you please provide your contact number or email id to my id bala.varadharajan@tcs.com, so that i can discuss personally. Thanks



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