in search of school in bangalore for my 4 yr old nephew who has speech delay

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sinven 2012-07-10 21:25:22


Hi i'm sindhu... plz can anyone suggest a good school in bangalore for my 4 yr old nephew.. he has speech delay,he still doesnt know how to chew his food..everyone in my family r very much worried about him.. he is a very nice child,cares for everyone.. the problem is that he is very slow in doing all the things..his speech is like a 3 yr old child..he needs potty training sister is very depressed abt him as she is alone,they stay in U.K,she stays with her husband and son..i dont know what facilities and care r available for him there... but me and my mom feels that my sister will feel better if she and her son comes back to bangalore itself...i want my nephew to become like a boy of his age.. i dont want to loose my sister... PLZ  PLZ  suggest a good school which will help my nephew... it would be very greatfull to you.....thank u

aanchal 2012-07-10 21:36:05


she may try VIBGYOR.its an inclusive school. but before choosing school, i feel the child should be shown to a clinical psychologist (if everything is okayed by his pediatrician) for an assessment to find out the reasons behind the delay. in fact, schools will also want a clinical report to be able to help out the child in best possible way


sinven 2012-07-11 12:02:32


thanks for ur reply aanchal..lastly when they visited bangalore he had to take up assessment for 2 months in child development centre,malleshwaram..there was an improvement in him,but since he is already 4 yrs he needs to go to a school..



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