Play school for 1.5 yr old in Electronic city

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roshnirupeshcharu 2012-06-29 11:26:02


Hi All,

I have a daughter, (1 year and 20 months).

I am planning to send her to playgroup by 2 yrs.

I want to know mainly about Euro kids, Kidzee and Blossom. (since these are near to where I stay) and also about Klay (since its near to where I work)

I want to know from parents who are actually sending thier kids there or have done some research on these places for admission.

If you could include activites they offer and Fee structure also, it would be helpful for me. Your opinions are valuable for me.

Thanks in advance.

SantoshKulakarni 2013-02-25 16:23:23


Hi, I stay in EC Phase 1 too. I am looking for a good pre-school for my 22 month old boy. Please share your experience.


anjali1986 2015-02-24 11:25:10


Hi, Did you guys find a good school. I have recently shifted and would like to know which one is good. Kidzee, I play i learn and maplebear are near to my home. which one is good? Your suggestions will be of great help


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