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Anthu 2009-11-27 08:48:26


Can anyone give a feedback on ssrvm? How is it? there are many bal mandirs in bangalore.  iam not sure of the high schools. I am sure they must be teaching good values. but how about the academics?

Sunil2012 2012-04-04 12:17:42


Dear Friends, I too was thinking that ravishankar is good school, but God has saved my kid from their trap. Ive applied for Vidyaranyapura Branch, where we got the application form for Rs.500 (no issue), the receptionist was extremely poor in communication, in fact she dont know anything.Then we were asked to attend the seminar on 31st march, 2012, where we will come to know about all details. When I and my wife went, we saw around 15 families like us are also attending the seminar given by principal. Amazingly, the principal didnt furnish any information about academics, only she spoke about yoga, pranayam, values, and all sorts of non-academic things, where we started feeling wastage of our time. Then one of the parent stood up and asked the principal about the qualification of the teacher, the principal replied "LOVE".....come on...this is not the professional way to reply....we should know about the faculty....then she disclose that they are min B.ed pass. In fact we met the faculties.............and we have never seen such poor communicated and discourages faced faculty members. They are not worth getting job in any company, so they might have joined ravi shankar. Then we met some families whose kids are already in ravishankar vidyamandir, they told us that they are quite happy with the school as the school dont give any pressure, any homework, and amazingly no class test till class V. Come on....what the hell is this type of school. The parents were saying that the management is extremely poor, syllabus (CBSE) is very poorly designed as they give their own value added books with lots of quotes and thoughts of ravishankar. Unfortunately, we felt, why the hell we are standing in the campus of the school, Its worst school, I dont know about other branches, but Vidyaranyapura branch is the worst.

But my suggestion to the parents whoever are seeking addmission to this school of any branch, for your kind information, let me tell you that there is no academic pressure till class V which is the most critical phase for the kids to shape up their basics, no class test marks given to parents, only grades are given, assessment copy is not given to parents, so that they cant track the progress of kids. And the worst thing is they will waste the kids academic carrier for five years teaching bhagavat gita, slokas, games, pranayam, and all shorts of use less things, which they term it as VALUE BASED EDUCATION. My view is if the kid somehow spend five years, and after that the kid is shifted to another good school, ....BAD NEWS is they will  NEVER EVER be able to compete with the academic of ther schools, as other schools will focus mainly on education and not on pranayam and all useless value based education.

My suggestion, dont trust any words of mine whatever Im writing here, better meet the principal, better meet the parents, whose kids are already going in Ravishankar vidyamandir, vidyaranyapura branch, and assess yourself. They are just cheating emotional parents using the name of ravishankar.

My final suggestion is see the classroom on working days, meet the faculty members in working days, visit the school without any prior notice, meet the principal, see the books in your own eyes from class I to X, and decide whether you want to spoil your kids future teaching yoga and pranayam. All this we can also teach in house, we are just looking for good school, where there is eduation. Unfortunately, we are not so rich to afford high donation for schools like DPS etc, so we visited that place. PLz plz..dont event visit that school.

Thank you



mamo100 2016-03-17 14:26:08


Any recent updates on SSRVM Sarjapur


RAMKIRAN 2016-03-17 15:48:40


my colleague is sending his kids there he is an average thinker.. and he is happy with the school.


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