New Little Elly Centre in Rajajinagar, Bangalore

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GayathriVJ 2012-05-19 16:43:11


 Hi All,

Could someone share me your thoughts on the new Little Elly pre-school opened in Rajajinagar, Opp KLE college. I had a discussion with the cousellor today and the lady seemed to be very enthusiastic about Little Elly.

I too was happy with the curriculam and their focus on fine motor skills, all said is fine, but do they really do what they say. this is a new centre, opened this year.

Your thoughts would be greatly helpful as I have to decide where I should send my son for his other sweet home.




preetih 2012-06-05 08:55:00


hi gayathri,

firstly, i am  happy that my daughter is a part of Little elly. She is 2yrs 6 months old.  initially i used to leave her at  nearby play group and day care where she refused to  eat anything. Shockingly, she didnt eat anything till i returned back from work. now i have put her in little elly ,rajajinagar and i am very much thankful to Ms. Nirupama for putting an extra effort  to make my  daughter comfortable. Now,she has her lunch even if i am not there..She is also able to tell alphabets ,numbers from 1 to 10,few rhymes,colouring many things..WOW..

I feel that Little Elly is a boon for my kiddo...



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