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DINEE 2012-05-15 00:55:20


Dear All,

I have selected Cherubs for my son for M2 Session. Currently Cherubs are running summer camps and  I have started to send him to the school for summer camps. The School is very well equipped with montessori material and seems to be one of the good schools from montesori stand point. The play areas and activity area are quite interesting and good in number. So overall an excellent setup. I have also heard the child to teacher ratio is very good but will see the reality from next academic year.

By the way this is not the first time my son is going to school, he was going to a different play school since one year and has been quite a jolly child. We thought the boy is already used to going to school and hence there will not be any issues. The first two days were peaceful, but from third day onwards the kid refuses to go to school. He is frightened by the look of the classroom & teachers and it has become quite an ordeal for us to drop him at school since last 2-3 days. We are a little confused about the reasons and are hoping that it will subside.

I do not have any specific feedback on the staff yet as it is too early.  But One thing I have observed is that it would help kids a lot if the teachers increase their patience level, especially the new entrants & the sensitive ones.

Anyways I will keep posting the experiance here frequently live as it happens. Also if anyone of you are also sending your kids to cherubs, please share your experiances.


divyarch 2019-06-25 15:08:33


Yea. I also have the same opinion about Cherubs.Good Preschool in HSR layout with daycare functioning till 7.30 pm which is a real boon to working parents like me.My daughter continues to be in day care till i reach back from office.Teachers and non teaching staffs are dedicated and sincere.My daughter is very happy to go to school and that is what keeps me happy.
Really appreciate the teaching methods of the teachers and they encourage kids in coming forward and show casing their talent.


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