Has any one heard about JGRVK in rama murthynagar

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Vasantha 2011-06-13 13:40:12




There are no computers in all the classes, Yes there are smart boards in all the classes , but this year I see there are lot of changes. They have started giving Text books and notebooks and the kids have lot of homework. It has jst become like any other school,  burdening the kids with heavy notebooks, text books, and homework.

Last year when there were worksheets given, kids atleast did not have the pressure of carrying such heavy notebooks.

 My daughter is studying in I std. Recently they were given books. I fail to understand how a teacher can give a Istd student to carry about 30 books altogether. The teacher should have atleast informed the parents that they would be issuing books, so there is somebody to pick up the kid along with the luggage.  The Istd kid has to carry such a heavy weight ( which would be about 10kgs) and come down two floors.  This is just basic common sense . This was the case even with my elder daughter who is studying in VI std. Her bag was so heavy that I myself could not lift the bag.

Also I heard that students from V std onwards are given newspapers everyday and it is compulsory for them to pay 200 Rs. for the newspaper.

I also recently heard that kids are supposed to keep the bag in the classroom and come for the assembly. This is creating unnecessary tension to the tender minds. kids can keep their bags down at the assembly and can take them back with them when they finish the assembly and go to their classes. This unneccessary pressure on the child can be avoided.

Teachers should not only think in terms of studies, they need to think in all aspects of the kids welfare and apply basic commonsense where required.






daddymydaddy 2011-11-16 20:28:44


I would like to share few feedbacks about JGRVK School, Ramamurthy Nagar.
1. First of all, it’s really appreciable the school management to take such a challengeable initiation to the godly enablement to build the new generation. When we look at the facility and all infrastructure are par excellent. But surprisingly what we noticed is the poor outcome in the academic standard even though with all such great initiations. For your kind information, it really going in the reverse direction.
2.  As per the school web site, the school will cherish to blossom our children to a great generation for tomorrow. But I'm asking to any of the parents whose children are currently studying in JGRVK can say sincerely whether it’s really true. As per my understanding, the School is not even following an average academic standard.
3. School is failed to keep the teachers at least for the current academic year. Frequent changes of teachers for each subjects, lead the degradation in the quality of teaching and due to this reason the standard of the children drastically come down.
4. Our children were academically excellent in the previous year in different school, but now it’s too poor in their studying and altogether their standard slipped to below average.
5. We heard all the teachers are overloaded with the extra non-teaching activities. Due to this reason, even good teachers are unable to showcase their good skillset to the students. So, teachers will personally pull back their interest over teaching to complete/clear their other assigned activities.
6. Most of the worksheets shared to students are really in poor English and it is clearly reflected the teacher’s poor language skills.  Teachers are not appropriately skilled to their respective subjects they are handling. In my view, instead of providing worksheets, it’s better to follow textbooks and workbooks with quarterly exams same like any CBSE schools. 
7. School is not even responsible to take any feedback from the parents. Usually in other schools, there will be at least two to three PTA meetings (group discussions) with teachers, headmistress/principal and Management members. If so, it will sort out most of the issues in both sides, but we have not come across any such initiations from JGRVK school management.


gumahe 2011-12-02 17:48:20


Hi daddymydaddy,

It was  good feedback from you. I would like to know in which class ur kids are studying and how long they have been in this school.
We are planing to join our kid in this JGRVK and we want some more details from you.



sathyamevajayathe 2012-09-02 22:54:16


Indian culture, cultural values, morality, patriotism, spirituality.... Great!

We are fed up with the above great vocabularies vomiting from a group of people who are not even aware the meaning and values of these words.

I don't know on what basis the students are academically assessed. My son is in 3rd standard and he doesn't know even the letters of Kannada and Sanskrit properly but in his latest progress reports surprised me with A+. Does it try to fool the parents who are only bothered about their marks, but not bothered about their kids actual skillsets? Dear Parents, please check your kid’s class work and worksheet regularly. Don’t fall in to this fantasy world.

I don't know whether The Principal is like a blind person who doesn't care about anyone or not bothered about what is happening in her school. A couple of times we tried to meet her, but all went in vain,  more than that, the main reason surprised me a lot. "I DON'T HAVE PRE-APPOINTMENT to meet the Great Principal". Does it really require a pre-appointment to meet The Principal? Really Great Person


gannamani 2012-10-09 15:11:40


i am planning to join my both kids (nursery & std1) in jgrvk for 2013-14.

any latest updates on the education system. did it get better or worse ? if it is worse then i wil not join,.

early reply would be appreciated.


Baroosh 2012-11-05 18:25:09


 I too looking for some feedback regarding this school. When i went for intro section i heared few good feedback from the parents. Looking for some quick feedback.. Thanks in advance


tsri 2012-11-15 16:58:46


Hi all

My son cleared the entrance exam in RVK (New Branch , BSK 6th Stage, Nice Tool Road, Near Nice Office.. connecting kengeri to electronic city) held last week in following subjects for Vth Grade:-

1. English 2. Hindi 3. Kanada
4. Maths
5. General Awareness

They have asked to pay Rs 8000/- registration only first time and rest tution fee 42000/- in Jan 2013.



Kusumav 2013-04-07 03:19:58


Hi, My son has been studying in JGRVK for the last 2years. I strongly recommend NO to this school.


There is no one in the school to address parents' concerns. No correction of work book and home work.

Meeting Principal is a mile stone here. We need to take appointment and to take the appointment we need to approach office room. There is one lady with Curly hair and she is very arrogant. I don't know what is her educational qualification. Many parents are disappointed with her behaviour.


Finally I got appointment with Principal. To my disappointment, I could find out that Principal also did not have any control on the school what was going on. She does not accept/trust the parents' words.


My opinion is only God should save these children. Finally I am applyng for TC for my son to take out from school. I gave the feed back many times in Parents Teachers Meeting, but none was addressed for the last 2 years. When I brought this to Principal's notice, she was least bothered about all these things. She speaks like a DICTATOR and as if Parents are salves. Hope this helps. I am sorry if it hurts anyone. My intention is to post here is other parents should not face this problem. I recommend JGRVK management to look into this. If possible, please arrange CC Cameras in Principal's room and Office room to monitor how they are speaking to the parents. Hope it helps.




Kusumav 2013-04-07 03:21:13


I, as a responsible parent, agree with you 100%.


Kusumav 2013-04-07 03:24:09


Please do not join your kid in this school and see my other postings for the detailed feed back.


tsri 2013-04-07 08:05:24



I just checked with one of the parents whose kids are studying in RVK (Nice Road, Banashakari 6th stage).

I got good feedback from them.  If you are not happy with this school can you try in Narayana  concept School. This seems to be good.

Note : 100% no schools are good. 

As parents we tend to get worried. If it is really bad please change the school and avoid tensions. Let management realise this.








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