Has any one heard about JGRVK in rama murthynagar

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 Former member 2009-11-20 16:01:50



Collecting info on this school JaiGopal Garodia Rastroothana vidya kendra in Rama Murthy nagar ,nr Banaswadi

Please  share your experiences.


 Former member 2009-11-20 16:31:52


To the best of my knowledge, they already have a school somewhere near Nagawara, and follow the CBSE pattern.

I have seen their new building coming up in HRBR layout, Kalyan Nagar.

However, their website says that it is in Ram Murthy Nagar.


 Former member 2009-11-20 16:32:40


They also claim to follow Swami Vivekananda's principles for teaching.


 Former member 2009-11-20 17:05:25


 Yes, i saw their website and it says ram murthy nagar.. Confusing... I just wanted to find if any ones children go to this school and who can provide feedback


vasanthmsk 2009-11-20 19:00:20



JGRVKB - This school is situated very near to Ramamurthi Nagar Under-pass on Ring-Road. we have to go towards ramamurthi Nagar and take right turn. a chain of schools coming up all over Karnataka under RVK. Going to be the best school with ageless cultural values. their school near Nagavara has excellent infrastructure with best academics. they have Their Annual day on Dec-19. Have a look at the school. Entry is not restricted on that day. 



venkatc 2010-02-02 12:27:39


I visited this school last satrday. they have web http://jgrvkb.org/. u can download brochure.

Admission fee 10K for forst year only

school fee 24K per annum

transportation is there. with in 5KM 500 and 600 above 5km

This school is belongs to rastrothana parishat which is a social service organization. they have blood banks etc.

building is still in construction but they are confident that they can finish by june.



Madhva 2010-02-05 14:32:43


Even i am looking to join my 4 years old son to this school.Planning to go & have a look at the campus & have a talk with the management.One more thing that i wanted to tell you all is that.The Rastrothana Parishat School State Syllabus is in Banaswadi, also I have heard that there main campus in thanisandra ( Near Nagwara) is very good but will be little far from our house.This one will be ideal distance for us.



jagruthi 2010-02-25 16:47:32


From this year they are starting the school?

what is the age limit for joining the kid for LKG.

How is the campus? 

Even i want to join my daughter in that school, as the thanisandra school is bit far for me.


Madhva 2010-03-11 10:01:43


the age limit for lkg is 3 years 6 months.They are building hug campus in rammurthy nagar which they are telling will be completed within MAY end.May End they have function & then June school starts


sinni 2010-04-16 15:45:50


hi,  if any one have a idea that which kind of ques. they asked in written test for ukg..i want to join my son inthis school


Madhva 2010-04-20 09:37:17


We took my son who is entering into UKG . He had written test

they asked Capital A to Z , small A to Z , matching means Capital & small

then they had match the picture with 3 letter words like hat,cat, etc

Also counting, coloring.Even parents will have interaction with the Officials on the same day.The School looks promising


vjay 2010-06-22 12:21:40


this school started this year. good building and facilities. its other divisions has made a name for itself. so i got my ward admitted to this school. student-staff ratio is impressive this year. i assumed all will be well because the school will definitely strive hard at impressing students and parents through its good efforts. otherwise their next year enrollment will be at stake. now,after 3 weeks, i am disappointed. some of the teachers and their methods is mediocre. in fact i end up doing most of what the teacher should be doing in the class. no notes, no proper guidance to students - but projects and meaningless projects. student should listen in the class and they should write notes back at home. notes are not corrected. grammar, spelling and correctness of the answer is not looked at. i feel bad for my child. many students spend more on phones, internet and hunting for pictures in newspapers than with text books. i am worried how things will be when number of students climbs. i pray that the school takes its business more seriously.


kotesh1 2010-06-27 17:38:26


even i also think so. the school says teachers r experienced and qualified,it doesn't seem so,its only burden on the parents and kids.no text book even after 1 month,r u hearing jgrvk...?


Panchamukhi 2010-07-19 15:17:25


 The method adopted by the school is unique in its concept of application and concept based learning. This could come as a shocker to parents who have thrived on rote learning methods!! Such is the dependence of students on rote learning that  their vocabulary too is merely a test of their memory and not application. The rote learning concept has taken such ugly roots that children have poor retention of what they have parroted in schools before. Application and understanding takes time.....so, please do wait and watch your child unfold. 

As far as the qualifications are concerned, all teachers are qualified as per CBSE norms unless the parent concerned has some different scale and parameter  not yet recognized by the CBSE and SBSE in mind !!!



Sridharbg 2010-11-10 11:54:18



I am confused between Jaigopal Garodia for which my daughter has been selected, Brigade International School Mahadevapura the interaction is over and I am waiting for the results and Presidency School Kasturinagar where the interview was today.

Kindly help.


TS 2010-11-10 13:30:12


Hi Sridhar,

Your looking for which class in Brigade?How was the interaction and when they would be announcing the result?



Sridharbg 2010-11-10 14:09:13


 Hi Teju,

It was for nursery. I was not sure about the interaction as they did not allow the parents to be with child and they told they will let us know within ten days.



TS 2010-11-10 14:19:23


Thanks Sridhar,

We will be having an interaction on 16th Nov for LKG.Wht if child is not willing to go alone  ,would they allow parents?

Any idea abt the transport facilites,they will be providing?Have u met prinicipal and other mgmt staff?

Pls brief.



Sridharbg 2010-11-10 15:10:11


 They take the children in groups of four or five and ask us to stay in the waiting hall. I guess they will be allowing the parents to accompany if the child is not willing to go, however the atmosphere created by the staff is calm and very receptive.

I did meet them and asked about the transport they informed me since there are only a few students in the Mahadevapura school they have only one school bus as of now.

And all the very best for you.



TS 2010-11-12 11:12:40


Hi Sridhar,

Thanks for the Info.Ten days is very long time but in the mean time many schools are already done.I am big confusion now wht if i get call from other schools?

Since I am looking for LKG ,i am in a fix bcoz no of seats would be less.

Whts your take on BIS as there are only 40 students now?Which other schools are u looking?



Sridharbg 2010-11-12 18:32:26


 Hi Teju,

I have that their school at JP Nagar is good. The Mahadevapura school's strength has not increased at all, that is a concern.

My daughter has got through Presidency School Kasturinagar and Jaigopal Garodia, I am waiting for BIS results.

I am not sure where to get her admitted as Jaigopal Garodia is not expensive and the school is new I have to pay the fees by 17th Nov, Presidency School is also new and the infrastructure is good and I have to pay the fees by 18th Nov which is almost the double of Jaigopal Garodia. Any Thoughts



TS 2010-11-15 12:32:28


Hi Sridhar,

I understand your frustration i am going through the same.We have interview tom for both BIS and DPS whitefield.If my son gets selected in DPS, we need to pay the fees by this week.

I am really frustrated the way BIS handling interviews ,it is too slow and I already lost GIS bcoz of this as I felt BIS is better.It is stupid to assess 3-4 yrs kid and tell the result after 10days.I still dont understand wht they can assess such a small kid.

My Office Colleagues kids go to Presidency and they quite happy with the school teaching and the only concern they have is the fees and lack of palyground(Child is taken to some play ground near to school).

Jaigopal is relatively new compare to Presidency,but the teaching is also seems to be good and infra is also good.

If fee is not the concern and not much bother abt playground and other extra tnings(like swimming....) then go for presidency.

I personally feel if  iam paying so much for nomal CBSE school then why not BIS bcoz fee is more less same and they have other facilities.This is my thought.

I personally like presidency



Sridharbg 2010-11-15 13:28:03


 Thanks Teju,

As you have rightly mentioned since the fees for Presidency and BIS is similar and I was happy with the interaction in Presidency, the teachers were good, IN BIS it is the reputation of Brigade which is making me to hold on. however Presidency wants the fees to be paid immediately and BIS will let us know only after 17th when the last of the interactions are completed.

Also I w

Real confusion and frustrating.





milan 2010-11-16 20:19:19


Hoooo my humble request for all parents not to put your children in this JGRVK

As a parent let me tell you all about my exp in this JGRVK Ramamurthynagar;-

1.Teachers qualification and exp is not at all as per CBSC standard. I know some teachers who were working in state syllabus school in same area and now they are in CBSC teachers

2. Last year during the interview one old gentle man spoke so many things about service , culture and many things even he promised us so many things like dance, music, kalaripayatu, nothing is going on except celebration of some hindhu festivals.

3. Even after paying so much of fees the office staff treat us like servants if we have any quiry , If you call them up she doesnt give respect  at all.

4.My bad exp was with one transport coordinator  i dont his name exactly but he speaks to all the parents like school chairman for everything he says  "no no no " "we will see" ," we will do", "we will let you know"

5. Many excuses for incomplete and incorrect work sheet from the teacher, i feel very pity about my daughter

6.Principal is well exp and good in handling but really  teachers needs lots and lots of training or JGRVK will be out of stadard with in few years.

7.I am taking out my daughter this year from this school because of my bad exp here

8. I know Rashtrothana is a very big tree but seriously management should little take care of things in JGRVK or ........

come on JGRVK wake up


Kaviraj08 2010-11-30 17:54:54


 Hi Parents,

I put up my son in JGRVK-Rammurthy nagar for UKG this year and observed the following; i just want to know your opinion also because i am only the parent who is feeling like this or other parents also.

1.  School does not informed in advance/ while admission that they are not going to conduct any kind of examination in the whole academic year, as well as no books to be provided,  they just disclosed during first Parent teacher meeting.  This is an initial disappointment but convinced their clarification.

2. Parents are not at all aware of their methodology rather we are new, we felt that this is also like other CBSE schools,  later realized that it is not.

3.  We are feeling that the syllabus is very less comparative other CBSE schools.

4. Without knowing the syllabus of particular academic year, and without knowing what my son is studying, without knowing how my son is scoring in the examination, i am feeling handicapped.

5.  I some times feeling that it going as per standard only, but some times feeling it is not up to today's market standards.

I would like to request school management, before going a head; i just want to know the feeling of other parents.


Repaka 2011-03-13 15:12:03


Hi All,

I am looking to put my son in JGRVK, Ramamurty Nagar for pre-nursery for this acedamic year.

As per the above reviews, any thing has changed since then, since i see the reviews are last years.

Have the things changed / improved now?

Please help me to decide.


crit 2011-03-14 14:13:37


Hello Parent,

I see no improvements... even after complaints from parents and suggestions for the improvement. Many parents have decided to change the school, and those who have knowingly/unknowingly sought admission of their ward in this school have made up their mind to forego the initial payment they have already made. There are several such incidents regarding this. 

Concerned parent.


 Former member 2011-03-21 15:51:56


My son is in IV std in JGRKV, I  feel so lucky, if u think dat this school is very bad then u r gonna regret for this later, since its their very first year, der may b some problem, but all teachers r very good, transportation facility is the best, building and premises r very neat and admirable, I feel like they r gonna improve their quality within one more year, their initiative in every part shows their dedication, this school is located in main part of RM nagar, its easily reachable, after couple of years it’ll b very difficult to get seat in this school, I’m very sure abt this.. and for me the good news is, from class IV there will b books from this year, it seems they r going to introduce book system for all classes soon...


 Former member 2011-03-21 16:00:26


And already JGRKV has followed the good teaching system, but we parent is not able to accept the changes in old system, i saw der every class room has computer, board which many of the biggest school don't have,  however now they r going to introduce books, they send mass SMS to parents if der is any changes in school timings, and so on... and we have to remember this is their very first year,...


00 2011-04-06 11:41:53


Is the KG teachings are good enough, pls comment.




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