Feedback on Pravesh Playschool in AECS Layout, Brookfields

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CoolnCrazy 2012-04-08 13:49:54


Can someone help me with reviews and feedback on Pravesh Playschool in AECS layout? I have gone thru the groups and most of the feedback are little old or students who completed thier nursery couple of years ago. I would like to have feedback from the parents who got thier kids completed classesrecently.


Any other preschools you can suggest in AECS layout which are good.

parent2v 2012-04-09 02:16:37



Never been to Pravesh Playschool.

I have good experience with Kephee Preschool in A Block AECS lyt.Near Ganesha temple. It is nice place and they have good teaching methods. I liked the way they handle children. Overall my child enjoys her stay there.


rajeshks 2012-05-14 09:59:47


Pravesh is one of the best play school in Brookfields area. My daughter completed 1 Year there, and I coud see very good improvements - In knowledge & good manners. I found it is wonderful play school. My daughter will be going to same play school this Year also.


CoolnCrazy 2012-07-20 12:23:43


Are there parents in this group who are sending thier kids to Pravesh play school this year?


CoolnCrazy 2012-07-20 12:25:22


Rajesh, can you please share your contact number or mail ID where I can reach you out? You can send the details to my personal id


sarat2429 2013-11-27 15:53:08


We did extensive analysis of all play schools in AECS layout and found Pravesh to be the best one. We did both online research and research by visiting most of the schools.

The owner of the Pravesh, Padma mam is strict but she has vast experience in teaching field (India and US) which she uses for the benefit of the child. She gives you thorough and accurate feedback about Kid’s improvement areas regularly. The school doesn’t have transport right now but it can worked out. We are very much satisfied with our kid’s improvement and  definitely recommend the school to everybody. Franchise schools seems to be at the bottom of the chart. 



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