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aditim 2012-03-29 16:04:12



My daughter turns 2 yrs in the 1st week of June. We stay in sanjay nagar and are looking for a good school nearby where she can continue her studies from pre-school upto 10th.

Vidyasagar+ Vidyaniketan would have been our first choice as we have got only positive feedback about the school from all sources. But since she is June born, she will have to wait for 1 year to start preschool there (Vidyasagar play school adm requires kid to be 2yrs as of 31st may) and will be 7 by the time she goes to the 1st std..

Other schools that we are considering... where we can send her for nursery onwards next year are:

1. NPS, Rajajinagar

2. Sindhi High School, Hebbal or Sheshadripuram

3. Sophia High School

Need feedback from parents whose kids go to any of these schools or if someone can recommend any other good schools in the vicinity

And if any of you has waited a year, and then sent their daughter to Vidyasagar, I wanted to know if it is worth the wait? Should we repeat a year for her by sending her to playschool elsewhere this year and then again to VS next year?

Thanks in advance

kamald 2012-03-30 11:58:20


Hi Aditi,

I am a resident of Sanjayanagar. Even we went through your phase one year ago. I have a 3 year old son.

We also had first preference for NPS, rajajinagar. Criteria for selection is completely alien. Selection process is also completely opaque. We went through the painfull process for  more than 4 months, without any idea of where it will be heading. Atleast at the end, person who has applied will not even come to know, if their kid is selected or not. In my opinion, the kids who have siblings studing in the school have >90% chance of selection, other kids have  <5% chance of selection.

Sindhi High school, as I have heard is a good school I don't have personal experience with this school. But here also there is a lot of competition. But if the kid can talk properly like telling the name, some basic colors etc, then there are fair chances of getting nursery admissions there.

We have got admission for our son in Sophia High school for nursery. Again there will be a lot of competition. But the selection process is quite satisfactory. If you go through other discussions in this site, you ll come to know about the process. It's exactly same. But for us, only problem is that, for boys they have only til UKG. We have to hunt another school after that. But for girls, this is the best bet.

Vidyasagar+ Vidyaniketan, even i have heard a lot of good words about this combination.  Because of the reason mentioned by you, we had not applied for this.




aditim 2012-03-30 13:39:58


Thanks Kamal. Getting your kid admitted these days is truly a mind boggling task. :))


Dipsdeep 2012-03-30 14:22:31


Aditi..Yes it is indeed! Be prepared..we have been through this process for the past 6 months...and its really exhausting..mentally..physically...We are all trying to provide the best opportunities for our children!

But I feel all parents should be happy and wish for great schooling years for their children!...All schools have positives and negatives...big brands doesnt necessarily mean great atmosphere...each child can do well in any set up provided there is positive atmosphere at home!



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